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This speech, treated as a sacred text, inspired me to write my first practice Novel RealDraft6Creator Friend or Foe Beginnings


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Licensed DC Tour Guide Shira Destinie Jones
UNIQUE! (2 Part) Singing Walking Tour:
Early Integration Neighborhoods of DC: Shepherd Park
Join us for a walk back through DC history, with songs, to the turbulent
times of BlockBusting and cooperative struggle uniting Neighbors to
integrate neighborhoods, drawing on The Lost Laws, Labor Tactics
Precedents, & even Presidents to form new community structures.
Tifereth Israel Congregation,
7701 16th St, NW
(S4 or D31 metro buses, or 1 mile
south of Silver Spring metro station)
Part I: 3:00pm-3:50 pm, Part II: 4:00-4:50
Sunday, ~ June 10th, 2012 (RainDate: June 24th)
$10 cash/$15 PayPal, per person per Part, before June 4, 2012
$20 cash only, per person per Part, after June 4th
( Members: [$5 in cash /$10 PayPal +1 Hour] per Part
to Time Bank member Shira Destinie Jones until June 4th.)
Discount RSVP date: Monday June 4, 2012

shirad SHIRaEnglish.html (SHIR Tours web site No Longer Up)

Shira Destinie Jones

( Thanks to the helps of activist friends, this tour went very well...

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Hi COMAR newsletter editor,

Here is a bio, just in case you need that.


Shira Destinie Jones is a native Washingtonian, teacher of mathematics, Hebrew and Greek folk dance, and singing enthusiast with 12 years of Unix expertise. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics, a Masters of Philosophy in economic social policy, and is a published poet and author working to help restore the balance of justice in our damaged world.

My update for this year is as follows:

The past year has been a busy one for me. In addition to going back to Bath, England for my graduation ceremony, I have given several energizing talks on "Community Empowerment through Community Currencies" last year. I also published my first book entitled "SHARED MONETARY GOVERNANCE: Exploring Regulatory Frameworks, Participatory Internal Decision-making and Scale in Institutional Access to General and Special Purpose Currencies" and most recently, I have an article being published shortly in the International Journal of Community Currency Research (IJCCR). Apart from these pursuits, my personal endeavors include starting an Interfaith Prayer Calling Circle, hosting several multi-cultural connection events, and starting up work on an idea to plan joint Watch Night events bringing together the Black community with the Jewish community. These personal projects continue while I search for full time employment, so 2011 promises to be a busy year!

From the Manzilla side of the Family,

Peace, Love, and Community-Cooperation!!



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27 jan, 12016 èH
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heartwarming all from Vvalk to see how I was doing, (it is nice, for me anyway, to have a friend check on me, as it makes me feel cared-for in a way I have rarely felt in my life, which I really appreciate and treasure) I set off this morning from the SW waterfront headed to the Tidal Basin to get another look at the FDR memorial, which I really like.  On the way, I kept passing a meter man, joking with him that I really was not following him.  Then I saw a Honduran couple having trouble with their parking meter, so waited and translated for them with the nice parking meter man I had just passed twice.  :-)   It was really nice to be able to help out folks and have fun meeting them as well.   <br /><br />And yes, those of you who have already told me so, feel free to add, 'I told you so' again, but I am indeed beginning to understand that there may in fact not be any coincidences in the Universe, and can finally also begin to trust in Her.  This is not as scary for me as it once was, happily enough.<br /><br />Then, I arrived at the FDR memorial, had a very nice time re-exploring the site and getting a private tour, because at 3pm there was no one but me waiting for the nice Park Ranger to give the tour.  It was interesting to hear his perspective, as he complained several times about the decision to leave out FDR's 'day that will live in infamy' quote, and more complaints of leaving off the 'trademark' mink stole from the Eleanor Roosevelt statue.  Personally I think it was wise to avoid unneccesary controversy.  The site focusses on FDR's inclusive quotes, and his efforts to alleviate the suffering of the unemployed and destitute.  I think the memorial does a good job in highlighting the misfortunes of Depression and War that FDR had to deal with in leading the USA at that time, and does a good job despite overlooking his internment of Japanese-Americans and his dubious handling of Pearl Harbour.  These were all things which he may have felt he was forced to do, and unfortunately, it is not without cause that they say that no BoyScout can be President.  :-(  Who knows, perhaps we can help forge a world where a completely  ethical man can succeed as a leader, but I think that that war forced everyone (even Einstein) to make unhappy, even ugly compromises.<br /><br />---edit the following day:<br />I forgot to mention that I also sent to see the George Mason memorial on the way off of the Tidal Basin, and was a bit confused by his apparent anti-slavery stance, while being a Virginia plantation owner...<br />--<br /><br />In the vein of building a better world, as I walked home, a different Park Ranger encouraged me to go visit the Mall at night, saying that all of the monuments are lighted and the city is beautiful.  I do recall the beauty of the city lights at night, something I have always admired.
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