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Marriage and community: how marriage for all keeps us safe: an interpretation of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s call for a Basic Income…

If society exists to facilitate the maximization of potential of each member of society, and if a couple gives more to society together than as two individuals, then it behooves the community to support and encourage every couple to stay together and contribute as a stable couple to society.

That allows a synergistic relationship to form where the couple gives more to the community, and is in turn reinforced by the community, enabling them to be more effective both as a couple and as members of the community. Both members of the couple and the community are able to accomplish more through this mutually beneficial relationship. That is one social dynamic which would keep us all safer.

Lasting social stability, which as Dr. King pointed out is the only true means of riot prevention , requires a high level of cooperation. Marriage, with or without
procreation, encourages life-long committment, cooperative thinking, and a reduced Carbon Footprint. These can help stabilize society and build further cooperation.

Preventing torture and sensless killings, such as that of Travon Williams, depends on the existence and maintainance of respect and trust within and between communities so that they can then cooperate effectively to prevent the dehumanization and hate crimes which ultimately result from lack of understanding and cooperative interaction between indivuduals and communities. Part of this, as Dr. King pointed out, involves having food, shelter and clothing. A Basic or Citizen’s Income would provide that. Social supports and minimum livable economic supports build a society that can then become fully democratic, free, equal, and harmonious.

Peace through Community Cooperation,
ShiraDestinie of The MEOW CC Blog

Gregorian Date: Thursday, 12 April 2012
MEOW Date : Thursday, 12 April, 12012 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)
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A classmate at Annapolis told me that they'd taken out the definition of 'gullible' in the dictionary and replaced it with my photo one day. I was furious, because shipmates aren't supposed to bilge each other, and that to me was bilging.

But I want to believe that a better world is possible, a kinder world:
Perhaps the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would be a good 'summation' of what I want to see in the world?

[An aside: what I personally want may be quite different from what others want, of course. I would personally like to see a world where every person is free to travel anywhere, and where every person has a key to a very small flat -consisting of one room, well insulated, with a small kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and a bed. For free, with absolute lifelong rights. Also free would be brown rice (or similar equivalent grain), green leafy vegetables, and dried beans. That is the bare minimum that a person needs to live, and that (along with free Public Library borrowing rights and Health Care) should be totally free without question to every person at all times. Whether they work or not, deserving or not. No paperwork, no hassles. But for anything else a person may want, above this (deliberately quite Spartan and barebones) minimum, a person must contribute to society -i.e. work.

That is what I would like to see eventually, not going into political views...]

I look back 20 years on, now I see that I've always been accused of being gullible and naive, yet to be gullible, I think, is not from foolishness or stupidity, but from a stubborn refusal to believe that anyone could be dishonest.

Read, Write, Run, Teach !

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2006-02-28 14:13:00

    <subject>Dr. ML King Jr -Gran Hombre; Buyuk Adam; Last book on Poverty in US (not just Black/Negro issues)</subject>
2.   Keyenes proposal of the Bancor after he demolished Say's Law
3.   Nice collection of scanned books:

Dr. King dice que el libro de George tiene razon y suporte la idea del dinero para todos!  Pense que solo en Canada ha hecho asi.  Ahorito intiendo por que fue matado.  Estaba haciendo un march para los pobres cuando se murio y eso fue el verdadero razon por su muerte.  Ahora lo veo por que.  Si todos lo saben de eso seria el movimiento mas grande el EEUU para cambio economica fundamental.   Y lo habia hecho si vivia.  Unido con JFK (por eso el tb. fue matado por parar el poder del Federal Reserve Board) y los dos juntos habian cambiado mucho.

He cited Henrey George's "Progress and Poverty" in calling for a Citizens Income!  I thought only the Social Credit party in Alberta, Canada had done that.  Ok, now we know why he was really assasinated.  I had heard that he was organizing a Poor People's March when he died and that that was the real reason behind his murder.  Now I can see why.  If this became general knowledge it would have rocked the foundations of the US with an unprecedented call for fundamental economic change.  And he could have accomplished it had he lived.  Together with JFK's reform of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve (see Executive Order #11110, then see the date he was assassinated; ignore Myth #9 debunker: The US was on the gold std from the end of WWII until 1971, when Nixon nixed Bretton Woods...), the two taken together would have subtly changed the financial ballance of power from high finance to the public venue.

I've also seen John Kenneth Galbraith  cited in other books, but didn't realize that he was a contemporary of Dr. King.

Also saw Richard Heinberg cited somwhere here

found and reposted: Read, Write, Run, Teach !

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