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I've finally done sorting through entries in my old LiveJournal. I hope that lessons I've tried to draw from previous ideas, plans and attempts at businesses, cooperatives and community organising can be of use to others. I've tried just a bit to group some entries together from conception to fruition (and often failure, or publication, as the case may have been...) so that a few of my ideas sort of flow-chart a little, or at least show the evolution of how I first day-dreamed, then planned, implemented, and generally failed, but usually wrote up the attempt so that hopefully someone else with a similar idea can learn from my mistakes and go a bit farther than I managed.

As with my DC Black-Jewish Walking Tours, I started by melding the two histories, which was way too big, and looked at how other groups give their walking tours to try to cut down my tours while keeping the essential, and then shared that information (yes, I was severerly criticised by one advisor for not keeping my sources secret, but that goes against my principles), hoping to attract allies and build a cooperative. That did not work as I'd hoped, but I have left the trail of bread-crumbs for others to build on.

2012-08-13 16:49:00
Loved giving 1st Underground Railroad of DC Tour!!
I loved giving the first tour of my Underground Railroad and Black History series Singing Community Cooperation tours here in DC.
2012-08-15 10:07:00
Interesting points in fascinating book on DC´s 1st race riot...
Moreley, in his new book, Snow-storm in August : Washington City, Francis Scott Key, and the forgotten race riot of 1835
not only puts together a sound context for the Snow Riots, but also draws together strands which began then, and still define, he claims, our politics today.
I found most striking his juxtaposing of property rights and individual vs. community as well as freedom of speech, and whether free speech is applied best for owners (elites) vs. the people (the 99%).
Excellent book.

Am I the only leyner who has Negro spirituals running through my mind as I prepare my chanting!!?? Often times I feel like a schitzophrenic, trying to integrate the two major parts of my life, my childhood and ethnic background, recalling summers with Grandma at Mt. Zion UMC, juxtaposed against beautiful nigunim to which I felt little access, on the other side of the mechitza (divider between men and women) in Baltimore.
"Wayfaring Stranger"

2012-12-02 11:15:00
Star Trek and B5 helped my Torah Chanting, come discuss more SF and ethical values, bring a TV! Yesterday's portion had lots of names in it, which I found easier to learn, I argue, because of my experience with words and names in Klingon, and then in Narn and Minbari! Who says Science Fiction is not practical? :-)
Kashering Party immediately upon move-in, kitchen will be kosher pareve-dairy (milchigs ...) : I use soy milk.
First Babylon 5 party to be held on the first Sunday in January, provided a TV arrives before then!
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24 February, 12016 HE
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“At the turn of the century, both communities developed similar ways of evading White discrimination. Both communities built their own institutions, … ” which “… deepens the connection between them. Cooperation in other areas built ties that would eventually lead to the well-known actions of the later Civil Rights era in the 1960´s.”

–Excerpt : (p. 17, 18) of “Stayed on Freedom’s Call: Cooperation Between Jewish And African-American Communities In Washington, DC” is a contribution to the shared history of Black and Jewish Washington, DC that should be shared among all communities, in every city. This story of cooperation is the story of humanity, which shows that Dr. King’s Dream, Gandhi’s ideals, and our potential, indeed can overcome.

Check the book out -read it online for free at The Open Library:

Posted on Meow Date 22 March, 12014 H.E.
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Licensed DC Tour Guide Shira Destinie Jones
UNIQUE! (2 Part) Singing Walking Tour:
Early Integration Neighborhoods of DC: Shepherd Park
Join us for a walk back through DC history, with songs, to the turbulent
times of BlockBusting and cooperative struggle uniting Neighbors to
integrate neighborhoods, drawing on The Lost Laws, Labor Tactics
Precedents, & even Presidents to form new community structures.
Tifereth Israel Congregation,
7701 16th St, NW
(S4 or D31 metro buses, or 1 mile
south of Silver Spring metro station)
Part I: 3:00pm-3:50 pm, Part II: 4:00-4:50
Sunday, ~ June 10th, 2012 (RainDate: June 24th)
$10 cash/$15 PayPal, per person per Part, before June 4, 2012
$20 cash only, per person per Part, after June 4th
( Members: [$5 in cash /$10 PayPal +1 Hour] per Part
to Time Bank member Shira Destinie Jones until June 4th.)
Discount RSVP date: Monday June 4, 2012

shirad SHIRaEnglish.html (SHIR Tours web site No Longer Up)

Shira Destinie Jones

( Thanks to the helps of activist friends, this tour went very well...

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27 jan, 12016 èH
12016 HE

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Journal Article: ‘A Theoretical Framework for Shared MonetaryGovernance’ International Journalof CommunityCurrency Research 15(A) ISSN 13259547, 2011.
Book: “Shared Monetary Governance”, ISBN978-3-639-26780-8, VDM Publishing, August, 2010.
Thesis: May 2010, Department of Social Policy, University of Bath, United Kingdom.
Poem: “Lost in a Rose”, Concrete Wolf Poetry Quarterly Issue Number 2. 2001
Classes and Talks or PRESENTATIONS by SHIR
Dvar Tikkun (social justice related talk): “TakomaTime”, 17 Dec. 2010, TLS, Washington, DC.
Class presented for adults: “Mishnah Gittin and Community Empowerment via LocalCurrencies“Mifnei Tikkun Ha-Olam"”, DC Beit Midrash,16 August 2010, JCC Washington, DC.
Talk: Re´eh -“Time Banks: Loan Remission Step Two”, Adas Israel Traditional Egalitarian Minyan,7 August 2010, Washington, DC.
Presentation: "Community Empowerment through LocalCurrencies" at The Bell, July 2010, Bath,UK.
Presentation: "Green Money and Community Empowerment:Local Currencies as a project ofTikkun Olam", AdasIsrael 2010 Tikkun Leil Shavuot , May 18th-19th, DC.
Presentation: “La Gobernanza Compartida del Dinero”, por la RedCreativa, 2009, Puerto Morelos,Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Presentation: “Shared Monetary Governance” Poster at 2008Heterodox Economics Conference,Cambridge, UK.

(I hadn't realized how much I did how quickly in DC: no wonder I was exhausted in 3.5 years...)

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8 March, 12016 HE

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