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First of all, it gives us something in common with our future conquerors, ok just kidding!!

First of all, it is a Free way to socialize in a non-superficial way.
Second, it is physically and mentally health-full (free) activity.
Third, it teaches part of the skills needed for physical self-defense.
Fourth, it teaches moving meditation, needed for emotional self-defense.

Did I mention that being together thing, next to other folks of all ages, especially those older folks, who know how to do it all best for having done it for years?
And did I mention the FREE thing, as in spend no money, just move slowly in the public park?

1. If the first point needs explaining, please let me know.

2. I think everyone knows the health benefits of Tai Chi.

3. Many people may not know that this Soft side complement of Chinese Kung Fu is required by many instructors, like my own Shi Fu, in addition to the so called hard side, the fast Kung Fu. The same blocks and attacks or counter-attacks are used, but as slowly as possible, forcing you to develop your balance and stong muscle coordination.
4. On emotional self-defense, of which I believe meditation is an important part, having the strength of sternum to straighten your back and say "I Refuse" to a big drunk guy can often come from your memory of many expensive Tai Chi lessons after those expensive Kung Fu lessons. Worked for me. Again, ask for details if interested, please.
Ok, time to make dinner, too bad the baby lima beans I remember as a kid no longer seem to be around. Oh well, just have to train those pigeons to go fetch some decent corn and beans. Oh, no more carrier pigeons either. What, did Tom poison them all?
In Solidarity with All Kind People,
Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,


21 November, 12015 HE
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LoupLoup by Nicolas Vanier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(la traduction français est on bas...)

This was a very interesting and well-written coming-of-age story. (I'd like to see the 2009 film version.) Vanier manages early on to build reader sympathy for a predator which he show as such, in detail. He also surprised me by showing the shame of a man being willingly taken advantage of sexually by a woman (something I will grudgingly admit to never having believed possible). Never mincing his words, you feel the harshness of both worlds, human and wolf, while also feeling (for me, at least) connected to both. An excellent job emotionally and also from an ecology standpoint.

Cette histoire de devenir adulte faisait plaisir à lire. (J'aimerais voir le film de 2009.) Vanier a réussi très tôt de faire sentir de l'empathie pour un prédateur qu'il montre tel comme il est, et avec des détails. Il m'a réussi d'étonner, aussi, côte émotionnelle chez les hommes, en montrant qu'il est bien possible qu'an homme aussi peut se sentir abusé sexuellement par un femme, même après avoir faite l'amour volontairement. Jamais trop douce, on sent la dureté des deux mondes, humain tant que lupin, en sentant aussi (pour moi, au moins) connecté avec tous les deux. Du bon boulot émotionnelle et aussi d'un point de vue écolo.
(Si vous avez, les Amies, des corrections pour mon français, j’accepte volontiers...)

In Solidarity with All Kind People,
Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,


21 November, 12015 HE

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Thanks to The Canard Enchaîné for the first reports I have seen in the French media of the attacks that happened the day BEFORE Paris.

In Solidarity with the residents of Beirut,



19 November, 12015 HE


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KARA 's "Call to Action
Look for reports or studies on how much your community spends on early childhood programs. Gain an understanding of the economic arguments for educating and saving children. Watch for budget cuts and let your representatives know that saving money by cutting early childhood programs is a false savings as well as unethical legislative stewardship. Educate the people in your immediate circle of influence about the value of early childhood programs."

Founder Mike Tikkannen's book Invisible Children (The American cycle of abuse and its cost)

Please buy or download it (free or make a donation), read it, review it and Share It.

7 November, 12015 HE
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Starting a study of Childrens Right’s as Human Rights in Popular Culture:

1. Astérix en Hispanie (le quatorzième album de la série)
et Astérix : Le Domaine des dieux
2. Sihirli Annem (esp. ep. 45 or 46?)
3. Harry Potter

With focus = ways that these shows empower kids to collaborate in preventing the abuse of others, and showing/understanding how this aid affects future adults ?

If such research has not yet been done,
I need to search the background literature (will need journal access via university libraries) and then figure out a methodology -a simple one like case studies. 

But what would such a study add to the body of knowledge, and more importantly, to policy decision-making?

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I am at my goddamned wits end.
What on this accursed planet must I do to actually connect with someone?
Why, when I finally accept to marry the ONLY person in my life who ever offered to marry me without conditioning it on my popping out a kid (even 2 women, when they both afaik had perfectly good uteruses themselves!!) for him or her?
Why do I marry this one person who promised me connection to discover that Aspies are good at making promises they cannot keep (assuming I have read the symptoms right...)?!

I know that one should never marry when suicidal, but really, what were my other choices?
Particularly given the promise that "I will be your doctor" meant someone on this horrible planet finally wants to engage with me and help me figure out how to feel whole.

What is worse is that now even the idea of making a difference in this fucked up world no longer really matters to me anymore. I start to wonder if I could ever have made any difference anyway, and whether sticking it out and working for good was not all just a waste of time and energy?


(nearly 6 months later, matters are worse...) Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

18 March, 12016 HE
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Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political TerrorTrauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror by Judith Lewis Herman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book, for me, was a horrible read. Horribly accurate. Yet hopeful as well.

Horrible to see that I am not so different after all -I see myself in every comment she makes on adults who survived long-term trauma as children.
Horrible to see that my experience is not so different.
Yet hopeful to see that there are ways of solving the problem, living 'normally' -just that ignoring it is not one of those ways.
Most irritating.
Especially after burn-out has twice stopped me from working enough to distract myself from my distracting memories.

She mentions The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma in her 2015 epilogue, and that book seems to recommend both movement and writing -both of which helped me until I had to get back to sitting in a chair looking for a job all day long.

I seem to be stuck in Stage 2, and worst of all, I read over and over again that either in writing or in talking therapy, I must now stop "living in my head" and move back into my body. I have always found it easier to forget to eat then to bother about my body. Work has always been a useful form of escape, until now. Ok, not so much -once I get to about the intermediate level of just about anything, it seems no longer to hold my interest, and I find myself assaulted by unwanted memories that refuse to go back into their Blankety-Blank-Blank!!! boxes.
Irritatingly enough, this is the first place I have seen such a thing predicted.
She even has the gall to predict and counter my 'unique' perspective on my right to choose when to die, and how. Apparently this too is normal for folks like me. Huh. So much for being misunderstood. I guess she has us pegged, finally, Thank the non-existent God!! Finally someone actually documents what we go through, and tells us it is a normal response to a hideous start in life. Ok, now, on to how to fix the problem: start with saftey (years of martial arts did help some), get a good therapist, talk, write, and move your body. And remember that faking functionality will not work forever.

27.10.12015 HE

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“Economists have calculated that every dollar invested in high-quality home visitation, day care, and preschool programs results in seven dollars of savings on welfare payments, health-care costs, substance-abuse treatment, and incarceration, plus higher tax revenues due to better-paying jobs.37”
― Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

I have asked myself for years how it may be possible to prevent children from being abused, not knowing that there are programs shown to prevent it. 

We as a society and as a human race just have to commit to supporting these programs, that support ALL children.

27 october 12015 HE (the Holocene Calendar)
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Arte de Probar. Ironia Logica En La India AntiguaArte de Probar. Ironia Logica En La India Antigua by Juan Arnau Navarro

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is an important and interesting comparison of Western and Eastern ways of thinking and debating. Drawing on many schools of thought, ancient and modern, this work explores how language forms us, and vice versa.

Este libro es una comparativa importante e interesante de maneras de pensar y debatir, Occidental como Oriental. Usando muchas escuelas de pensamiento, anciano y moderno, esta obra muestra como el idioma nos forma y nosotros al idiola también.

17 de septiembre del año 12,015 Era Holocena

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Purgatoire des innocentsPurgatoire des innocents by Karine Giébel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(English after French...)

Honte d'avoir survécu, haine contre soi même de n'avoir pas su se protéger, envie abandonner. Effrayant, vachement important à lire.

Guilt for surviving, self-hated for being unable to protect yourself, just wanting to give up. Gut-wrenching, horrifically important to read.

Shira HoloceneHuman Era Destinie
2 Septembre, 12015 èH (HE: Universal Holocene Calendar)

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El sepulcro del cuervoEl sepulcro del cuervo by Núria Masot

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To think, to dare, and to love. Absolutely inspiring. This last book of Masot's quintology is as good as the Very Good first (La Sombra del Templario), nearly as good as the Extremely Good second book (Laberinto: El Laberinto de la Serpiente) of this series. More inter-generational than Harry Potter(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone), and using the test of war (though battle scenes are almost never seen) as the coming of age ritual for both young men who come of age in the series, there remains a paradox. The teacher Bernard, who dies in the very start of book 1, remains a constant presence throughout the series. He is the real hero.

28 August, 12015 HE

Pensar, atreverse y amar. Absolutamente inspirador. Este ultimo libro de la quintologia de Masot està tan buena como el Muy Buen (La Sombra del Templario) primer libro, y casi casi tanto como el Buenisimo segundo (el Laberinto: El Laberinto de la Serpiente) de este serie. Se involucran màs los viejos con los jovenes que en el serie de Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone), y se usa la guerra como preuba de maturidad para los dos jovenes hecho hombres en el serie. Pero queda un paradoxo. El maestro Bernard, quien muere al comienzas del libro 1, se queda como una presencia constante en todo los libros. Es el verdadero protagonista.

Shira "Era Holocena/Humana" Destinie
28 Augosto del año 12 015 EH

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<a href="" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px"><img alt="Ne lâche pas ma main" border="0" src="" /></a><a href="">Ne lâche pas ma main</a> by <a href="">Michel Bussi</a><br/>
My rating: <a href="">4 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />
Busssi shows us a world within another world ; that of people of color and the prejudices which the tourists do not see.  He describes the island so well that you feel as if you were there, and finishes with a final word so moving it demands thought, and even an immediate re-read.  (Also may go well with <a href="" title="Black Feminist Thought  Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment by Patricia Hill Collins">Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment</a>, many thanks to Ruth for her review: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.<br><br>Shira HoloceneHuman Era Destinie<br>24 August, 12015 HE<br><br>BUSSI nous montre le monde dans un autre monde, celle de gens de couleur et les préjuges invisibles  aux touristes.  Il décrit l’île si bien qu'on se sent la-ba même, et fini la dernier mot si jaillissant qu'on ne peut pas s’arrêter de y penser, et même le relire tout de suite.   <br><br>24,8,12 015 èH( ère Holocène ou ère Humaine)<br>ShiraDest<br><br>
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    A woman came up to me, after a Zembekiko at a Greek festival in the Boston area, and asked me
'What do you feel when you dance?'  -I had to ask her what she meant; she explained that I seemed to be in another world, as if I were having a spiritual experience, when I danced.  
   Upon reflection, I had to admit that she was right -the beautiful music of the Mediterranean, the Balkans, even of those wild places where men danced with swords in hand, or like Zorba, gone mad with grief -those mournful yet insistent strains pulled me into some place where life existed.   A place, maybe the only place, where I felt alive.

   For me, spirituality seems to be that thing that gives meaning to life, a reason to keep going day after day, eating, breathing.  Why bother?  Because there is beauty in this world, and each person has a particular way of looking at it -a distinctive way of seeing the world. 

For me, writing makes me understand and remember how it felt to be alive, throwing myself into the air, reaching into the clouds, stretching into the breeze.  When the words overwhelm me, refusing to leave me alone, writing them down is the only escape. 
But then, they demand to be pondered.
The emotional work always follows the meaning -is it possible to be happy, and why does that matter?  Action matters.  But thoughts and feelings affect actions.

So I use four criteria to order my days:

1.  An action that gives meaning to my life: either dance or write each day,
2.  A thought that adds to my emotional stability each day, either comprehending my reasons for feeling/behaving a certain way, or meditation on some feeling and the causes behind that feeling, leading to a decision on how to classify and use that feeling in the future.
3.  A physical action that furthers my goals for reaching my body's fullest potential (running a marathon, for example),   and 
4.  An action that furthers my goals for developing my fullest personal intelectual potential (reading a certain number of pages in Turkish, for example).

For me, these four things represent my personal responsibility to reach my fullest potential as a human being, spiritually (if that exists), emotionally, physically and intellectually.  Now, I wonder if and how I can help others do the same?
Shira "Holocene/Human Era" Destinie
20 August, 12015 HE
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<a href="" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px"><img alt="Las Puertas del Mal" border="0" src="" /></a><a href="">Las Puertas del Mal</a> by <a href="">Núria Masot</a><br/>
My rating: <a href="">3 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />
Intelligent (but possibly codependent) women able to face danger, oddly dressed polyglotts who inspire fear but actually protect, PTSD shown, not told, wounded veterans reminding each other who they were and remain over the years, the seeds of hatred and the power of loyalty, even between different communities.  Those are the good things this fourth book offers.  What annoyed me was the move toward semi-mystical solutions, rather than logic, in this book versus the first two books.  Still, excellent inter-generational work that, like <a href="" title="Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5) by J.K. Rowling">Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix</a>Harry Potter, inspires hope in community.<br><br>17 August, 12015 HE (Holocene Era)<br><br>Mujeres inteligentes (tal vez codependientes) capaces de enfrentar el peligro, políglotas vestidos poco normales quienes inspiran el miedo pero protegan a los demas, Trastorno por estrés postraumático  mostrado, veteranos heridos sosteniendoles tras los tiempos, las semillas del odio y el poder de la lealtad aun tanto entre la gente como entre las comunidades diferentes.  Eso son las cosas buenas que ofrece este libro, cuatro de cinco en el serie,  Lo que me fastidio era el cambio ver el mysticismo, mientras el logico era el base de los primeros dos libros.  Sin embargo, este libro queda exclente como trabajo multi-generacional que, como a Harry Potter, inspira la esperanza en la comunidad.<br><br>17 del agosto, 12 015 EH (Era Holoceno)<br>Shira Destinie
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temp holder since MonCarnet is down -again...

mardi = assez facile: jour après le SL (donc pas dûr !!)

Aujourd'hui c'est Semaine 10, jour 1:

2.5 km facile

premier 1.5 km: 13:32

2em km = 9 minutes, à peu près

deuxième 1.5 km (dernier moitie de marche/course): 11:46

totale: 25:18


Shira « ère Holocène » Destinie

11.8.12015 èH (ère Humaine au Calendrier Holocène)

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(English below...)


Même s'il écrivait in 1917, plusieurs pages m'ont frappé

comment toujours pertinentes aujourd'hui:


P. 34: Fable d’Ésope "L'aigle, le laie et la chatte"

P. 35 "le comprendre pour tenter de le modifier."

et "La colère, instrument des puissants, arme des faibles"

P. 38 Il faut:

1. Sentir l'indignation (pour l'injustice)

2. Penser aux causes fondamentales, et

3. Imaginer les solutions

P. 55 "L'indifférence ... les décourage jusqu’à les faire

renoncer parfois à leur entreprise héroïque."

P. 196 "Trois années de guerre... Nous voyons des hommes ...

là où hier nous ne voyions que des états ou des individus


P. 200 "Nous avançons par intuitions plus que par

raisonnements;" Oui, ça fait difficile coordonner les efforts.

P. 204 Est-ce que c'est vrai: oublier les mots -> oublier

les choses?


Des Pages 110-112, Gramsci faisait l'éloge d'un roman par

H.G. Wells, chose qui m'encourage. Malgré mes usages des

travaux de Gramsci dans ma thèse et dans ma vie perso, je

m'avais demandé, en lisant ce livre, comme puis j'apprendre

inspirer les gens d'aider aux autrui atteindre leur plein

potentielle au lieu de railler contre eux qui n'aident pas.




Though he wrote in 1917, several pages struck me as

still relevant today:


P. 34 (Aesop's fable),

P. 35 (understand to convince),

P. 38 (Feel, Think and Imagine),

P: 55 (indifference discourages great projects),

P. 196 (how WWI -> feeling in addition to abstract thought),

P. 204 Does forgetting words -> forgetting events?


From pages 110-112, Gramsci praises a novel by H. G.

Wells, and from that, I take heart. Despite my use of

Gramsci's work in my thesis and in my personal life, while I

was reading this book, I found myself wondering how I could

learn to inspire people to help others reach their full

potential, rather than rail against those who harm others.




8,8,12015 ère Holocène/Human Era

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Title: Stayed on Freedom’s Call
Genre: non-fiction (history)
Release date 22.3.2014

Stayed on Freedom’s Call gathers new and old memories of Black-Jewish cooperation in Washington, DC, adding 2 sets of walking tours mean to put readers and walkers back into the setting of the times.

Any reviews on GoodReads would be greatly appreciated.

ShiraDestinie JonesLANDRAC

12015 HE (Holocene/Human Era)
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(English below...)

Simplemente maravilloso, este libro (aparte de que los Cataros no se llamaban eso a si mismos).  Muertes extrañas, deseos de

recuperarse la fe perdida, y una tranquilidad que es "sólo una apariencia de la que no hay que fiarse."   Y mejor, una chica

que sé defenderse.  Màs lento que los primeros dos libros.

3 cosas:
   1. Lo que hace este heroe diferente que los demas,
   2. como gana/pierde, este heroe, la communidad, y
   3. por/para qué el hereo corre los riesgos:

1.  El heroe Guillem no es un genio, tampoco dotado de poderes como Harry Potter, pero tiene un talento creativo y la

capacidad de utilizarlo con calma.  Como a Katnis Everdeen, él ha tenido una persona que lo ha enseñado hacer cosas que los

demas no saben hacer, y la auto-disciplina de pensar al fondo de los problemas.
2.  Familia de adoption, efectivamente.
3.  Guillem, como Harry, trabaja en memoria de su mentor, para honrar sus ideas, a pesar de las dudas.

Y la chica: p. 127: "Debes ser generosa contigo misma, permitir que la duda aflore y que se manifieste, es la única manera de

contemplarla cara a cara y que eso te permita tomar una decisión."
Y p. 129: "no confundas su final con toda su existencia."  -Preciosa.

Simply wonderful, this book (aside from the fact that the Cathars did not call themselves Cathars).  Weird deaths, desire to

find lost faith, and a calm which is only surface deep.  And better still, a girl who know how to defend herself.  Slower

than the first two books.

3 things:
  1. what differentiates the hero,
  2. how the hero aqcuires/loses community, and
  3. why the hero risks his/her neck:

1.  The hero Guillem is not a genius, nor gifted with powers like Harry Potter, but he does have creative talent and the

ability to use it under pressure.  Like Katnis Everdeen (Hunger Games), he had an older mentor who taught him skills others

lack, and the self-discipline to think through problems.
2.  Adopted family, effectively.
3.  Both Guillem and Harry work to honor the memory and ideas of their mentors, despite imperfections.

Shira Era Holoceno Destinie
31 Julio de 12015 EH
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My advice to a friend:

To start with French, since I imagine you already have an introduction to the basic grammar (and if not, no problem), I'd like to start by

Part I.   asking you -what is your favorite film, in any language that you understand VERY well? 
1. Get a copy of that film in French ( and are good sites) and
2. go to to find the French subtitles for that film.

From there, we will read the subtitles line by line, and translate each word, introducing or reviewing the grammar points as needed so that you understand 5 minutes of the film, then re-cap.

Part II. 
Listen to the first 6 words of Lily:
and I will explain the meaning (it is spoken French, which is a bit different from 'proper' French...)

That is my favorite way of learning, unless you prefer to go through a book, which I imagine you already tried and disliked. 
Personally, I learned French by buying a French grammar book,
1. going chapter by chapter through the book while also
2.reading a page of Astérix each day
3. re-listening to the song, and
4. watching the film until I was too tired for the day (I saw HP1 about 6 times before I understood it all in French!)
From there I went to watching the films and subtitles at the same time, memorizing other songs, reading the Astérix books and watching the films (which are much more difficult than films not filmed in French) -from there I moved to watching films for kids and then adults filmed in France, and reading novels written in French.  This works for me far better than taking courses, but each person learns differently, and I have friends who love to make fun of my use of sign-language when I talk (not so much now) as I am a kinesthetic learner, and so using or creating sign-language for new vocabulary helps me learn much much faster. 
If you like art, probably the Astérix comics are better to start with, and films also.
Hope this is not too much all at once?
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Posting parts of a discussion from GoodReads just in case it interests anyone:

There are various proofs, if one wishes to accept them, for some of the events of the Bible (more likely due to the explosion of the volcano on Santorini, logically speaking), but any and all such proof are subject to POV, as you have stated. And therein lies the problem. For a group of people frightened out of their wits, ethnicly (sp?) scapegoated, it is easy to fall back on eye for an eye, and difficult to be objective. Likewise for those of us raised in countries that profit from the situation.
Changing my perspective took over 20 years, and I am still having trouble reconciling my desire to see justice done for one group of sufferers with my desire to see justice done for another group also suffering. Yes, alot of harm has been done in the name of justice, and to the benefit of a very small few, none of whom fit the lable of chosen.
Ideas of chosen and promised land and even of race and identity need to be entirely re-worked, together.
But how?
29 July, 12015 HE

by ShiraDestinie
GoodReads on review of Exodus by Leon Uris

ShiraDestinie JonesLANDRAC
ps: "cold hard fact" -Israel, the people, not the state, are commanded to be a nation of priests, meant to set an example of kindness, according the Rabbinical thought (see Pirkei Avot, writings of the Chafetz Chaim, etc) and community. Ok, rather closed community, but for the times, 2000 years ago, the Rabbis were pretty advanced. Manipulating parts of the ancient texts can make any group look bad, and do almost anything. I have many friends in Turkey who are living proof that Islam is a religion of peace and generosity. Likewise for my Jewish friends, many of whom insist that all of humanity is chosen -chosen to be better than we believe we can be.
Unfortunately, without an international level consensus on and providence of: basic food, clean water, minimally decent health care, and education to some basic level (not to mention contraception), various sorts of 'population transfers' will continue to occur.

We all need to agree first and foremost that no group of people should be able to strong arm any other group, and then on that basis, proceed to find and implement sustainable solutions that will work for all of us.
So how do we get the ball rolling on that?
Peace,Edited (added need for international lvl food, water and health care to stop ppl transfer)

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