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My second practice novel actually started on Wattpad , but much easier to track the deadline on the NaNoWriMo2015 website, has taught me several things about managing Depression (or PTSD -> anger->depression, sort of...).

First: Making a deadline feels good, even if it is Just/Only YOUR deadline. You DID it.
Second: Physical activity every day, like running or dance, etc, is, at least for me, imperative (and also a sun lamp).
Third: Making a deadline a second time, better than you did the first time, proves you can repeat the feat, thus showing discipline and perseverance. This makes me feel like less of a waste of oxygen, provided I can find a way to use that to help other folks.
Writing 1.) When writing your first/second/fifth practice novel, be sure to have a physical workout routine, preferably involving boxing gloves, AND several people to talk to about all of the crap your writing will drag out of you.

(Remember NOT to use the gloves on the people...)

Writing 2.) For me, at least, plan the ending first...
Writing 3.) Plan setting, time and weather for each scene, not just the plot!!
Writing 4.) Outline by scene, not by # of words (I outlined by 300wds, which ended up driving me nuts toward the end...)
Writing 5.) Do not write a chapter per file, it is a formatting nightmare to insert 18 files (one for each chapter) into one 'book' file on an exhausted day 28!
Writing 6.) Lay out the chapter plan on one large calendar in the same notebook (if at all possible) as the planning notebook (and resist the temptation to plan each chapter on small scraps of paper!! You cannot believe the number of scraps I now have floating around...).
7.) Start on day one, and don't punish yourself for not planning ahead. A planner is not a pantser, and you will feel annoyed if try to write stream-of-consciousness just because you have 2000 words to finish That Day.

Better to take the day to plan out the next two scenes and write them the next day, at least for me.

I found that when I knew the time of day and year and weather as well as what the MC was supposed to do in the next couple of scenes, I could just imagine the flow and zap, 2000 words came out of no where (I did NOT say 2000 Good Words, but that is for the next 3 or 4 re-writes!!!).

and the real

Writing 7.) Set a new notebook aside for the 30-Day 50k challenge, because it will turn into at least a year, and probably 80k words. Before it goes back down to 60k again.


In Solidarity with All Kind People,
Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,

29 November 12015 HE

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     In thinking of why I love to run, I recall the feeling of freedom when running, which I never found elsewhere, even from flying (as a student pilot flying was more of a kill-joy for me!).  And a sense of comaraderie that, in thinking back, I suddenly realized is linked to one of my very few happy childhood memories.

     My father sent me to a DC Army National Guard summer camp when I was 14, where I met the first 'foreign' friend, and the only person who ever ran with me.  He was a dark muscular guy from Tanzania, and also the only person there with whom I could share -we talked as we ran, or, I ran, while he merely jogged.  I appreciated his effort to  to accomodate my slower stride, and his attentive listening.  I can only hope that I was as attentive a listener as he was.  I recall being fascinated to hear about his home in Africa, yet irritated that everyone assumed we were dating.  Sex was the farthest thing from my mind (I have no clue how he felt) at the time.  The fact that someone took the time to share his thoughts with me, listen to mine, and that we could stay in step together was the cornerstone of our friendship.  Sadly, we lost touch after that camp, but I have always recalled and sought that same comaraderie, brotherhood.

    So now I can finally come back to running, and hope perhaps to find a similar friendship.  See <a href="">My training so far: 2015</a>

   I am too tired to translate this at the moment, but since I am mostly writing it for a franco-hispanophone person I know, I will finish later.

Shira "HolocenHumanEra" Dest.
2nd July, 12015 HE

1re km en 8:17
donc, 2me km = 7:57 mais terminé avec plus d'effort

J'ai trottiné plus vite aujourd'hui et étonnement, je m'a senti beaucoup meilleure en trottinant plus vite qu'en 'trottinant' aussi lentement possible !

Voici <a href="">Mon carnet 2015</a>

Shira èreHolocèneHumane Destinie
2 de julliet, année 12015 èH



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If a man walks beside me while I 'jog,' how is it possible that I get the same benefits as with running?
Shira "Holocene Era" Dest.
20.6.12015 HE

Si un homme marché à mes coutes pendant que j'ai 'trottiné' comme c'est possible que j'ai les mêmes bénéfices qu'avec  le CàP ?
Shira "ère Holocène" Dest.
20.6.12015 èH

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