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5 reasons to learn a language

1.) Sihirli Annem: my favorite family TV series -fights racism and class-based prejudice in Turkey, (as well as Yabanci Damat which promotes Greek-Turkish friendship…),
2.) Corazon Salvaje 1993 for Mexican Spanish, and
3.) El Ministerio del Tiempo for Castilian Spanish, as a formerly dominant world language, now building awareness of racism, and fighting hatred on both continents.
4.) Astérix for French, because it is the other dominant world language, and shows European ways of thinking (to some extent, from a Gaulois point of view…).

and 5.) The Bible, because Hebrew is quite simple, and even when we do not know the origin of many phrases we use every day, this book set the framework for the way modern Westerners think today, even if it was, ironically, based on Bablyonian sources to a large extent.
(later addition:
Here is a bit of help for Soprano leyners(chanters)
.. Read, Write, Dream, Teach ! ShiraDest, 8 March, 12016 HE)

Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

27 February, 12016 HE

(Actually posted here later...)Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

17 March, 12016 HE

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2008-10-13 09:59:00
nice show
I'd forgotten just how helpful watching a lovely show like Sihirli Annem (family show set in Istanbul) can be. Especially this episode:

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22 February, 12016 HE
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2005-08-07 17:44:00
I just came back from visiting my neighbor for what i thought was today's pre-wedding festivities (henna, etc), expecting the bride to show up sometime later tonight. Well, er, actually, it turns out that the "duÄŸun" is tomorrow, but there are no pre-wedding festivities becuase it will not be a wedding. I have been invited to a circumcision!!!


Apparently the word is the same? They all laughed upstairs (not too much, but i could see everyone waiting to roll on the floor after i left) and explained when i asked that there was no bride or groom, pointing to their son (who looks about 9 years old) and saying they cut off the p... Boy was I surprised (and that necklace I brought to ask if it would fit her was completely out of the question! No her to fit!) -my Turkish skills suck!

(I still remember Silmaril and other friends rotfl about this!  :-)  And I still laugh too, as my Tukish has improved over the years, thanks to Sihirli Annem and Yabanci Damat...

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