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(23,2,12016 comment : also applies in depressed parts of Rich Nations...)
The Economic Reason
"One of the principal economic problems facing us and the rest of the world is achieving maximum production and continued prosperity. The loss of a huge, potential market for goods is a direct result of the economic discrimination which is practiced against many of our minority groups. A sort of vicious circle is produced. Discrimination depresses the wages and income of minority groups. As a result, their purchasing power is curtailed and markets are reduced. Reduced markets result in reduced production. This cuts down employment, which of course means lower wages and still fewer job opportunities. Rising fear, prejudice, and insecurity aggravate the very discrimination in employment which sets the vicious circle in motion.
Minority groups are not the sole victims of this economic waste; its impact is inevitably felt by the entire population.
Eric Johnston"
These explanations of how segregation impacted the US economy apply equally to how resource drain from Developing (fka Third World) economies impacts the world economy. This is the chief ECONOMIC reason that we need Fair Trade and equal exchange laws. All the world suffers when part of the world is denied equality, via policy or path dependent history, as the case may be, we urgently need to cooperate and share with the entire world our technologies and our resources because unless we do so, we are all limited.
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23 February, 12016 HE
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Sorry, not to defend them in any way shape or form, but terrorists are not all psychopaths. This is a crucial distinction to make because most of those kids who blew themselves up recently were brainwashed, just like Patricia Hearst, just like the people in Waco, TX, and just like the 600 followers of Jim Jones. They were all people who felt, maybe felt too much, even had compassion, and got that compassion used against them because they did not know how to ask questions and keep asking where the answers to those questions came from. Just like when I was in a cult group.

First they love-bomb you, half a dozen bear hugs from people you do not know, and the leader and sub-leaders welcoming you with open arms into the family. Kind of like the military, only generally fewer push-ups. But just as much peer-bonding, belonging, and then starts the real pressure. You help convert others to believing because you care about them, you want to save them from suffering, and in any case, a better life awaits them on the other side. So almost no matter what you do TO the non-believer, you are actually doing FOR that person's own good, whether they know/accept it or not. This is USING a vulnerable believers Compassion against him/her, to obtain compliance and even active support when that person (who is neither a leader, sub-leader, nor even a psychopath) is made to feel guilty for not helpping the non-believers -help being defined as the leader defines it. Pamphlets, tracts, harrasment, stalking, forced-conversions, exorcisms, even torture or killing are all justified by the leader as better-for-the-non-believers-and-you-as-a-True-Believer are A BAD Believer if you do not Help these unbelievers in The Way that the leader tells you to. No Questions Asked.

And yes, I speak from experience. Fortunately, I started having panic attacks when I could no longer swallow what my cult leader said, and left, but it still took my months to get out, and years to understand what had happened. And that was with help! These kids indoctrinated by DAESCH are being brainwashed in a similar way, and they also feel isolated, or they would not have been attracted to DAESCH/ISIS, which is essentially a very large, very well-organised and very sophisticated and yet still manipulative cult group.

So please, when The Canard enchaîné (p. 8 yesterday, 25.11.2015) says that Gerhard Roth in Brême is reporting a psyopath gene in an article on terrorism, please remember that the majority of terrorist foot soldiers are only dupes, manipulated to pull the trigger, and in need of help, not just tracking and certainly not torture. It was the torture in Abu Garib and other American prisons that created this in the first place, remember (cannot find the show that re-aired on France television last week, but it showed all the top guys having met and 'hardened' in the big US prison in Iraq...).

Remember that Eisenhower ended segregation for similar reasons -to deprive Japan of potential progaganda against the US, which is what the terrorist leaders are now using to convert western kids into their pawns.


Bottom line, we need to walk our talk as a society and take care of the most vulnerable so that there is less to use against us. We need to feed our hungry, clothe our naked, and comfort our sick. Educating our folks for free would be even better, so they can ask the right questions, and create the cooperative jobs that will give us true democracy and equality.

Backk to trying to write 2200 words of climtic chapter, ughghhh...

In Solidarity with All Kind People,
Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,


26 November 12015 HE
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First of all, it gives us something in common with our future conquerors, ok just kidding!!

First of all, it is a Free way to socialize in a non-superficial way.
Second, it is physically and mentally health-full (free) activity.
Third, it teaches part of the skills needed for physical self-defense.
Fourth, it teaches moving meditation, needed for emotional self-defense.

Did I mention that being together thing, next to other folks of all ages, especially those older folks, who know how to do it all best for having done it for years?
And did I mention the FREE thing, as in spend no money, just move slowly in the public park?

1. If the first point needs explaining, please let me know.

2. I think everyone knows the health benefits of Tai Chi.

3. Many people may not know that this Soft side complement of Chinese Kung Fu is required by many instructors, like my own Shi Fu, in addition to the so called hard side, the fast Kung Fu. The same blocks and attacks or counter-attacks are used, but as slowly as possible, forcing you to develop your balance and stong muscle coordination.
4. On emotional self-defense, of which I believe meditation is an important part, having the strength of sternum to straighten your back and say "I Refuse" to a big drunk guy can often come from your memory of many expensive Tai Chi lessons after those expensive Kung Fu lessons. Worked for me. Again, ask for details if interested, please.
Ok, time to make dinner, too bad the baby lima beans I remember as a kid no longer seem to be around. Oh well, just have to train those pigeons to go fetch some decent corn and beans. Oh, no more carrier pigeons either. What, did Tom poison them all?
In Solidarity with All Kind People,
Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,


21 November, 12015 HE
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Protect Others: Tell Your Story (Please Help Break the Silence-Shame-Intimidation-Exploitation CYCLE ...)

How can telling your story, as one friend told me, protect others?  I suppose that as one progresses, and learns

how to overcome, those lessons learned along the way can help prevent that same harm from befalling other

vulnerable people.  But how?

Well, if the first childhood memory is one of sad anger, of loss, the green Caddy driving to NYC may impede, for a

lifetime, that love of large cars and of the Big Apple that so many Americans seem to boast.  If that memory is

tied to a borough where the kids rejected you, and your next memory was of being locked in a room, at 4 years of

age, hearing your mothers screams as furniture fell and things broke in the living room, as her boyfriend beat

her, how do you use this to protect others? 

By coming up with a plan for teaching children to protect themselves from silence, from shame, intimidation and

from exploitation, via:

     A New Adult Rite of Passage:

If one was sexually abused at 6, and told not to tell, how do we protect children from parents who can protect

neither their children nor themselves?          -Teach kids that Silence = Death, because silence can lead to

suicide, after a few years. 

If one took refuge from bullies by running and retreating, how to undo that shame?  -Teach kids that we ALL have a

right to our personal boundaries, to equal bodily respect, and to equal human dignity.

If one was refused self-defense because "young ladies don't fight" but they can come home in bruises that will be

ignored, how does one learn to stand up to intimidation?  -Teach kids that if you stand up, you might or might not

be hurt today, but if you cower you WILL agonise for years to come.
If one was physically and sexually abused as a teenager, with all the blame heaped on a 15 year old, how to learn

not to exploit nor be exploited?  -Gandhi and Frankl cite adult choice and power: UpHold your Values and Create.  

6.  Only then is one ready to be An Adult:

(This is the real answer to Millie's question:

((and a summary of the Adulthood thread:

April, 12015 HE (Holocene/Human Era)

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We are taught to avoid strangers, which is important. Vigilance is important, but we have been taught to trust those in authority and to trust those who are close to our families, which may not be the best for our health. Girls, especially, are often penalized for saying No, or for refusing what can turn out to be Grooming on the part of family or friends of family/babysitters/authority figures, and pressured to keep the secrets of those known the the victim. I believe that the "I Refuse" principle taught by Gandhi could help prevent some of these sexual abuse cases, if children are taught to respect their own judgement and to refuse to remain silent when touched.
ShiraDestinie "Community Cooperation"
[ Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? ]

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(Looking back, now I know that my mother was selfish, not brave...) Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

22 February, 12016 HE

2008-09-13 13:27:00
"karamsar": nagative or realistic?
I was thinking of a Turkish flatmate who told me I was 'karamsar' or pessimistic, one day. We were discussing the issue of marriage and children, and while I was admitting that the desire to have a committed partner with whom I share mutual goals, dreams and aspirations was strong for me, I do not intend to bring any children into this world. She asked why, when I'd expressed a desire to adopt, and have enjoyed teaching both children and adults, and I agreed with a favorite quote from the film "The Rock", where Nicolas Cage says anyone thinking of bring a child into this world "is coldly considering an act of cruelty" -and I proceeded to argue that with such a large number of already unwanted children in this world, there was no excuse for anyone to bring new lives into this uncertain and demonstrably unfair world. She then told me that I was (apparently) hopeless and fairly abruptly ended the conversation.

I wonder how to juxtapose this with a comment made by another friend, here in Britain, that hope seems to be the human condition. I certainly would not be here if enslaved ancestors like my gr. g.g.g.g grandmother Martha Givens Porter had taken the attitude that I have always taken.

I have never understood why an enslaved woman would allow herself to give birth to a child knowing the fate that child would share, but then again, her son, my g.g...grandfather James Ward Porter was born free, and went on to pass legislation in reconstruction era Georgia attempting to help Negroes. So her hope rang true, but how many generations did it take before that was the case, and can it justify the suffering of the generations born before him? Not to mention his own struggles with Jim Crow. Then again, he was born, and that gave him a choice, I suppose, despite not having had the initial choice before birth.

Nowadays I feel a great deal of hope, yet I remain opposed to using my own body to bring a new life into this world, because I lack the ability to ask that soul whether it wants to be born into this world, and I do (as a Mexican friend recently told me) refuse the responsibility to use my power as a woman to create new life without knowing what the fate of the person whom I bring into this world might be. I lack the courage that even my own mother had, and I feel slightly ashamed. Yet I wish to raise up and empower those who are already here without hope, rather than to create an additional mouth to feed. Others will no doubt always want to bring new lives into this world, and perhaps they will consider my position, even as I consider theirs.
(Now, I see that my mother -thanks to an emphatic statement by my keen-minded cousin, is indeed NPD, and had me, as all narcisists have kids, for her own purposes...)Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

22 February, 12016 HE

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