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Date: 2014-09-28 06:45 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] meowdate
Wow -where are you? I assumed you were State-side, making it at least 2:30am your time (I live in Britanny, as my spouse yells every time someone says France: Bretons are almost as separatist as Catalans and Scots :-) ...) it is 8:34am here (Brest time, same as Paris, I think)?

>"cut their black members off the roles" -ah, the CNO. The Dawes roll, earlier than the Baker list (I think?) used by the Eastern Band. The up side is that the CNO does not have a blood quantum, so many of the Cherokee Freedmen have found ancestors on the Dawes Roll and been listed (ok, re-listed) as Cherokee (CNO) citizens. I cannot (even if I could prove via a list) get Eastern Band citizenship due to the blood quantum, which is not a problem CNO side, at least -not making excuses for the CNO, but... ok, yes, I guess I am. A gr. gr. grandmother on the other side of the family was born in The Cherokee outlet, just before her father (my gr. gr. gr. grfather) committed suicide by bashing himself in the head and then throwing himself in the river. Many colored families, as it turns out, had mineral resource rights that went to others when they were run out of OK towns. This is part of the problem, that,and that the New Settlers (Trail of Tears) arrived with slaves, who were made citizens by the 14th ammendment, which should not have had jurisdiction over the CNO. Yes, I feel very conflicted arguing for the Devil here, but they are not completely wrong, technically speaking. Compassion, otoh, well... Misery makes people hard, if it does not destroy us. Not excusing, but I know many people, lived with them and went to school with (or avoided) them, who sold drugs while I worked at a pharmacy, and then a Dunkin Donuts during high school adn college. People deprived of opportunity can become bitter, and take it out on those even more vulnerable, like abused children often do, saddly. Not easy to overcome our own human nature. Sorry, ranting/rambling. Need breakfast (I wokeup thinking of William James and Vol. Simplicity -must add...).
Will reply to your other reply shortly,
Thanks again for writing,
Enjoy this lovely (near L'orient, south Breton coast) morning,
TYS Date: (MEOW CC Date:) 28.9.12014 H.E.
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