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First of all, it gives us something in common with our future conquerors, ok just kidding!!

First of all, it is a Free way to socialize in a non-superficial way.
Second, it is physically and mentally health-full (free) activity.
Third, it teaches part of the skills needed for physical self-defense.
Fourth, it teaches moving meditation, needed for emotional self-defense.

Did I mention that being together thing, next to other folks of all ages, especially those older folks, who know how to do it all best for having done it for years?
And did I mention the FREE thing, as in spend no money, just move slowly in the public park?

1. If the first point needs explaining, please let me know.

2. I think everyone knows the health benefits of Tai Chi.

3. Many people may not know that this Soft side complement of Chinese Kung Fu is required by many instructors, like my own Shi Fu, in addition to the so called hard side, the fast Kung Fu. The same blocks and attacks or counter-attacks are used, but as slowly as possible, forcing you to develop your balance and stong muscle coordination.
4. On emotional self-defense, of which I believe meditation is an important part, having the strength of sternum to straighten your back and say "I Refuse" to a big drunk guy can often come from your memory of many expensive Tai Chi lessons after those expensive Kung Fu lessons. Worked for me. Again, ask for details if interested, please.
Ok, time to make dinner, too bad the baby lima beans I remember as a kid no longer seem to be around. Oh well, just have to train those pigeons to go fetch some decent corn and beans. Oh, no more carrier pigeons either. What, did Tom poison them all?
In Solidarity with All Kind People,
Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,


21 November, 12015 HE
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Protect Others: Tell Your Story (Please Help Break the Silence-Shame-Intimidation-Exploitation CYCLE ...)

How can telling your story, as one friend told me, protect others?  I suppose that as one progresses, and learns

how to overcome, those lessons learned along the way can help prevent that same harm from befalling other

vulnerable people.  But how?

Well, if the first childhood memory is one of sad anger, of loss, the green Caddy driving to NYC may impede, for a

lifetime, that love of large cars and of the Big Apple that so many Americans seem to boast.  If that memory is

tied to a borough where the kids rejected you, and your next memory was of being locked in a room, at 4 years of

age, hearing your mothers screams as furniture fell and things broke in the living room, as her boyfriend beat

her, how do you use this to protect others? 

By coming up with a plan for teaching children to protect themselves from silence, from shame, intimidation and

from exploitation, via:

     A New Adult Rite of Passage:

If one was sexually abused at 6, and told not to tell, how do we protect children from parents who can protect

neither their children nor themselves?          -Teach kids that Silence = Death, because silence can lead to

suicide, after a few years. 

If one took refuge from bullies by running and retreating, how to undo that shame?  -Teach kids that we ALL have a

right to our personal boundaries, to equal bodily respect, and to equal human dignity.

If one was refused self-defense because "young ladies don't fight" but they can come home in bruises that will be

ignored, how does one learn to stand up to intimidation?  -Teach kids that if you stand up, you might or might not

be hurt today, but if you cower you WILL agonise for years to come.
If one was physically and sexually abused as a teenager, with all the blame heaped on a 15 year old, how to learn

not to exploit nor be exploited?  -Gandhi and Frankl cite adult choice and power: UpHold your Values and Create.  

6.  Only then is one ready to be An Adult:

(This is the real answer to Millie's question:

((and a summary of the Adulthood thread:

April, 12015 HE (Holocene/Human Era)

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“At the turn of the century, both communities developed similar ways of evading White discrimination. Both communities built their own institutions, … ” which “… deepens the connection between them. Cooperation in other areas built ties that would eventually lead to the well-known actions of the later Civil Rights era in the 1960´s.”

–Excerpt : (p. 17, 18) of “Stayed on Freedom’s Call: Cooperation Between Jewish And African-American Communities In Washington, DC” is a contribution to the shared history of Black and Jewish Washington, DC that should be shared among all communities, in every city. This story of cooperation is the story of humanity, which shows that Dr. King’s Dream, Gandhi’s ideals, and our potential, indeed can overcome.

Check the book out -read it online for free at The Open Library:

Posted on Meow Date 22 March, 12014 H.E.
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2006-03-27 23:48:00
An interesting argument took place at the Vigil, with an elderly gentleman asking the Quaker gentleman if he would refuse to fight even if invaded. The Quaker asked the following. Did England fight the Angles, the Romans, the Normans? Yes, yes and yes. Did England win? No, no, and no. So people simply died, and lost anyway. He pointed out that there are other ways to resist, which can be even more effective than using violence.

That brings up the question -what if every single person in a country/region/area refused to bear arms against invaders, but then also sat down right in the spot they were in, refused to obey any orders, and refused to cooperate in any way with those invaders. What would happen? My obvious first reply is -they'd all be killed. But my second thought is, well, is it actually possible to slaughter an entire population? Certainly not in India, and even (despite their best efforts) not in Latin America. Even many tribes in North America have survived, albeit in very small numbers. Of course the Souix, Cheyenne, Nez Peirce, Apache, etc. were all doomed no matter what they did, so fighting was the logical choice. We see that the Cherokkee suffered the same fate after being force-marched 1500 miles. Had they refused the march they would simply have been shot in the East. The full force of federal troops was brought to bear against the tribes. Yet, many Native Americans are now Christian, due to the Indian Schools and the brutal techniques employed by the Spaniards. Had every single person said 'I willl not -speak Spanish or English, eat your food, wear your cross, accept your rations, nor buy your fire-water and guns, what then? And even Einstein, after his famous '2% Speech' agreed that Hitler had to be fought using warefare. Hmmm...
Still an interesting question today: Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

19 February, 12016 HE

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