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As many reports showed the economic damage that segregation did previously, so do modern reports show the damage done by big box capitalism, which is essentially a modern form of mercantile colonialism. Fair Trade or Equal Exchange and local economic development are good starting places. Where do we go from there to allow each person to develop his or her full potential as a human being?

Inequality from 1947 to Developing mkts today
P. 142/3:

“The Economic Reason
One of the principal economic problems facing us and the rest

of the world is achieving maximum production and continued

prosperity. The loss of a huge, potential market for goods is a

direct result of the economic discrimination which is practiced

against many of our minority groups. A sort of vicious circle is

produced. Discrimination depresses the wages and income of

minority groups. As a result, their purchasing power is

curtailed and markets are reduced. Reduced markets result in

reduced production. This cuts down employment, which of

course means lower wages and still fewer job opportunities.

Rising fear, prejudice, and insecurity aggravate the very

discrimination in employment which sets the vicious circle in


Minority groups are not the sole victims of this economic

waste; its impact is inevitably felt by the entire population.”

These explanations of how segregation impacted the US

economy apply equally to how resource drain from Developing

(fka Third World) economies impacts the world economy toay.

This is the chief Economic reason that we need Fair Trade and

equal exchange laws. All the world suffers when part of the

world is denied equality, via policy or path dependent history,

as the case may be, we urgently need to cooperate and share

with the entire world our technologies and our resources

because unless we do so, we are all limited.
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Marriage and community: how marriage for all keeps us safe: an interpretation of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s call for a Basic Income…

If society exists to facilitate the maximization of potential of each member of society, and if a couple gives more to society together than as two individuals, then it behooves the community to support and encourage every couple to stay together and contribute as a stable couple to society.

That allows a synergistic relationship to form where the couple gives more to the community, and is in turn reinforced by the community, enabling them to be more effective both as a couple and as members of the community. Both members of the couple and the community are able to accomplish more through this mutually beneficial relationship. That is one social dynamic which would keep us all safer.

Lasting social stability, which as Dr. King pointed out is the only true means of riot prevention , requires a high level of cooperation. Marriage, with or without
procreation, encourages life-long committment, cooperative thinking, and a reduced Carbon Footprint. These can help stabilize society and build further cooperation.

Preventing torture and sensless killings, such as that of Travon Williams, depends on the existence and maintainance of respect and trust within and between communities so that they can then cooperate effectively to prevent the dehumanization and hate crimes which ultimately result from lack of understanding and cooperative interaction between indivuduals and communities. Part of this, as Dr. King pointed out, involves having food, shelter and clothing. A Basic or Citizen’s Income would provide that. Social supports and minimum livable economic supports build a society that can then become fully democratic, free, equal, and harmonious.

Peace through Community Cooperation,
ShiraDestinie of The MEOW CC Blog

Gregorian Date: Thursday, 12 April 2012
MEOW Date : Thursday, 12 April, 12012 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)
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I am a true Democrat: following the example of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Chaos or Community , I take seriously the idea that all are equal in dignity, in rights to live up to their full potential, and in ability to make some positive contribution to society. A democrat believes in Democracy, and takes the ideals of freedom and equality to their logical economic and political conclusion.

We always have to balance individual rights vs. the community’s responsibility to help even the vulnerable among us who chose to smoke or use drugs.

My proposal is this:

A birthright non-transferable arable tract of 0.5 of a hectare for each person born on earth. On that .5 hectare of arable land (anywhere on earth), when the child turns 9 yrs old, he or she goes with parents and other members of the community to see the land, learn about it, and start building a one-room self-contained eco-friendly tiny house with solar heat and cooker and basic indoor plumbing.

By the time the child is about 16 (See MEOW pre-requisites for being recognized as an adult …) he or she should know how to maintain the tiny house, and can decide to live in it or rent it out or swap his/her land for someone else’s .5 hectare in a different part of the world.

The concept of Equal Rights for All Human Beings is based on economic and food self-sufficiency for all. Therefore some form of basic housing for every person on earth is needed, to be built by the local community and funded by the interconnected global community, to include a minimal amount of water, and access to free education and health care as a basic human right.

Then, and only then, can every person be equal, unbeholden to any other person.

May we all act cooperatively in
Peace, Love, and Service to Community,

Gregorian Date: Friday, August 22, 2014
MEOW Date : Tuesday, August 21, 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)
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“At the turn of the century, both communities developed similar ways of evading White discrimination. Both communities built their own institutions, … ” which “… deepens the connection between them. Cooperation in other areas built ties that would eventually lead to the well-known actions of the later Civil Rights era in the 1960´s.”

–Excerpt : (p. 17, 18) of “Stayed on Freedom’s Call: Cooperation Between Jewish And African-American Communities In Washington, DC” is a contribution to the shared history of Black and Jewish Washington, DC that should be shared among all communities, in every city. This story of cooperation is the story of humanity, which shows that Dr. King’s Dream, Gandhi’s ideals, and our potential, indeed can overcome.

Check the book out -read it online for free at The Open Library:

Posted on Meow Date 22 March, 12014 H.E.

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