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Voices of Cherokee Women is a well-written chronicle, from pre-contact to modern times, of how Cherokee women went from respected voices in the community to silence, and back again. Telling many stories again from another perspective (particularly Mooney and Lt. Timberlake, whose accounts look different when viewed through the lense of women's history), this book shows another side of the story. Our story.

Acceptance of the Gregorian system of time-measurement, which came with more quickly produced (manufactured) goods, led to rejection of a more feminine calendar, and thus eventually to acceptance of European religion (at the point of trader debt and guns, admittedly), loss of the Tsalagi language in favor of English, and a forced acceptance of the 'Civilizing' program: an attempt to replace the Cherokee way of thinking, respect for mothers and honored women, with the domestication of obedient ladies: a European way of thinking.

These essays show more than just how Cherokee women went from equality to inequality and back again. They show how the imposition of calendar, religion, language and 'civilization' led to the loss of a more open and flexible way of thinking.


Gregorian Date: Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Universal Date (aka MEOW Community Cooperation Date) : Sunday, 24 September, 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)


Date: 2014-09-27 08:13 pm (UTC)
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Let me tell you a thing: it's not as dead as the mainstream culture wants everyone to believe.

My mother's family has Cherokee ancestors. It's a little bit of family history. Doesn't show much unless you know exactly where to look. But. There are little bits of Cherokee culture woven into family tradition. Using fish to fertilize the garden, telling stories -- I am still occasionally turning up things and thinking, "Oh wow, so that's where that came from."

We're not descended from the ones who were dragged away, but from the ones who hid and assimilated. The Cherokee were among the most successful at that. The ones who hid are forgotten, unacknowledged, and that was the plan all along. It worked. They lived. And they passed down pieces of their culture in places that nobody would think to look for.

As for a European way of thinking, well ... one my black friends said it best: I can pass for white, until I open my mouth.

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