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At the 2012 DC Social Forum, we came to a consensus: Public Banks, Time Banks and small groups build Cooperative Society.

The joint presentations at the DC Social Forum, which was held in the DC Friend’s Meeting House, a wonderful historical building, were fascinating. And disturbing.

Fascinating because they all centered around the need to move from our consumerist and big box model of capitalism toward one which includes all of the people in the governance process.

Disturbing because everyone also agreed on the need for us to have a societal culture of cooperation and egalitarianism, or a willingness to cooperate to create and use a level playing field for all people. Then everyone agreed that getting there from here would take a very long time.

One of the tools mentioned included Public Banks, such as the one in North Dakota, and currently being considered by the Mayor in DC, apparently. This is something to look into for the immediate future as a completely doable step which has in fact already been implemented in many places, according to the presenter.

Another tool is Time Banking and the creation and use of various complementary or community currencies, such as Ithaca Hours, or Anacostia Hours here in DC alongside the local time bank, DC Time Time Banks in particular create and build trust and cooperation in an egalitarian mode within the community.

A further tool was the use of non-hierarchical methods and clarity on the point that groups must be set up with no more than 150 members in order to avoid creation of hierarchy, with lessons being drawn from the Cuban revoluntion of 1959 by a Hungarian professor presenting.

A final vision was one in which society is entirely cooperative, resulting in the contributions of all members being valued. Cultural change toward a valuing of equal participation, voice, and cooperation was espoused, along with the understanding that this does not happen overnight. With consistent work and faith in our evolving ability to cooperate, we continue forward.

Peace, through Community Cooperation,
Gregorian Date: Thursday, 12 April 2012
MEOW Date : Thursday, 12 April, 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)
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Thanks to LJuserGoodall for asking about bitcoin, which I do

not support. Bitcoin is an alternative to national currencies

which is often used for money laundering and other nefarious

purposes. It actually does precisely the opposite of what a

community-based currency is intented to do, which is increase

transparency and decrease anonymity. Community-created

currencies are meant to circulate only within local

communities, as a complement to the national currency, thus

increasing both access to and availability of money to those

who might otherwise not have access to national money.

(Search Ithaca or Anacostia Hours for details.)

Time Banks are another complementary currency created by

people in local communities to supplement the national

money supply. These are not meant to be universal

currencies. Please see Robert Mundell’s work, which I cite in

“Shared Monetary Governance” on Optimal Currency areas.

As he said, The World is NOT an Optimal Currency Area.

Regions differ by product, output, resources, etc, and

therefore need different currencies. The USA for instance,

should actually be four currencies areas, not one, so when the

Fed raises interest rates, that change affects different regions

of the country differently, affecting inflation and

unemployment differently across different parts of the country.

Sir John Maynard Keynes proposed an international currency

in 1944 which would have solved some problems, but it was

rejected by the American delegation to the Bretton Woods


Please, Go learn more!
Meow Date Saturday, April 21, 12014 H.E.
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Journal Article: ‘A Theoretical Framework for Shared MonetaryGovernance’ International Journalof CommunityCurrency Research 15(A) ISSN 13259547, 2011.
Book: “Shared Monetary Governance”, ISBN978-3-639-26780-8, VDM Publishing, August, 2010.
Thesis: May 2010, Department of Social Policy, University of Bath, United Kingdom.
Poem: “Lost in a Rose”, Concrete Wolf Poetry Quarterly Issue Number 2. 2001
Classes and Talks or PRESENTATIONS by SHIR
Dvar Tikkun (social justice related talk): “TakomaTime”, 17 Dec. 2010, TLS, Washington, DC.
Class presented for adults: “Mishnah Gittin and Community Empowerment via LocalCurrencies“Mifnei Tikkun Ha-Olam"”, DC Beit Midrash,16 August 2010, JCC Washington, DC.
Talk: Re´eh -“Time Banks: Loan Remission Step Two”, Adas Israel Traditional Egalitarian Minyan,7 August 2010, Washington, DC.
Presentation: "Community Empowerment through LocalCurrencies" at The Bell, July 2010, Bath,UK.
Presentation: "Green Money and Community Empowerment:Local Currencies as a project ofTikkun Olam", AdasIsrael 2010 Tikkun Leil Shavuot , May 18th-19th, DC.
Presentation: “La Gobernanza Compartida del Dinero”, por la RedCreativa, 2009, Puerto Morelos,Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Presentation: “Shared Monetary Governance” Poster at 2008Heterodox Economics Conference,Cambridge, UK.

(I hadn't realized how much I did how quickly in DC: no wonder I was exhausted in 3.5 years...)

Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

8 March, 12016 HE

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A classmate at Annapolis told me that they'd taken out the definition of 'gullible' in the dictionary and replaced it with my photo one day. I was furious, because shipmates aren't supposed to bilge each other, and that to me was bilging.

But I want to believe that a better world is possible, a kinder world:
Perhaps the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would be a good 'summation' of what I want to see in the world?

[An aside: what I personally want may be quite different from what others want, of course. I would personally like to see a world where every person is free to travel anywhere, and where every person has a key to a very small flat -consisting of one room, well insulated, with a small kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and a bed. For free, with absolute lifelong rights. Also free would be brown rice (or similar equivalent grain), green leafy vegetables, and dried beans. That is the bare minimum that a person needs to live, and that (along with free Public Library borrowing rights and Health Care) should be totally free without question to every person at all times. Whether they work or not, deserving or not. No paperwork, no hassles. But for anything else a person may want, above this (deliberately quite Spartan and barebones) minimum, a person must contribute to society -i.e. work.

That is what I would like to see eventually, not going into political views...]

I look back 20 years on, now I see that I've always been accused of being gullible and naive, yet to be gullible, I think, is not from foolishness or stupidity, but from a stubborn refusal to believe that anyone could be dishonest.

Read, Write, Run, Teach !

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