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Historia de La Esclavitud Negra En Puerto RicoHistoria de La Esclavitud Negra En Puerto Rico by Luis M. Soler

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This extensive and not easy to read, but well worthwhile history of slavery in Puerto Rico, shows the importance not only of where we have been, but also what tools we have now and how to evaluate them in the light of past and present situations. The author comments that a Cooperative could have saved the small coffee producers of Puerto Rico, though not on whether that would have enabled the liberation of their enslaved workers. Yet this is a step forward in the analysis of both labour relations and the history of People of Color in the Americas.

I now also know that the family of my enslaved 5xGreat Grandfather Miles Manzilla, Sr. could even have originated in Spain itself, potentially. Our shared origins are important to know, both for understanding why enslaved workers would have defended their masters during Indian attacks, and also in deciding how to relate to our history of enslavement today. What feelings remain to be resolved on all sides?

P. 15 del pdf = P. 21 del libro
La Corona y los esclavagistas se creaban liberales y generosos, evidentemente, pero sus

esclavos no compartieron ese sentimiento!
The Crown and owners thought themselves generous, but their slaves disagreed!

P. 25=32: Ya sabîa Bartolomé de Las Casas pero no de Fray Antonio de Montesinos a favor de los

Dominicans vs Franciscans ??

P.33 Las Ordenanzas No Fueron Cumplidas... (The Orders of the King to protect the

Indigenous/Indian/Native Population Not Obeyed...)

but "Como si los indios fuesen africanos!" -Nice, Thanks. Now I know which part of my blood

sits higher...

P.33=P.40: At least he admitted his error before he died; Al menos se admetîa su error antes

de su muerte.

Updates online... (Courtney, Richard H., Ruth A., Michelle, Thomas and Mel will certainly like

this book, and Akshat Liked an early update...)

P.77pdf=P.86 del documento: The author thinks that a Cooperative would have saved small

producers in PR from the falling coffee prices (due to Cuban overproduction)...

P.109pdf=P.119 book: Pardos must be like me: morenos claros ?

P. 111pdf=P.119 book: Alot of English testimony from ship captains: 14 British citizens sold

into slavery by contrabandists, apparently never freed (though 7 were identified!!).

P. 126 So France had a Black Code, too? Of course, where did the southern colonies/states

(USA) get them from...

3 November, 1839: Pope Gregory XVI condemned the Slave Trade? and Baltimore, and Maryland...

In summary, there was not only lots of Mestisage, but a good bit of back-and-forthing of slaves between PR and the English and French-speaking colonies. Thus, entirely possible that Miles Manzilla, Sr's family was of Spanish colony origin.

Read, Write, Run, Teach !

18 February, 12016 HE

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Hi COMAR newsletter editor,

Here is a bio, just in case you need that.


Shira Destinie Jones is a native Washingtonian, teacher of mathematics, Hebrew and Greek folk dance, and singing enthusiast with 12 years of Unix expertise. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics, a Masters of Philosophy in economic social policy, and is a published poet and author working to help restore the balance of justice in our damaged world.

My update for this year is as follows:

The past year has been a busy one for me. In addition to going back to Bath, England for my graduation ceremony, I have given several energizing talks on "Community Empowerment through Community Currencies" last year. I also published my first book entitled "SHARED MONETARY GOVERNANCE: Exploring Regulatory Frameworks, Participatory Internal Decision-making and Scale in Institutional Access to General and Special Purpose Currencies" and most recently, I have an article being published shortly in the International Journal of Community Currency Research (IJCCR). Apart from these pursuits, my personal endeavors include starting an Interfaith Prayer Calling Circle, hosting several multi-cultural connection events, and starting up work on an idea to plan joint Watch Night events bringing together the Black community with the Jewish community. These personal projects continue while I search for full time employment, so 2011 promises to be a busy year!

From the Manzilla side of the Family,

Peace, Love, and Community-Cooperation!!



Read, Write, Run, Teach !

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