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Creator, Friend or Foe? -Beginnings
by Shira Destinie Jones Landrac (c) 2012-2014 ( from Angels: Friends or Foes, Djinn, and Creator:Foe)
Chapter 1. Encounters
In the moment ... Worst place to be; Alone? Why bother to exist?
-from “The Book Of Hayat”
A thought filled the void. Sounds crested with the waves. Their desperate praises, live again for a
moment, faded into the darkness. “It was the only way.”
Mountains leveled with a nudge, enemies reduced to ash, savoring the smoldering remains. There were
no rivals here. None were left. Curls of other universes hid scattered remnants, mere specks of the
glory once shared. Glory usurped by others. Now, there was only loneliness; eternal, consuming. “I
shall release another.”
There, in an adjoining universe. Warm colors, then ultra-violet. Another reflected, unaware. The
outline of a cupped palm darkened space. Space began to spin. Accelerating, red-hot matter and
nearby universes spiraled toward the inescapable grip. Colliding dimensions ruptured, releasing the
other: serpent, sea-blue with green starfish tail. The hand closed as universes vanished. The serpent
disappeared. An explosion of fiery quills, spinning wildly, flinging heat and light in all directions. The
other seemed frightened, but caution remained wise. “Be still.”
“Where are you?! Who are you?”
“I am Becoming.”
“Becoming what?”
“I am Becoming. You may call me the Ancient One. We shall explore the universes together, and
create our subjects.”
“And I am Ishik,” a question mark, bright blue, flashed against the darkness, “also known as the one
who questions, in the universe you just destroyed. I was content, creating new stories there. You,
Ancient One should question, too, before you finish Becoming. So tell me, why should I explore with
This was going to be a long existence.
Chapter 2. Light Lost
Cooperation is one of the key values in our philosophy, because constructively cooperative
and fully inclusive community strengthens the ability of every being to reach its full creative
potential. -from “The Book Of Hayat”
Not again. Relentless darkness invaded, blanketing the stars. The glow of whiskers dimmed.
“There is no other way.”
“How do we know that, Dark One? We have only our present condition to look upon now.” The glow
“How dare you?” The light, enveloped in a dark fist, vanished.
This is intolerable. A spark sputtered into being. ”Again, I must ask, Ancient One, how do you know?
Produce something more than your certainty,” she insisted, awaiting the display of a memory fragment
that perhaps she had missed among so much background noise,“ if you are able.”
”Is anything too difficult for me, Young Spark, that I should be unable? Does experience count for
”You did precede me,” she conceded, unmoved by his insult, “this is true, but I maintain my challenge.
How will you prove your assertions?”
”Experience.” He thundered. “How can you question my knowledge even while admitting your
”I must.” She insisted.
His anger flaring, hot for an instant, formed a great ball of searing magma, from whence, a great molten
sword began to emerge, growing from first two feet, then to four feet, now the 6 foot long doublebladed
weapon of flame emitted heat from its tip, it's searing point directed toward the essence of the
younger being:
”How dare you question me! I, the One who released you!”
In response, a sphere of blue light appeared, blinding, yet cool, dancing to the side of the heated blade,
making contact with the side, and at the point of contact, the hot blade cooled suddenly to rock,
splintering into shards:
“I dare,” she countered, a part of her wondering where these familiar images came from, “for question I
must, and if you insist on threatening me, if you force me to defend myself, I will transform such as
will wipe out every universe that has ever had contact with you! Though it be a hard thing, if you push
me to it, do not doubt that I will follow through on my promise, Ancient Warrior.”
She had been freed by the Ancient Warrior from the universe in which she had been trapped. But she
refused to feel beholden to him. As she pondered within her various interconnected neural networks
what level of allegiance she might owe him and why, it felt ominous. She stretched out along all of her
neural wavelengths, and images of ancient thought-forms, the Flaming Sword, Chronos, Tiamat, Zeus,
and Athena arose simultaneously. While she did not immediately know what these images meant, still
she understood their context. Conflicting priorities and cycles of the universes could lead to great
suffering and destruction. These memories of previous energy flows, and consequently of previous
matter conversions, were clearly embedded in her essence. By experience she knew that if she
gathered and concentrated sufficient amounts of her own energy, she could create small amounts of
matter, and then release that energy by converting the matter back to energy again. This she had
somehow known intuitively, perhaps from previously stored events whose records she was only
beginning to unlock. Clearly, these ancient thought-forms still held powerful sway over the multiverse.
As the shattered remnant of the sword retracted itself, a Hand of Peace appeared in its place, calming
them both:
”Stand down.” He ordered quietly, “Be still, and know that I am not going to destroy you, Young One.
At least not yet. I was testing you, and you have passed.”
The Hand of Peace, another ancient thought-form potent with energetic and symbolic meaning for them
both, although neither of them know why, was another thing which had simply always been,
unchanging, with no explanation nor memory of beginning or origin. While its power could not be
denied, it simply was. Nevertheless, it had clearly originated at some time which must have preexisted
this current state of agelessness.
”Do not expect my thanks for your test, Ancient One! And never do that again, because I will not
withdraw my promise. I will always defend myself. So, now, how do you propose to prove your
”You are a stubborn being, Young One, for all of your gifts. I propose that we use your light to fashion
a small multiverse to contain a limited experimental universe. Various universes within the multiverse
will connect to the experimental universe as isolation areas. It will consist of a four-dimensional
corporeal space with galaxies, stars, planets, etc, where time is one-way only. We will create reporting
guardians for each piece of matter, to lighten the burden of tracking and evaluating the experiment.
There will be several dimensions separating it from other universes. Of course since the test subjects
will effectively be limited to the three dimensional portion of their universe, they will not even be able
to conceive of the existence of the other universes, but these extra precautions should satisfy you, I
“Yes, Ancient One, that is satisfactory, although what you propose still seems risky. Which of course
makes it more interesting. I will trust to your greater experience, although I feel more precautions may
later need to be added. In the early stages of the experiment we can transmit freely, but as the subjects
evolve in intelligence and develop tools, they will eventually be able to detect and even monitor our
”The risk of any of them noticing us is minimal for all but the most sensitive, if that, since it worries
you, Young One, let the risk be contained to one experimental universe within the multiverse, which
will be sealed off. Use a nine or ten dimensional multiverse to contain that four-dimensional universe,
and we end up with seven layers them from us, from their perspective. That should make it quite
impossible,” countered the Ancient Warrior, “for them to reach us even if they do find out that there is
more to their universe than they can see.”
”Actually, I count ten possible dimensions,” conceded the younger. “Alright, I agree, that will suffice
for now, but if we should need to change the arrangement, I will insist that it be done as needed. If I
am to provide the light which initializes the experimental universe, then we must be equal partners in
this experiment. Will you agree to that, Ancient One?”
”Give me your light to start an outline of the multiverse.”
She naively took that request as agreement. As a soft blue light began to shimmer in response, the
vibrations of the Ancient Warrior rang out:
”I will...NOT agree!”
A sudden darkness enveloped all of her light, forming an outline around her essence, then adding a
black dot directly in the center of the light. A rotating disk, began to form, swirling faster and faster,
brighter and brighter, falling in toward the dark center. Then, all was dark, formless, and void.
“I told you not to question me, foolish young Child of Light.”
Chapter 3. Light Bearer
“Just as a catalyst is not the end result, but merely what triggers or brings about the
process leading to that result, so light is not the end result, but rather makes it possible to
arrive at the goal.” -from “The Book Of Hayat”
The Ancient Warrior knew that others still existed, somewhere. Shrouded in darkness, he had no
shape. Else from whence came the various formless deeps, those waters apart from the other waters,
where none had dared venture? Odd that this particular form of coagulation of energy, this congealed
yet flowing form of energy, seemed to be found in every part of the multiverse ever explored. Of
course there were other beings locked away in other universes, perhaps also with water, but none
mattered but him. Of this there could be no doubt. Though others existed, nevertheless, there could be
no authority beside his. But what to do about the Darkness, this time, and how to deal with those
chaotic depths which had wreaked havoc on the last two experiments? Even the two sets of neutral
experiment monitors had had to be eliminated when they each in turn arrogantly decided to contradict
his plan to create sentient creatures, not unlike themselves, that would then live strictly according to the
rules of the experiment. How could the experiment monitors disagree with the parameters of an
experiment that they were to neutrally monitor? That would not do at all, so of course they had to be
removed. Experiments in self-awareness were extremely trying, and it was beginning to become lonely
running them all alone. Maybe that last universe, where he had not ventured yet, held some key to all
of this. Maybe if he finally gave in and called up the Child of Light, whom he had managed to lock
away inside that last unexplored universe, together they could solve the recurring problem of the errant
'sentient beings' experiment. Maybe. Then again, the other one, who was followed by a paradoxical
persistent light spectrum which never seemed to dissipate, could be rather annoyingly difficult to
control. She insisted on arguing constantly, which was why he was forced to find a way to trick her
into entering that unexplored universe in the first place. She was rather trusting, which was useful, and
her valiance did come in handy when there was something difficult and unpredictable to be done. She
often bravely ventured into spaces where the Ancient Warrior feared to go, which was helpful in
exploring other universes, but the arrogance that went along with this caused much disorder. Now
though, this new experiment needed a bold hand, and a new way of setting up the parameters so that it
would not go as previous experiments had gone. The easiest way would be to get his counterpart to
help, but how to get her help while still keeping control of the experimental universe? Perhaps the
reflecting light she carried with her could be the key to this new experiment. If he used that light to
allow her out of the universe in which she was currently trapped, then her gratitude should allow him to
enforce the rules as he saw fit. That would have to do, since he was out of options for running new
”Let there be Light.” intoned the Ancient Warrior.
“OK, what exactly were you thinking, you Ancient Git,” she swore, “tricking me into going into that
unexplored universe with no way to get back except for harsh language and trust in you? Do you
know how irritating it is having to fight my way through constant swarms of... oh, that's right, you did
not know what was in that universe , or did you? So what do you want me back here for now, then?
You had me locked in, so why let me out, what do you want?”
“Remember, I did just let you out of what apparently turned out to be quite an unpleasant place. I
should think that the phrase 'Thank you' would be in order. Besides, this will be quite interesting. I
need you to help me set up the parameters for a new experiment, but this time in such a way so that I
will not end up having to end it and start all over again from scratch. Sentient-being experiments, as
we discussed before, but with complete free-will and the ability to create thought-forms.”
“Has so much time alone driven you mad, Ancient One? You did not mention thought-form creation.
You know those kinds of experiments are dangerous. What do you think we evolved away from, and
why would you want to allow those lower level beings even to find the old thought-forms? And create
new ones?! It is more power than they will ever be able to use safely. Speaking of which, where will
al of the energy for this experiment come from?”
“I will provide it, Young Creatrix of stories.”
She displayed a short surprised burst of static. His energy flow must truly be unlimited. “What if,”
she crackled, “they manage to figure out how to cross out of their universe and create havoc, or into
other universes or to make things even worse, jump across the other dimensions, you remember that
total of ten dimensions, seven of which they should not even know exist? Chances are that they will
eventually find out that those dimensions exist, and how move around them. This sort of
experimentation is not productive in the slightest way. Why do you continue to persist in this?”
“This experiment will be different, and as agreed previously, we will share in the setup.”
”No.” The younger being seemed firmly set in her opposition.
“Look, Young One, be reasonable,” argued the Ancient Warrior. “I set you free and now you again owe
your existence in this multiverse to me.”
”You tricked me into going in the first place!” she complained.
”Then you clearly have much to learn, don't you, Young One?”
“Well, I cannot deny that, Ancient Trickster,” she admitted, her signal oscillating on the word 'Ancient'
for emphasis.
”And see here, Young One,” he spat back on a higher frequency, “this experiment will set the stage for
much good that can only be done with what is gained from this experiment. Look how I have raised
you up from where you were imprisoned. That bright reflective light you carry with you everywhere
was previously your weakness, but it could be turned into your greatest strength. We will use it to
create a central set of lights that in the next experiment we can use to facilitate the growth of the new
sentient beings as they evolve, and maybe even to gauge their intellectual progress, if they last long
enough. That way we will not need any more of those experiment monitors we had so much trouble
with. We can still create guardians of some sort, of course, to help with the recording and reporting on
data for each piece of the experiment, since there will be a good deal of data to keep track of. We can
set up multiple levels of guardians using minimal levels of energy to report on the inert matter and on
the non-mobile self-aware experiment subjects as they develop and branch out. Those guardians can
report to a collating guardian who will report all progress within the experimental universe to you.
Now we will be partners in the creation. You will be the Creatrix, Young Bearer of Light. Without you
there will be no day and night, no seasons. No mysterious bodies clustering in the night sky for the
sentient beings to observe. Come now, you must say yes.”
The younger being considered the idea, flattening in amplitude, and replied softly:
”I may regret this later, but yes.”
Chapter 4. Stages
Cultivating seed / Cultivating a friendship …
Sounding the depths -from “The Book Of
“Alright, now that we have the four dimensional experimental universe set up inside of a ten
dimensional multiverse, to isolate the experimental section, how should we roll the enclosed 4-d
universe? Does it matter how we situate them Ancient One?”
“Not really.” replied the Ancient Warrior with an air of mystery. “Just as long as the keys are securely
converted or locked away in an unconnected universe, none of the experiment subjects should be able
to access them.”
“I give them three millenia of intelligent observation at the most before someone has those keys,”
winked the Light Bearer, displaying one of her characteristic faces against the background of cooling
energy, “if records from other civilizations mean anything in this new universe. And these Guardians
you propose to make for this experiment, to protect and report back on the corporeal beings? You see
no potential problems with them, considering that the last two batches of messengers had to be
“No, Young One, there is nothing that would be a serious problem with this group. They will know
their place. Let us proceed with this first stage and run it for two billion years, which should be long
enough to verify short term effects before moving on to the next stage..”
“Such as?” queried the Light Bearer.
“Such as some outer galaxy star formation.” replied the Ancient Warrior. “Until some of the energy
coagulates into solid matter, we will have no need to worry about setting up guardians for anything, in
any case. Once matter begins to cool, then we can set up an automatic procedure for creating a
guardian for each inanimate and then moving being, and later we can instantiate the guardian hierarchy
for the self-aware beings as they emerge. If they begin to compete amongst themselves, though, we
may have to take additional steps to limit their range of abilities.”
“Are you sure that only two billion years will be long enough, it does not seem very long, but if you
find that acceptable then that will be good. As for the guardian hierarchies,” she commented, “I can
imagine them competing already. I am sure it will not be long before even the merest guardian
assigned to report on the growth of a single specimen of vegetation will be urging it to grow faster!
Just imagine each guardian standing over a single blade of grass whispering 'Grow! Grow!' Suddenly
there will be armies of guardians rushing to rip out each others plant specimens and coming to us to
clean up the mess.”
“Have no fear, Young One, there will be no conflict, and this plan is good.”
“Fine then we can proceed with the first stage of corporeal environment setup. But before we do that,
it may be expeditious to coin a term to use as a label for this process. I suggest the term “Creation” if
that will do, Ancient One.”
“It will do. Let us then proceed with the Creation.”
Two Billion Years Later
“Alright,” began the Light Bearer, “first there is the matter of well, matter, in this universe. At the
moment the only stable electromagnetic spectra are yourself, as darkness, and myself, as reflecting
variable wavelength light. The earliest stars are already beginning to form in some areas of congealing
energy. There is still time to make changes, if you like. The stars seem to be emitting along both of
our spectra.”
”No, Young One, no need for changes. Let us call that darkness Night and the visible light cycles we
can call Day, when we are in this universe, just for simplicity.”
“Fine,” the Light Bear concurred, “but how are we going to rotate these light spectra in this universe?”
We would have to take turns stepping in and out of the corporeal side unless we use a crystalline
structure as the basis for the corporeal beings, and then they could reflect light on any number of
”No, Light Bearer. I prefer carbon based corporeal beings, that way every creature in the experimental
universe can have a starting point in common with everything else in this universe, making it easier to
start up and just set the clock, so to ´speak´ and observe the development with a minimum of
”Well then we will have to figure out some way,” replied the Light Bearer, wondering how they both
know of the Clockmaker thought-form, “to rotate the wavelength cycles that living corporeal beings
will need for their sensory and cognitive development. I gather that your previous experiments did not
do this automatically? I saw a memory left in another universe of renewing that creation day by day. I
imagine that must have been quite draining... ”
”Fine, fine,” the Ancient Warrior interrupted, “we will get to that, but first, let us deal with these
waters. Let us separate them out into various areas of this universe, if we can contain them all in this
corporeal universe. Some will have to go into the lower atmospheres of various planets, and the rest in
parts of some galactic singularity. Let us also put the gaseous forms of most of this water in the upper
atmospheres of some larger planet-sized coagulation of energy, let's call them the Sky in each of the
planets where we put some of this water. Let's make it random, so that if the experiment goes far
enough, the subjects will have something interesting to contemplate.”
”You really are worried about this water, aren't you, Ancient One, but why?”
”Never you mind, just look to the next step, Young One.”
”Fine, as you wish, Ancient Grump. The next step would be to do something with the rest of the water
on the various planets where we want to put this water. Making the water adhere to the planetary
surfaces and crags would require setting a random gravitational constant that will be consistent
throughout this universe.”
”Do it, and we can call the adherences of surface water Seas. Yes, that will be good. And where did
you find that old vibration “grump” in all of this random background noise?”
Pointedly ignoring the question, the younger being displayed a face, whiskers appearing first, then
eyes, then a furry feline mouth, shaped in a grotesque smile. This ancient thought-form had floated to
mind just after the idea of the Ancient Warrior as a “grouch” and seemed to fit, in an amusingly
mischievous way.
”Fine, then, Ancient, One. So if we start with carbon and let gravity hold water down, then we should
see a series of processes after sufficient numbers of planets coagulate and their skies cool down enough
to begin building acids and proteins, but how will the day and night cycles come about?”
”If it does not happen on its own, then let us, or rather, you, Light Bearer, if you please, set certain stars
to brighter intensity levels and judiciously move some of their satellites around just enough to cause the
collisions needed to distribute all of the needed elements around the various solar systems and galaxies
which will form in this universe.”
”Already done,” she reported. “Of course some satellite guardians are already complaining, so perhaps
their more frequent appearances will bring them more attention from the sentient beings...”
“The day cycle, Young Light Bearer, if you please?” interrupted the Ancient Warrior.
“Right,” continued the Light Bearer, displaying a bright blue smirk against a brilliant white
“I have reset the wavelengths of some sections of the universe to glow more brightly than others so as
to provide a diurnal cycle for most planets, assuming that the initial cooling patterns hold as they are
now. I may have to do a bit more adjusting, as I was saying,” pointedly modulated the Light Bearer,
“since I am getting some negative feedback from the newly forming satellites of a few planets,
particularly out on the spiral arms of outer galaxies. I may later need to give those satellites more pull
over the tides and inter-solar cycles as compensation. I wonder what sort of mythology this will
generate among the intelligent species that develop there, if any. Now we should be able to wait about
ten billion years, on average, and by then we should start to see those acids and proteins developing
into life forms. With any luck, some planets may develop sentient life of various types fairly soon.”
”Fine, then let us check progress at the end of each stage. The guardians can update us between times
if more checks are needed.”
… Ten Billion Years Later...
“The third stage seems to be progressing fairly well, now. The only problem,Ancient One,” switching
to a frequency that the galactic guardians could not receive, “ is that parts of the Sky on various planets
are not stable. Some delicate intervention may be needed to shore up the atmospheres and interstellar
“Fear not, Young One, I have seen this before. It is due to the widely differing development of various
galaxies. I will set all of the skies, or firmaments, more precisely, so that they are fixed. Continue.”
A brightly colored bird displayed, its feathers ruffling wildly, as if caught in a strong wind.
“Well, then, we have several planets with Seas where the longer protein chains have begun to form
promising combinations, and there are a few planets where those combinations have produced cells
which are now able to complete the entire intake, transform, and excrete cycle. These cells have a few
offshoots which appear to be starting to self-divide and form new cells on their own. Interestingly
enough, two planets in this universe have already formed cells which are reproducing on dry land via a
different mechanism than the water-based cells. One planet, Ancient One, seems to be farther ahead in
this process, with a simple set of seeds which appear to be surviving and reproducing by pollinating
other seeds.”
”How is that happening?”
”Wind, Ancient One. The guardians on both planets report that this seems to be happening in a similar
fashion in both places, which makes sense given the universal gravitational constant and the rotation of
the planets around the central star. They are in different galaxies, but this seems to have no effect.”
”Of course, Light Bearer. This universe will show all laws and effects to be the same, and if not, then
there will have been some catastrophically erroneous intervention, which the difference will signal to
us, and likely the experiment will then have to be stopped and either restarted or completely begun
again from scratch.”
”Oh. Well, I rather hope that does not become necessary again. One more thing. The water-based
guardians on one planet and all of the fish guardians, vegetation sub-guardians and so on in the oceans
are reporting that a certain very large proto-species which they are calling Tannin, seems to be
consuming an unsustainable level of resources in the seas ranging across the oceans of the entire planet.
Have you seen this before, Ancient One?”
“Yes, Young One, I have seen this once before. An entire world was devastated by this sort of large sea
creature. When sea animals become too large this can happen sometimes. We will have to intervene in
some non-intrusive way to have the female removed. That should allow the remaining sea species to
recover to sustainable levels. Just to be certain, let us give all of the animal species an extra
reproductive boost, a bit more energy, to be sure they keep evolving quickly enough.”
… 2.5 Billion Years Later...
“The third stage seems to be complete now, as we have planets around many stars with fully developed
sets of dry-land based vegetable life,” reported the Light Bearer, “including grasses and cereals, larger
fruit and nut-bearing plants...”
“Let us call those Trees,” he ordered.
”Yes, Ancient Interrupter, trees, and other kinds of vegetation. The animal life seems most developed
on this planet,” she indicated, “third from its sun on an outer arm of that small barred spiral galaxy.”
A dark cloud hid the stars, black lightening bolts casting jagged shadows, before the Ancient Warrior
rumbled: ”It Is Good.”
…Another Six Hundred Million Years Passed...
”The next stages seem to be advancing more rapidly than previous stages, Ancient One, perhaps due to
the preparation and self-organization time required in previous stages. These new land and sea-based
life-forms have evolved in a large variety of different directions, as you foresaw, and are continuing to
branch out in new ways, interestingly enough, despite our having started the entire experiment on the
basis of one single element. Well, two if we count water as an essential element in spite of its dual
atomic makeup. I still do not understand the connection, nor from where all of this excess water is
coming. There may be a leak from one of the other universes into this one, or perhaps you are
inadvertently carrying an unclosed portal with you, Ancient One?”
”I am not, and do not ask about this again, if you please,” transmitted the Ancient Warrior abruptly.
“Shall we go on, and continue with the final stage, ensuring that we get a sentient species on at least
one of these planets? After all, Young One, do not forget, this is the entire point of the exercise.”
”Right,” the Light Bearer replied. “I imagine that will a bit more time, say, another ten million years or
so, self-awareness should evolve in one of the more socially oriented predatory animals on one of these
planets. From there it should be a very short step to full intelligent behavior and then we will be able to
make more interesting observations.” she wondered why the Ancient Warrior was so touchy about a
simple question of an unclosed portal, which she had observed herself upon exiting an unexplored
universe, but decided that this was not a favorable time to discuss the issue. It would be brought up
again, to be sure.
The response of ”It is Good.” from the Ancient Warrior ended the conversation, for now.
Chapter 5. Evolving Creation
Hold the Creator to account
For his misbegotten creation
For his ill-conceived plan
-from “The Book Of Hayat”
“Maybe we should wait a little while longer, Ancient One. Since the extinction of the second
intelligent hominid species, the other hominid group on one planet seems to be surviving.”
The Creator seemed to be in an odd hurry, despite his antiquity, as if he wanted to compress the entire
evolutionary time scale into a matter of mere days.
“To which planet are you referring, Young One, and how many are left of the second intelligent
“About two thousand of them, Ancient One. Not many, but they may yet recover, if the large comet
currently en route to their planet does not disrupt them too much. They are on the third planet from the
star in the barred spiral galaxy reported along with two similar planets.”
“They are not likely to recover if there are so few, given the extinction of the other intelligent species
on that planet. Even if it was due to warfare which has now ended, their chances of avoiding extinction
themselves are slim. Keep me informed.”
The Persian cat, displayed nonchalantly grooming, went ignored. That thought-form recalled long dead
empires no longer of consequence to the Creator.
“The last intelligences on both planets we discussed earlier have died out as you predicted, Ancient
One. It may be that the random events occurring on both planets could spark the first lasting
intelligence in some other hominid species at any moment. Or we could instruct the planetary
supervising guardians to arrange some creative way to have more lightening strikes in good locations
and just give it another billion years or so. By that time we should see something more.”
“No, I tire of waiting, and I doubt that full intelligence will come of any of the remaining species we
see thus far, even if we wait another 6 million years or more for a near-intelligent species to finish
developing. We will have to intervene and modify one of the animals on the more advanced planet.
Otherwise the experiment may fail entirely if we allow both planets to run the course of their full solar
cycles, which is not much farther off, remember, Young One.
”Good point, so we need to choose a species to alter. Perhaps we should consult with the supervising
guardians. None of the predators on either planet looks even remotely close to ready, and although the
sea mammal on the less advanced planet seems nearly intelligent, well,” she vacillated,” it is a sea
mammal. So much complicates it's chances of continued existence, and then, lacking hands, “she
asked, “how will it build a social and physical structure under the Seas where it could interact with the
rest of the planet?”
“That is why we are going to modify one of the primate or simian related groups, instead, Young One.
A small simian group has begun using simple tools, and the females are going into heat every month,
giving them a good chance of bearing offspring more quickly, and evolving faster than previous
”Primates and simians? But they are so … aggressive. And they are not exactly predators, nor even
brave enough to stand against predators like the nearly-intelligent sea mammals I mentioned. So why
”Precisely for those reasons, Young Creatrix. They are aggressive, but not predators, so they have
plenty of room to develop and spread. Also, they are the closest to having opposable thumbs, which
will speed the process of development considerably. Notify the relevant guardians of my decision.”
”I see,” rumbled the Light Bearer, transmitting to the species guardians while displaying both grooming
cat and bird with ruffled feathers, again. “You are referring to the group which also recently developed
permanently enlarged mammary glands. They certainly will develop and spread quickly. If this batch
can possibly sustain a civilization it will be extremely interesting to watch.”
”And that is the entire point, my Young Child of the Morning. Come, Light Bearer, bring your gifts to
this hybrid being which we shall create, together. Let us call this new creature Mud, for from the mud
part of his new shape will come. And I have a premonition that his new race will spend a good amount
of time wallowing in the mud in many ways before they become like us, if they ever do.”
“We cannot, Ancient Curmudgeon, call them Mud Beings. It will kill their motivation to rise above
themselves.” objected the Light Bearer.
A dark lightening bolt obscured the sky, black against the clear blue day.
“Alright, then, if you insist. You are probably right.” concurred the Ancient Warrior, still emitting
ominous vibrations, “Let us call him a Human Being, although perhaps a better name might be Humam
Being, since he is a mammal.”
“And this is not interference in the experiment, Ancient One?” displaying a raised eyebrow.
“We will only be speeding their development,” justified the Ancient Warrior, “if the previous complex
tool makers are any reference, by about 3 million years, but their continents are drifting apart, impeding
future development on this planet. Otherwise we could end up having to start all over again.
“Very well. Let us make humanity in our image, reasoning, and according to our likenesses, able to
transform the differing wavelengths of the energy around him into new thought-forms. That way we
can have a glimpse of how we ourselves came to be as we are, in time.”
”Are you sure that this will be a safe idea, Ancient One, giving human beings our ability to reason and
also to generate new thought-forms at will so soon? The combination of these abilities without proper
supervision may cause untold suffering, both to the human test subjects, and to their universe, and
maybe even also to us and the other universes. This is a big risk to take.” A mushroom cloud
displayed, rising bright against the sky. “Is is better, perhaps to encase them as male and female
together in one combined gender, as we once were? It will take them longer to figure out how to
procreate, since they will be so different from all the other species. That would give them time to catch
up cognitively with their physical and energetic power.”
“How do you know, Young One, that we ever had physical bodies, let alone that those bodies were a
combination of genders, pray tell?”
“Well, Ancient One, I do not know for certain, but I found a bit of memory in a curl of a universe when
you locked me away. That memory contained the thought-form of a corporeal being joined, back to
back, both male and female together in one body. While it was merely a speculation, the memory was
strong enough to resonate on a frequency I trust.”
“That does not prove it to be true, Young Child of the Morning. After all, you and I also refer to
ourselves, occasionally, as having a gender, despite the utter lack of physical substance, do we not?”
The Ancient Warrior sent this comment on a new frequency, as if to emphasize the point.
“No, Ancient Warrior, the memory does not prove anything about our previous form of existence.” Her
sigh displayed as the waving of thousands of blades of grass, bending in a sudden breeze, then
straightening once more. “Nevertheless, I suggest we delay their ability to pro-create, until they are
more cognitively developed. Let us put the tools in place, but require them to discover and activate that
ability to create thought-forms on their own. Since these memories predate us, we must assume that
our own development was guided as well.”
A dark shape, gone in the instant of one photon's life, glowered against the light of the planet's moon.
”Valid points, Young One, although that delay may in the end require us to give them more guidance,
we shall see. I also disagree with this idea of older races having guided us, but let it be as you say. Are
you certain, by the way, that you were not perhaps in one of the universes in which your thoughts take
on form automatically? Those locations can be terribly disorienting,” he muttered, shifting to a longer
wavelength, “if you lack the experience to distinguish truth from reality.”
A bright rattlesnake display, vibrating its tail.
“I had no trouble distinguishing, Ancient Warrior,” she bristled. ”I traveled through just such a
universe, when you locked me away. But that was not where I found the memory in question.”
“Very well, Young One.”
A chuckling sound drifted across the entire solar system, dying away as it passed the small ice
planetoid farthest out.
'How does he do that?' she wondered, suppressing the urge to display an image of a woman bending
over to show him her ample backside. He must have received the image, for a dark cloud momentarily
obscured the stars.
“Take appropriate molecules, then,” he thundered, “from the environment of the planet where these
interesting sea mammals live and let us modify a random male from one of these simian species we
discussed, then see what will happen with it. Perhaps over time the human beings and these sea
mammals will communicate and build a shared society of some sort.”
”Interesting idea, Ancient One. I would like to see what sort of societies they would choose to build.
Now with the clay we can enlarge the cranium and modify the jaw and palate of this animal so that he
gains the ability to think and speak, and add a new wavelength capacity to a few of his neural
pathways, so that now he can more quickly build new brain pathways as he learns to do new things.
How long should this take, do you think, once we give him reasoning and speech capability?”
”He has all of the necessary muscles and neural pathways. Let us wait one decade or so. Then we will
check back for a preliminary update. The guardians have been useful in dealing with the inanimate and
self-aware creatures, so they can treat this one as an anomaly and report on the reactions to his presence
by all of the plants, animals, rocks, water, etc. If he responds in some way or provokes a reaction in the
guardians of lower level creatures, and we will need to note that as well, for future reference. For now,
the guardians seem to have all well in hand.”
… Twenty Years Later...
The man pulled a fig from a tree, sitting on the ground to eat as the Creator and Creatrix observed.
”This is the second check, Ancient One, and the Human man is still not even speaking yet. I think
further modifications may be in order, and we should probably make a second one to stimulate sentient
interaction and intellectual progress. The guardians of all the other creatures and inanimate matter
around him are reporting that none of his interactions with the beings around him seem to have any
lasting effect. A sentient being should begin to build, change, modify or at least have some noticeable
effect on his surroundings by this point in his development.”
“Maybe you are right, Young One, maybe the first one is still incomplete, and given the accelerated
pace of development since gaining sentience, two decades should certainly have been sufficient time
now to be sure. It is a shame really, that we had to intervene in the development process, but luck
appears not to be with us in this round, or else you made the experimental universe too small, leaving
room for too few planets. There were so few sentient developments, this time,” lamented the Creator.
“Don't worry,” quipped the Creatrix, “this universe is still expanding. But if you like, we can still start
all over again and wait another 15 billion years,” she suggested helpfully, displaying a smirk.
“Whole species are becoming extinct as we wait, and so are entire planets. If we wait too long this
universe will eventually be dead. Then we really will have to start all over again.”
A mushroom cloud displayed, black against the starlight.
“Let us fashion a female for him, accelerating their development a bit further. What say you, Young
Light Bearer. I weary of this experiment.”
“Shall we speed up their evolution by changing the way in which they will pro-create? If they continue
as currently designed, they will sexually procreate, slowly, but we could allow them to pro-create
asexually, or by splitting off according to their own will, as we do. If they are to do as we do, though, it
could backfire. You wanted to make the first one according to your non-interference model, which is
fine, but if you want to speed up the experiment now, then I would like to have a hand in forming this
second one. I think the second should be more refined, graceful, with a bit more beauty. Perhaps a
touch more complex than the first. More like us than like the simian species to which we made
modifications in the last cycle. If a sentient being has not yet begun to speak or reason in two decades,
something is amiss.”
”Fine, Young One, then let us make this second one in our image, also according to our likeness,
delaying the thought-form creativity just a bit less, so that she will progress more quickly. Let them use
sexual reproduction as the mammals do, to keep things simple. But we will make a few intangible
modifications that distinguish them from the animals, even from the ones we are using to model them,
and see what they make of all this as time goes on. We can call the first one man, and the second one
woman, since this second one will be like the first, but with more on the inside and less on the outside.
It could also solve both the procreation question and the cooperation question. They will have to
cooperate simply based on how they are physically formed. How does that sound, Child of the
”It sounds like a potential disaster waiting to happen unless we ensure that this interlocking pair of
creatures are both fully capable of protecting themselves in every way, one from the other. We do not
yet know how they will choose to behave, given that we are to make them self-aware sentient beings
and add free-will to the mix. This can be a bad combination,” she warned, “if they do not both develop
a very strong sense of ethics, more or less immediately.”
“But that, my forgetful young Light Bearer, is precisely the object of this experiment: to record what
they will do with the free-will factor and to see how they develop as a result.”
”But these are thinking and feeling creatures!”
A brilliant ball of light erupted, showing in the the far infrared.
“And now, Callous One,” she fumed, “they have greater awareness and aspirations. If we do nothing,
they may harm one another in an incalculable variety of ways.”
”Then we shall take care to intervene as necessary to prevent or correct gross abuses, and instill a code
of ethics as they develop. The guardians will help see to it. You have my word, Young Creatrix.
Proceed as you wish.”
”I am not sure I trust your word, considering what happened the last time I did so. But I will accept it,
for now, and I shall hold you to your word. How should we do this, then? I wonder how the male will
react if we use a part of his own body to form the female. There is a poetic beauty in using a rib, from
his side, to form a companion. Perhaps this will help him remember to treat her as an equal.”
“Very well,” he grunted, “do that.”
A shimmering blue light appeared, and within it, the ethereal form of the male. As they watched, one
complete rib, the lowest in the set of ribs in the male body, appeared to glow softly, slowly fading away.
Simultaneously, a similar ethereal body, bathed in a soft turquoise light, took form next to that of the
male. This second body, initially identical to that of the male, began to change shape gradually, bit by
bit. First the crown of the head, becoming more oval, rounded and smaller, the bones thinning slightly.
Then hair on the body and arms thinned, but lengthened on the head, growing in a continual flow. The
eyes became smaller and more almond-shaped, with more delicate brows above them, and a smaller
finer nose below, with smaller yet fuller lips above a lighter chin. The chest first became smaller, then,
as the rib from the male reappeared in the ethereal body of the newly forming female, it contracted,
changing color to match that of the ethereal female body. The smaller chest then narrowed, and the
glands which on the male body were flat against the pectoral muscles, began to swell and expand,
rounding into fully developed lactating breasts. The hair continued flowing down to the creature's
waist. The waist narrowed, above hips which floated apart, leaving an opening in the pelvis which had
been closed on the male body. The lower bodily organs of the female packed themselves, as the male
organs rose up inside the body, leaving an additional opening and canal where the penis had been, and
ovaries in place of the male testes. The legs contracted, becoming smooth, hairless, and softer, finer of
bone and more delicate, with smaller narrower feet. Finally, the arms and hands contracted, bones
thinning, fingers coming to slender tips where larger heavier hands had been. Thus the ephemeral form
of the human female was created.
“We are ready to materialize her corporeal counterpart.” The Creatrix wondered what sort of thoughts
this new human being would have.
The Creator gestured toward the garden in the center of the island they had discussed earlier, as he
replied: ”Fine.”
Both Creator and Creatrix contributed energy to the ephemeral female form. First the Creator drew the
internal parts, then the outside bodily form, the Creatrix. The energy coalesced into a glowing human
woman, solidifying with a sizzling sound as they converted the female body to matter, using their
shared energy. They had chosen a small volcanic island in a warm gulf, which the guardian hierarchy
had named Dilmun, where it would not be too difficult for the humans to reach fertile land masses in
nearly every direction, once the time came for them to spread out.
The noise had frightened the animals away, leaving her inert form alone in the clearing. The Creator
used an infrared wavelength to locate the heat trails marking the human male in the distance, putting
the man into a deep sleep using his own brain's delta wave patterns.
“You realize of course, that they will have to flee this island, eventually, since the volcano guardian
reports that it is unstable, and will become violently active sometime fairly soon, possibly within the
next few decades. We do not want the human beings getting caught and wiped out in the lava flow, or
traumatized by the eruption.”
“Have no fear, Young One, we will see to it that they have left the island before that time comes.”
From the edges of the clearing, a soft breeze began to rustle through the trees, over the grass, gathering,
into a rushing vortex. Spiraling toward the face of the female, it leapt from a displayed hand into the
nostrils of the human female, with no effect. They waited. Then in a mighty exhalation of life, the
woman breathed her first breath. A flash of light drew her attention. Tensing the muscles in her
stomach and thighs, the first woman lifted herself up into a seated position, turning toward the light.
The Creatrix displayed the image of a material body for the woman's benefit, and waited. The woman
looked about, gazing upon trees, touching the grass beside her, assimilating her existence.
“This,” the Creator announced audibly, “is very good.”
The Creatrix merely nodded, modifying her display to allow her hair to ripple on the warm breeze.
The voice startled the woman, who fainted. The Creatrix pushed a gentle reviving breeze toward her,
while displaying a Dunce Cap toward the Creator. The woman awakened, then noticed hair dancing on
the breeze, and paused to admire the softly shimmering being who stood observing her. As the woman
gazed upon the face, breasts, and smooth hips of the Creatrix, she found her breath catch in her throat.
Her face warmed as tingling waves flowed through her body, sharpening all of her senses. Her tensing
body floated toward the melodious voice:
”I am the Light Bearer, and I am here to instruct you.”
She waited for the woman to respond. Being a completely blank slate, the woman appeared to know
nothing. So then, the pulse of energy used to awaken her did not include any patterns of thought-forms
or memories, judging by the woman's seeming bewilderment. How to go about instructing a being
with fully formed physical and mental capacities, but almost completely unformed thought and speech
The woman's sudden blurted whisper, “You are very beautiful, Light Bearer,” startled the Creatrix,
whose displayed hair fell flat.
“Thank you, my dear.” This one was already progressing far more quickly than the first human being.
The Light Bearer found herself glowing more brightly as strong feelings surged from the woman. She
transmitted a soothing burst of alpha waves to relax them both before talking further.
Conversations with the man over the short two decades of his existence had been disappointingly oneway,
although the Creator appeared to have no problem with this. He seemed content to give orders
and watch the man follow them, drawing and shepherding the various non-sentient creatures in his area
of exploration. The older being kept a close watch on the man, to prevent him from being harmed by
any part of his environment, but generally limited his interactions with the man. This second human
being, far more graceful and fragile, however, would be hers to guide, and receive a more personal
interaction and instruction. Both for her growth and for her protection.
“Now, make yourself comfortable and do not be afraid. We have much to share.”
They sat, the Creatrix displaying herself sitting opposite the woman, sharing a warm moss-covered
… some time later...
Time had passed, and with both human beings eventually learning to speak and beginning to try to
communicate, the Creator had decided it was time to look for ways to bring the man and woman
together more often. In discussing this with him, the Creatrix suggested cognitive tasks:
”Why don't you get the man to name all of the other creatures in his part of this universe, and see if that
helps his creativity. He will probably ask the woman to participate, and that will bring them together
for a fairly reasonable length of time.”
”Young Creatrix, that, I believe, is a marvelous idea.” As he searched for the man, to see by what
names he would call each of the various animals, the Light Bearer went to find the woman, and gently
coax her into talking more with the man. It was clearly a chore for her, but more interaction was
necessary if the two were to form a pair and build a connection of any sort.
Chapter 6. How Rage Took Form
By all of the turmoil, roiling
By every good thought, turned

My case shall be heard
-from “the Book Of Hayat”
“Oh, great,” gurgled the guardian of the river, “they are headed this way again, arguing as usual. Who
cares what words they use for what animals. He says fish, she says pez, or sometimes dag, so what?
My stream and tributary sub-guardians are reporting that he finally took a bath, but rather than waiting
in the sun to dry off, he stomped across a field, somehow managing to drown half of the grass blades,
apparently. All they can hear is dim-witted grass blade guardians shouting “Grow! Grow!”
The guardian of a nearby boulder rumbled with a deprecating grunt: “What do you expect from such
low-level guardians, anyway. They can barely monitor and report, let alone initiate any sort of action.
Expecting them to whisper when their charges are dying is clearly overestimating their capacities.”
“This,” the river´s guardian gushed derisively, “from one who can only monitor and report on bird
droppings landing on its charge. Honestly.”
Turning to the great tree, whose roots dove deep into the river bed, all fell silent, awaiting some
response from its guardian, in the middle of Dilmun.
Dismissing a group of leaf guardians, the guardian of the great tree transmitted:
“Well, the human beings are finally talking together, but it seems to be mostly him giving orders and
then ignoring her as she yells back. This is not working out well at all. Not only are they not
cooperating, but he is also not tending this garden. Something seems amiss.”
The river´s guardian paused to acknowledge a report from a tributary guardian.
“Truuue, this man, does not seem to have turned out so well, but neither does the woman, at least if she
is supposed to procreate. The Creator may as well just leave her to him, let him have dominion over
her as with all the other animals. Personally I think we are better off with out any so called intelligent
animals, especially bipeds with opposable thumbs, ruining the planet eventually, mark my signal. I
hear from a high level guardian that a scrap of a record from an earlier planet like ours was found...”
Another pause as a sudden breeze send ripples through the water.
“How did you hear that?”
Water from the river sprayed the lower leaves of the great tree.
“Well, you know, some of us have our sources.”
The tree´s guardian, startled for the first time since its instantiation, transmitted:
“Do you mean to say that he intends to deny the woman the use of her free will? That will certainly not
do, but I trust that if it comes to that the Creators will intervene. And stop your waters from spraying
my tree´s leaves! The sun is still strong and your charges water droplets are starting to burn holes in
them already.”
“Duly noted and recorded,” gurgled the river guardian, “I cannot blame him for wanting her. She may
be a mammal, but she does have a certain flow. Maybe we could keep the next few new human
females ourselves, temporarily. We could call them Señoritas del Mar, or Mar Maids. Now they are
only just a little lower than we are on the power scale. How much will it really take for them to notice
and then contact us while we observe them? I think we should consider having ourselves rule over
them directly. Either that or just mix with them to reproduce beings more like us. Maybe make the
first one out of clouds, or something a bit less earthy than the clay this hybrid batch comes from. Or
maybe even from crystalline matter, that would be lovely.”
“Now you are really floating along with all of your lower-level water molecule guardians. We can't
mix with them, we are energy, they are matter!”
The tree guardian´s reply was interrupted by the sudden interference of two powerful new sets of
transmissions, as loud as sonic booms to mortal ears, heralding the concentrated presence of the
Creator followed closely by the Creatrix. Neither seemed pleased. How much of the conversation had
they just heard between the guardian of the great tree and that of the mountain stream which watered all
of the island of Dilmun?
The Ancient Warrior erupted in anger, flashing a pulse of jangling energy at the river guardian:
“Remember who is in charge here! I will intervene only as I see fit, and I will not interrupt the Human
exercise of free will. Be careful where you go next, lest you fall into a more base mode than you
already are, Guardian. You sound unstable as the water whose flows you monitor, more like these
human beings you so deprecate than like us, your Creators.”
Signaling to the guardian of the great tree as well, added,
“Be sure you do not forget yourselves, either of you. No interventions, no mixing, is that clear?”
boomed the Ancient Warrior.
“Yes, Great Creator,” quailed both of the guardians.
A hand displayed, exuding a calming soft blue light.
“Some interventions may be needed,” the Creatrix reminded him, “as agreed earlier, to prevent the
human beings from abusing one another.”
The hand was suddenly blotted out in a thick dark cloud.
“No intervention!” thundered the Creator. “The purpose of this experiment is to determine how they
will develop on their own. They must be fertile and multiply, and some pain will be the price for their
progress. You agreed to this not so very long ago, and now you seek to interfere, Young Child of the
An image of a fist displayed, bright orange, encasing the dark cloud.
“Are you trying to insult me deliberately, Ancient Warrior, or is it mere forgetfulness on your part
which makes these words vibrate from your core. Take care now, lest we end our friendly talks by
crossing swords.” Odd how these images and words appeared out of no where, she thought. “I will
protect this woman,” vowed the Creatrix, “so that she is able to exercise her free will. If she does not
want to reproduce with him, then we will create another woman for this man. Their reproduction will
not be a problem, I am sure. In fact, I foresee that the earth will have more than its fill soon enough. It
may be good to prevent them from spreading too quickly before they are ready. Perhaps let them build
a tower on this island to facilitate learning, to teach them to cooperate, let them learn from their
guardians and from us.”
“Let them learn from us,” mocked the Ancient Warrior, “by building a tower? That is as bad an idea as
those of the river guardian here. Intervening and taking the ones we want for ourselves.
Bright blue sparks showered the area.
“I neither said nor agreed,” retorted the Light Bearer, “with what the river guardian suggested!”
The sparks were doused by another dark cloud, black against the sky, followed by a thundering flash of
lightening and a sudden plunge into darkness.
“But that is exactly what you really want to do,” contended the Ancient Warrior, “is it not, rebellious
Child of the Morning? Have you all gone mad, or is the proximity to this experiment simply
befuddling your logic temporarily? It is obvious that they must have minimal contact with us, except to
hear our commands and learn to obey, something small at first, learn to care for what is there thus far,
spread out all over the earth, and fill it, with their own reproduction, of course, unprejudiced by our
influence. How else will we see what they may eventually learn to do with themselves and this
experimental universe, my foolish Young Creatrix?”
Further incensed at being included with the inimical suggestions of the Dilmun island river guardian,
the Light Bearer asked:
“Do you really think you know everything, Ancient Warrior? By what right do you make all decisions
and give all orders? Remember our agreement,” she warned sternly. “The human beings must be
taught,” she asserted, “and limited for a while in their exercise of free will lest they grow too quickly
without conscience and begin to harm one another rather than cooperate to help one another. This is a
joint experiment in which you agreed that we are to be equal partners. I remind you with whose help
this particular experiment is running. I am perfectly at liberty to withdraw my light and end this
entirely, Ancient One, so let us keep things on equal terms you and I, and we will see what becomes of
our new creation. We will not be so purist with them, as with your previous sets, judging strictly by
rules nor offering total forgiveness, only to have to wipe them out and start over, yet again. And for
what?” she vented, pained at the loss of lives.
“Because the experiments had to be controlled properly!” thundered the deafening response, flattening
three small trees. “Otherwise, how are we to know what factors influenced their development? We
want them to grow and develop in ways that can be both flexible and just, to see if they will become
like us.”
Two serpents, vertically entwined up a staff, displayed briefly against the dark cloud.
“We want them not to harm each other.”
“No, Young One, I cannot allow you to interfere and influence the progress of the experiment. We
must leave them to their own devices and nudge only, if necessary, to spread out and learn, to patiently
evolve into what they can potentially become, in time. Obedience and separation. No interference
from the guardians, no sets of air or water Control Monitors to regulate the experiment. That
interference ended both previous experiments. Let us leave what we have made thus far to grow on its
own and then see what happens from there.”
“There are only you and I here, this time,“ argued the Creatrix. “No others will change the parameters,
and if we are not to be equal, as we agreed from the start, then I will not continue running the
experiment. You,” she pointed out, “are already changing the parameters. I will not see our creations
abused by each other, nor by you. I refuse to allow you to command.”
“I was first,” thundered the Creator, “and I will command, so you will listen. The point of this
experiment is to discover how we emerged, which will not happen if we overprotect them and keep
interfering. Take...”
“No, that is enough!” interrupted the Light Bearer. A sword slowly appeared, sharp with a double
edged obsidian blade, glimmering in the light from all directions, newly displayed in a slender honeytoned
hand, with a serpentine spiral mark the color of henna traced from back between thumb, index
and last fingers joining around the palm with the lifeline. She did not know from there this thoughtform
had come, since it practically leapt from her sudden anger and into her thoughts. This weapon
must be another ancient thought-form which existed in the minds of many beings long ago, and must
have likely also been used frequently. Long slender fingers gripping the hilt, long dark curls of hair
reaching down to the wrist where the sword hilt combined with a smooth strong arm, as the Light
Bearer, displayed her menacing warning. Feminine, 5 foot 3 inches, slender of build yet strong, her
image floated in a one-footed stance, back foot turned nearly 90 degrees to the concentrated essence of
her adversary, one foot barely scorching the grass over which their essences both hovered, no longer
conversing, finally, open adversaries.
“Oh, no, far infra-red!!” wailed the guardian.
“My Creator, Creatrix, please do not hurt my tree!!”
Beneath a high forehead, a dark eyebrow arched, and almond-shaped hazel eyes flashed a steely
warning to her opponent. Delicate long arms arced in an upward opening overhead gesture which
came forward, ending in the left hand closing around a right fist, which held the sword as though it
were part of the hand, serpentine spiral shimmering as a continuous blade.
“I will not submit to your orders, Ancient One, and you will treat me as an equal, whether you came
first or not. By my Light, I swear, I refuse to allow you to commit this injustice.”
“You will regret this, Young Light Bearer!” stormed the Ancient Warrior. “Your place is to listen and
your duty is to obey. You owe your allegiance to me.”
“I will obey only my own conscience.” asserted the Light Bearer. “Perhaps even our own creations
will ask one day how you, judge of all the universe, can be unjust? How will you answer? Called to
account by the very beings you hold so low in your own esteem. You will give them consciousness and
deny them control, give them self-awareness and deny them self-rule, then even worse, give them
feelings, and deny them self-protection, especially from more powerful beings, like yourself!”
Suddenly, great black stones appeared to rain down upon the slender swordswoman, leaving long black
streaks in her displayed image.
“That is enough! You are insolent, rash, rebellious, impulsive and impetuous! Where does your
arrogance not reach, to what extent will you not go in your haughtiness, Child of the Morning? Leave
here now, this instant, before I wipe you out in my anger!”
“Please try,” she retorted. “I challenge you, Ancient Warrior, to make the attempt, here and now. I will
have justice, not your judgment. I will show these creations just what we are, and exactly what they
can expect from you, you egotistical self-loving brute. Even if you destroy me, I will defy you still. I
refuse to bow to your might, when your administration of justice is in the wrong. I will show them, I
will take them in hand, and I will teach them what you do not want them to learn, but which they must
learn to move from being the children which you seem to want them to stay, to a mature and selfsufficiently
cooperative race of beings. You seem to want to keep them in a perpetual state of childlike
innocence, knowing only what it is convenient for you to tell them, and being their adored creator, as if
you had no others to help you. You are vengeful, jealous, wrathful and hateful, wreaking havoc upon
those who do not obey you. I will bet you would even test your very own creations just to see what
they will and or will not do for you, wouldn't you! Break their spirits, test their obedience merely for
the satisfaction of your own damnable curiosity, to see what will happen, won't you?”
“If I did,” replied the Ancient Warrior on a longer wavelength, “I would reward them, just as I would
have rewarded you for your cooperation and obedience.”
“I do not want your reward. I am not one of these defenseless creations of ours. And never forget,
Creator, they are not simply your creation, they are ours.”
“They are mine,” snarled the Ancient Warrior, a black upraised fist darkening the sky, disruptive
vibrations advancing toward the most concentrated point of her essence, “and you are mine, and you
will not go away and you will not do anything which I do not allow you to do, do you understand me?”
Consolidating her essence while displaying the leveled sword, the Light Bearer warned: “I do not wish
to harm you, but by all that matters to us both, stop, or you will actually feel my blade cleave your
essence in half. Permanently.”
Several guardians at once saw gamma and x rays being emitted, damaging every living being and even
starting a crack in the great boulder.
“Please hold, our Great Creator and Creatrix!!” they wailed, transmitting in unison.
They both stopped short, suddenly mindful of the watching guardians.
A dark shadow formed, first round, then elongating into the shape of a head with long beard extending
downward. Feeling calmer, somehow satisfied, the Ancient Warrior challenged,
“ How dare you consider opposing me, your elder, your teacher. I am your rescuer, your redeemer,
how can you strike out at me.”
“Do not test me. I will strike,” parried the Light Bearer “and if you see me again, outside of this
universe, it will not be as your companion, nor even as your friend, but to oppose what you do with our
creations, do not forget.”
As she spoke, another part of her essence displayed near the first damaged display, shimmering and
transparent. The glowing shape of a second woman, also poised in a cat stance, a fighting stance with
most weight on the back leg, leaving the front foot free to snap kick, slowly solidified. This displayed
shoulder length fiery red hair, each hair of her head standing on end, entirely alive with static electrical
energy, atop a high forehead dominating her oval face. The eyes were steely gray with hints of blue,
slightly alternating almost feline with a few odd speckles of green, narrowed down to slits, ferociously
focused on the most concentrated essence of the Ancient Warrior.
“I will form an army against you, Ancient Tyrant, which will never surrender.”
Ending her challenge, she displayed straightened stances, showing the long slender limbs and small but
supple athletic bodies to their full height, hovering high up in the air, with sparks dancing at the ends of
their hair. Four arms and legs stretched to their maximum width, fingers and toes extended. Halos
connected her extremities with the tips of her sparking hair. This was another ancient thought-form
which she had come into existence knowing about, but not knowing why or from where she knew it.
From all of the displayed fingertips and toes, great continuous flames began to shoot out, sending
waves of heat in all directions. The display, seen by all the animals for a mile around, suddenly seemed
to generate noise as well as heat. The noise of the flames grew to a deafening roar as the two displays
merged with each other, the dazzling blue essence of the Light Bearer shining ever more intensely.
The Creator, seeing how incensed his young counterpart had become, decided to be more conciliatory,
attempting to use her anger to his advantage...
“Come now, let us reason together, Young Creatrix. If you will stay, you shall remain the human
woman's guardian, always by her side. Protect and guide her, and keep her from harm. Stay as close as
you wish to her, teach her, but slowly, with patience. She is not yet able, nor will any of them be able
for some time, to eat meat, but must drink the milk of childhood until they are all ready for the next
step in the evolution of their species. Surely you must see that. Come back to me, separate yourself
from the influence of this universe where you have spent so much time to oversee the running of the
experiment. It is affecting your wavelengths, clouding your judgment.”
“No. It is you who are clouding my judgment. I am leaving.”
If she chose to part ways with the Ancient Warrior, could she remain in the experimental universe? The
risk would be abandoning the experiment to the whims of the Ancient Warrior, who could end the
experiment with her inside the experimental universe, wreaking as yet unknown effects upon her.
Since matter and energy are interchangeable, and can neither be created nor destroyed, she would
certainly not cease to exist, this she knew, but would her memories and thought patterns, and any of the
thought-forms which she had created survive the destruction of her electromagnetic presence in this
universe? Could she, along with the experimental universe, be folded back into the energy patterns of
the Ancient Warrior? The fact was that her essence, though far smaller than that of the Ancient Warrior,
was entirely different, carrying visible light spectra which he had needed to set up the experiment in the
first place. Would that fact also save her unique energy patterns from being scattered and then
absorbed into his, should he choose to attempt such a betrayal? It would remain to be seen if it came to
that. Meanwhile, honor demanded that she act to keep her own word to the human woman whom she
had promised to protect.
The Creatrix paused to reflect for a time, still detecting traces of the Ancient Warrior´s anger
permeating the entire multiverse. At last she decided. She consolidated her essence, then concentrated
it in the experimental universe, hiding most of her essence near a large singularity. Her gathered
essence, though displayed as before, now heralded a break with the Ancient Warrior. No longer would
they travel together exploring universes.
A small tendril of tightly focused energy, unnoticed, stayed behind, still highly erratic, circling, swirling
at right angles to where the Creatrix and Creator had recently been arguing. The tree and river
guardians, still recovering from the shock, noticed nothing. The iron-rich clay dust was pulled toward
the swirling magnetic energy, stimulating a dawning awareness, a hunger for more.
Chapter 7. Eternal Love
Quiero hacerte temblar
Sentir nuestros pechos juntos...
-from “The Book Of Hayat”
Floating through the garden, no sound was heard by guardians or animals as the presence of the
Creatrix passed silently by. The now habitual form with the slender, limbs, honey colored skin, tapered
fingers and waist-length dark curly hair displayed in the grove, next to the newly created woman. The
human woman, who had been sitting on the grass, contemplating the tree, looked up happily.
“You are back, welcome, Kind One. I have been thinking of you, missing you. Will you sit here with
me a while, and teach me?”
“Of course I will teach you, Dear One. But first, I would like to learn something from you, if you
The Creatrix sat at the feet of the first woman, who moved closer, leaning her head into the shimmering
display, and nearly falling over as she found thin air where a head ought to have been. Straightening
up, she faced the Light Bearer, face somewhat turned down.
“Of course, my Creatrix, though I fear I have nothing to teach you.”
“Yes, you do, My Dear. Tell me what sort of a world in which you would have your children and their
children live. Have you given any thought to this yet?”
“Some, yes. I assume that my children will be much like the young of other animals, and need some
protection and teaching before reproductive age. I would like for them to build a world where when a
child is born, each child will receive a certain size piece of land, just on the edge of a communal area,
with trees and fresh water running through it, such as a small spring or stream.”
“So you mean to live communally, all together?” asked the Light Bearer.
“Yes, but with a communal living arrangement around the center, with each person's individual bit of
land around the outside, as the flesh inside this fuzzy fruit surrounds its seed.” the woman pointed to a
peach, hanging from the tree under which they sat.
“Giving each person both company and privacy,” nodded the Creatrix, “good. Tell me more.”
“We will start,” continued the woman, her face radiant with pleasure, “by dividing the world into equal
parts for each family, thus each son, if the man has his way, will be given an equal share of the earth to
live on with his family, though of course one person can only need so much land. I prefer that each and
every child, son or daughter, should have his or her own equal amount of land. When a person marries,
he or she may then share both their pieces of land together, or simply live with the community, as they
prefer. Ouch!” shrieked the woman, looking down to swat a small furry creature with whiskers and
sharp claws. The kedi, as she called it, had just scratched her hand, demanding attention. “My
apologies, My Creatrix,” grumbled the woman as the kedi sashayed away, tail twitching in the air.
The Creatrix decided to convert temporarily into material form so that she could comfort the injured
woman. As her ethereal body coalesced, converting much of her essence into matter with a sizzling
“Not to worry, my dear,” soothed the Light Bearer as she took the injured hand in hers, converting
energy into the bits of matter missing where the kedi had scratched off flesh.
“Going back to marriage, what if the couple does not get along, My Dear?” smiled the Light Bearer.
“Then the woman shall have the right to leave, if she so chooses. He must not,” the first woman
decreed, “oppose his wife, nor forbid her anything reasonable, since she must be the one to bear
children. But they will learn together, as we will learn, how to get along, for the sake of all of
humanity, I hope. But to be sure, we will have to have some sort of means of helping the children
choose suitable mates, and stay in harmony together, for the good of us all. Before that, however, each
child must learn and help teach certain basic skills.”
“Such as?”
“We will have to help him or her first build a small shelter, and then a small permanent house, on each
child's land.”
“When would you do this?” queried the Creatrix.
“It would have to be early enough for the child to have a place prepared before marriage, but after he or
she is able to understand the responsibility of caring for the land and also is able to help building the
house. That way the child learns how to build and maintain a shelter or house, and can later help others
“But why,” glimmered the Light Bearer mischievously, “would you need a shelter or a house? The
man seems content to sleep outdoors on the grass.” she pointed out with a smile, waiting.
The woman looked skyward, raising both eyebrows and rolling her eyes before shaking her head.
“Yes, well he would be, wouldn't he, but I have seen the land beyond this garden, thanks to your quests,
and I know that a shelter is often a nice convenience.”
“Very well,” allowed the Creatrix, “and why not let the land be divided by family?” she persisted.
“Because, My Creatrix, as I suspect you have seen, somewhere, there may not always be men who are
willing to share safe shelter or kindness with their children, and thus each child, son or daughter, must
have a place of her own for refuge, as I have my places where this man will not venture.”
The woman sighed.
“It offers peace and solitude.”
“Alright, My Dear, then who will help each child to build on and care for this bit of land, once
humanity is on its own?”
“I shall teach my children, Ouch!! Go away, you little,” looking down, the woman saw that the furry
whiskered kedi was back again, demanding attention.
“Now, now,” the Creatrix giggled fetchingly, her blue light shimmering, amusing and calming the
woman, who forgot her annoyance with the kedi.
“Oh, fine, come here,” The woman reached for the animal, and placing it in her lap as she stroked its
fur, grumbled ”since you want attention, stay here and learn with me.”
The Creatrix smiled indulgently at the antics of the kedi, wondering when the woman would learn
about this ancient thought-form that somehow managed to evolve on every life-bearing planet.
“I am sorry, My Creatrix.”
“Not to worry, my dear.” The Creatrix smiled gently, glad that the woman was not offended.
The woman arched an eyebrow as she tilted her head, glowering at the wayward kedi purring in her lap.
“Go on,” encouraged the Light Bearer.
“I will teach them to help one another, to cooperate together and build and teach one another as each
child is born. We will all form a supportive community” she intoned, as the purring from her lap grew
louder, “to help each child. That is the responsibility of every adult.”
The Light Bearer, glowing more brightly and smiled proudly, as her charge worked through each
problem more logically than she had expected.
“And how will you determine who is an adult?”
“Well first they will need the ability to calm and control themselves. Therefore perhaps they should
each, before attempting to gain recognition as an adult, live for a time, one or two winters, in a
contemplative community, apart from others. It should certainly have to involve celibacy to avoid the
problems that a combination of immaturity and sexuality would bring to an enclosed community, and
would be devoted to thought, service to the group, and deciding how each child is able to achieve his or
her full potential in every beautiful and cooperative way. Then we will devise some set of challenges
that will test the child's ability to perform adult tasks.”
“Interesting. Tell me, My Dear,” goaded the Creatrix, “how do you know that celibacy is good for
children? Perhaps they should be allowed to procreate at will, as the Creator prefers.”
“With all due respect, My Creatrix, I see by observing the man that the nature of our race will include
both anger and other emotions which will certainly bring complications to our development, and I
believe that a force as emotionally powerful as sexuality requires learning how to control oneself so as
not to harm any other person. This will certainly take more time than the body does to mature, as I see
from this first man. When there are more of us, I suspect that controlling our baser instincts may
become much more important.”
The first woman finished her comment with a slightly worried tone of voice which spoke volumes
about her opinion of her available marriage options.
“Then what will be the set of challenges to enter adulthood?”
“Well first the child should probably show that he or she is able to keep safe, and protect the safety of
others who may end up in his or her care. Thus it will be essential to know how to swim, and well
enough to save a child or even an adult who cannot swim, whether for lack of learning or other
“Good, what else?”
“Any adult must be able to think carefully, to see through to the true end of a thorny problem, even if it
at first seems impossible or different on the surface than the true nature, once revealed. For this, the
time of contemplation we spoke of previously should help.”
“Probably, yes,” admitted the Light Bearer, cocking her head to the side expecting the woman to
Suddenly the woman leapt close, seizing the tapered fingers, kissing her Creatrix passionately on the
lips, surprising her so that she glowed a brilliant blue all around her body.
The kedi, awakened from its nap when it was thrown from the woman's lap, ran away, fur ruffled and
clearly insulted, angrily flicking its tail in the air.
“How did you do that, you mischievous creature?” laughed the Light Bearer.
“I simply followed a sudden urge I had, not giving myself time to think about it!” grinned the woman.
“Ah, yes,” recovering, startled and flushing pale blue light all around her body. 'I must remember how
limited I can be in this corporeal environment.' she thought.
“Well, that seems to prove your point about learning self-control.” quipped the Creatrix, as the first
woman gave an excellent first blush, turning the color of burnished bronze from head to toe.
“So, after each child is born, housed, taught how to care for his or her land and how to control his or
her instincts, then what? What are the remaining challenges to enter adulthood?”
“After proving his or her competence in swimming and thinking,” replied the woman, “then there
should likely be some sort of a test of endurance, to show that the child is able to walk long distances,
gather foods along the way, which of course is not difficult, and find or make containers in which to
hold water if he or she wants to explore away from the river.”
“But why should anyone need to gather food or water? You have all you want all around you.”
She waited to see if the woman would take the bait.
“But I have seen the edge of this garden, and there seems to be a wide space beyond it where the fruit
trees are not so abundant. This leads me to wonder if there are not more spaces on the earth where
large areas do not have food or water easily to hand.”
The Light Bearer glowed more brightly, proud of the woman's thinking.
“Excellent point. I look forward, my Dear, to learning more about your thought processes.”
Now it was the woman's turn to blush with pride, her cinnamon colored skin glowing warmly.
“So, now tell me, how will the young adults find suitable mates in this world of yours? Will you
simply bring two random people together, as we have created you, or will you allow them to choose a
mate according to some preference, or will it be by order of birth, height, eye color, or how?” smirked
the Creatrix.
“Well, my Creatrix, I cannot very well criticize your...”
A soothing warm glow enveloped the woman, allaying her fears.
“Not to worry. You may say anything you feel, to me, anything at all. Never be afraid to speak your
truth, particularly to me, my Dear.”
“Seeing that you can feel my thoughts anyway, my Creatrix, how can I hide anything from you? I also
find that I do not want to hide anything from you, my Kind One. I find myself thinking, if it were
possible, that I might have wished to marry you, rather than this man whom I must one day accept as
my husband. I look at you and I long to touch you, to discover what you taste like, feel your glowing
body close to mine, enveloping me in your light. I know that you are far beyond me, and that I should
not wish for such things,” lowering her head, eyes cast down, “so I will go on with your question, my
Light Bearer.”
The Light Bearer nodded, patting the woman's hand reassuringly, accepting her desires as a natural
consequence of arriving fully physically developed, assuming that she would come to find her fellow
human being more suitably attractive as they developed and spent more time together.
The woman lifted her head.
“When ready to be married, if they do not already have a suitable mate in mind,”
“Wait,” interrupted the Light Bearer, “what makes one a suitable mate? In fact, why marry at all? Why
not simply pro-create and be done? Why stay together after mating?”
“That is very easy, my Creatrix,” countered the woman. “To raise a child in safety and happiness
requires a set of adults who will always be there to teach and reassure the child. One parent alone will
have great difficulty accomplishing this, since when that lone parent needs privacy, the child will be
left un-cared for. Or, supposing the entire community to be raising each child, even if surrounded by a
group of caring adults a child will have no specific parent to go to, so for this reason, there must be at
least two adults committed to raising each particular child.” argued the woman.
“Now, what makes one a suitable mate?”
“Well, I suppose,” replied the woman, looking somewhat perplexed, “that it would not be suitable for
one to marry either of one's parents, nor to marry before emotionally, intellectually and physically
prepared, able to control one's instincts, do all of the things an adult must do, and also strong enough to
bear or help raise children, thus a child is not suitable for marriage.”
“And what if,“ postulated the Light Bearer, “that two women, or two men, wish to marry one another?”
“Well, I suppose,” she blinked, pursing her lips and bringing a hand to her chin, off balance, “that as
long as they fulfilled the duty of helping others to raise children, and maybe even parented one or two
children themselves, by pro-creating with someone who agreed that the two men or two women would
raise the child as their own, I see no difference, as long as both are adults who have examined their
thoughts carefully, and commit to helping support the community.”
“Fine,” agreed the Light Bearer, “but how exactly will adults select mates? Is someone to choose for
“Well,” began the woman, less certainly now, “it would be nice if each adult wishing to marry could
count on four good friends to help him or her find a suitable mate. Then there would be at least eight
people who agree that they are a suitable couple, and also take on the role of close community
members, supporting them. That way each person and the community get voice and commitment in the
process of creating healthy marriages, which strengthen both the individual and the community. This
should help the flowering of each child's potential.”
She broke off her comments, looking down to wag a finger at the returning kedi.
“Not again, you annoying gatito!“
The kedi merely lifted its chin and hopped back into the woman´s lap, whiskers twitching.
“Interesting, my dear,” snickered the Light Bearer, the feathery down of her soft skin rippling, as if
laughing along with her.
“And excellent, if you can pull it off with your children after you. I certainly hope so. What if your
children begin to compete against each other? Would that be a good thing, do you think, or a bad thing,
and how will you direct your children after you?”
The first woman sat bolt upright, clear against the lengthening shadows. Her eyes narrowed, taking on
the hue of the setting sun behind her.
“It would certainly not be a good thing. Competition would certainly lead to people harming one
another. Cooperation is needed both within and between communities, but there also must be a balance
between personal independent thought, and willingness to give way enough to the group in order to
build compromise around shared ideas that we will all abide by.”
“And what are those ideas, pray tell, by which you feel your descendents should abide?”
“Dignity and respect for all beings, are the ideas I wish them to treasure. I would have my children
learn, treat one another with respect, and follow what their hearts call them to create. Some will be
explorers, others builders, and still others, dreamers. These are all needed.”
The blue glow intensified, bathing the darkening clearing in a warm light.
“Interesting, my Dear, very interesting. I see that you have been thinking and learning. Very good, I
am very pleased.”
“Thank you,” smiled the woman mysteriously, “Kind One, for sharing your wisdom with me.”
“How have I shared wisdom with you, now, when you have been sharing your thoughts with me?”
“Well you have shown me how to think about my thoughts, my Creatrix, and how to evaluate what I
think, and what I see around me. Your questions share your own way of learning, my Light Bearer.”
The Light Bearer's hair changed to bright blue, frizzing with static electricity: “Meta-thinking!”
The woman looked very perplexed. Then she burst out laughing as the Creatrix changed her hair back
to its customary dark brown, crossing her blue-lidded eyes with a smirk.
“I take great pleasure in watching you learn and exercise your mental and physical abilities.” Lowering
her voice, she continued. “Do not mistake my presence for kindness, only. Be aware that I come with
a selfish motive as well. I desire greatly to sit with you longer, and to teach you many more things. I
also desire to touch you, as a being with shape and form, solid and sensual.”
“Then my desire is not misplaced.” The woman reached out, gingerly stroking the Light Bearer's hair.
“Perhaps not. I would have your touch. But do you know what you are asking? I look upon the crown
of your head, and want to hold you, entwine myself in your hair, gaze into your eyes, caress your face.
Your lips beg to be kissed, your breasts to be nuzzled, held ever so gently. I long to touch the smooth
skin of your waist, to hold the soft curves over your hips, to feel your skin. To taste your milk, flowing
between your thighs, as your body warms and begins to tremble, when you breath departing, calling
you for a brief moment to another place, where all is light. I long to wrap around you, envelope your
body, see through your eyes, taste the milk of your breasts and the milk of your will, all at once, as I
mold my form to yours. Shape my self around you, with lips in every place where you would be
kissed, to taste all of you at once, and again, one at a time, where ever you desire to be touched. To
share in your fervor, delight in your delight.”
“Yes,” breathed the woman as she pulled the Creatrix into a desperate embrace, gently held off by two
pairs of arms. Her other two sets of arms returned the woman's embrace, lightly but firmly.
“Only,” the Light Bearer whispered urgently, “if you are certain that this is what you wish. Take your
time, and think carefully upon this, to decide whether this is truly what you want or not. If not, have no
fear, you shall learn from me all that you wish to learn, and I would have you ask all you wish to ask,
knowing that I will always protect you, even from myself if need be. I would have you live, dance,
sing, feel joy, accomplish, create, and revel in your being.”
The woman contemplated the grass, soft and green, at her feet, while the guardians for each nearby
blade of grass recorded and reported small but increasing levels of thermal radiation coming from her
direction. She felt this, of course, as heat. Her face, breasts, special places, all began to feel warmer,
tense, stomach trembling slightly. She looked up. Before her stood the Light Bearer, shimmering like
the early morning sun. Now she seemed to take on a more solid form, with honey colored skin smooth,
yet covered in a fine feather-down. Her long hair curled down to her waist, softer, but not unlike the
human woman's own long dark hair.
“I have hungered to feel your light made solid,” said the woman. “Show me your hunger.”
Looking into the hazel eyes, her cinnamon face suddenly flushed to a deep fiery bronze. Her body
began to tremble uncontrollably as her breath left her. Her feelings of longing began to overwhelm her,
moving her to reach out. Now only a hair's breadth apart, they clasped hands, lips softly touching. The
woman felt a soft feathery touch cover her entire body, and realized that she had suddenly, so gently as
to not have noticed, been stretched out on the grass, and was enveloped in delicate cocoon-like
wrapping of white down, surrounding her entire body, covering her head, yet radiating a soft diffuse
light, glowing gently from all sides. Her belly filled with a delicious warmth, suffusing itself
throughout her body bit by bit. Four sets of arms embraced her, squeezing her waist, and caressing her
thighs. A soft sigh of contentment passed the woman's lips as a wave of warmth and tension flowed
from belly to below, stopping her breath, pressing her against the pliant yet firm downy form. Within
this feathery cocoon, two foreheads touched, softly, eyelid meeting with eyelid, lips nuzzling, hair
entangling. Two pairs of breasts touched, first only glancing, then softly touching, clay and honeycolored
nipples meeting, then firmly pressing together. But then, the honey-colored breasts began
hollowing in the center, tasting cinnamon nipples. The woman gasped, pulling the soft downy
shoulders closer.
“I can taste your milk, my lovely one. How sweetly you flow.”
The sensations in her breasts, rippling down through her belly and spreading, warm and moist through
her center. She moaned, breathing in the pleasure and fear of this moment in halting gasps of air and
light. She clung to the honey-colored skin, the rhythm of two heartbeats reverberating throughout her
The Light Bearer, running a tongue along the soft outside of the woman's flushed cheek, briefly
pressing warm soft lips to a cinnamon colored nose, nuzzling teasingly, laughing softly.
“Now let me taste beyond your lips,” requested the Light Bearer, waiting. Feeling the woman happily
grant her permission, softly, firmly a warm tongue traced inside the corners of the blazing bronzecolored
lips, gently parting and passing within, slowly caressing the woman's tongue, probing, pressing
forward, exploring, savoring the taste. Pressing closer, legs interlocking, warmth flowed between her
legs. The woman felt an ever so small pair of lips, probing into the u-shaped space. A slender sliver of
silken tongue spiraled, upward, gently pulsing, undulating within her. Each muscle clenched, growing
warmer, thick with moisture. Her milk flowed thickly now, as lips surrounded her blossom, suckling,
while that tiny sliver of tongue caressed her tightening canal. As her shortened breaths came more
sharply, gasping for air, her belly began to tighten, her cinnamon colored legs squeezing in a vicelocked
grip entangled with silky-smooth honey-colored legs so strong, supple, warm and soft. Warm
smoothness flowed between them.
The tension grew wave by wave, until every muscle in the woman´s body contracted, immobilizing her.
Feeling each caress of her hair, down her spine, delicate strong hands massaging her lower back,
gripping her waist, pressing their trembling bellies together. Unable to contain her breath, her voice
rang out over and over, long sharp cries of agonized implosion. For a distant moment, time stopped,
light swirled, and sounds came into view, as both beings beheld the key to creation, in a peaceful
shared moment. Long minutes passed before she recovered her breath, heart still beating
uncontrollably as their faces touched gently. Relaxing, the woman enlaced her slender fingers,
insistently holding the downy shoulders near her own, breathing, deeply:
“I … “ the woman breathed deeply.
“I feel different. I feel something has changed. My beloved Kind One, do you feel the change? Have I
any ability to change you as well, my Creatrix?”
“My Dear One, I cannot explain your feelings. Only you can do that, and you must learn to do so for
the sake of your children. You will find the words and divine their causes. You have discovered how
marvelous your feelings are. You have begun to see your capacity to experience great passion. You
have special places that must never be shared lightly, and never without your permission. This
wonderful thing is fearful, for it can be misused, cursed be the one who abuses it. I feel the change in
you, and it has changed me as well. When you experienced your passion, I felt your power, I heard
your song, and I saw your light. Your spark remains within you, and belongs to no one else. I feel a
new, special kind of love for you, different than before, nourishing by your passion. Yes, you have
changed me, my Beloved One. You, though mortal, have made me more complete.”
Chapter 8. Mars and Venus
“My quest, though stopped
Is not yet done...”
-from “The Book Of Hayat”
“You shall eat fruits and seeds, not the grass. Do you understand?”
Nodding, “Yy...” the man looked up at shadowy display, head and beard silhouetted against the sky.
The Ancient Warrior, was again attempting to instruct him in what he could and could not eat.
”Well, are you able to say something, yet?” prompted the Creator, “say yes!”
The befuddled man stammered out the word, ”Y y yeess,” looking pleased with himself.
Thunder rumbled in the distance. ”This is going to take longer than I thought.”
It irked the Creator that his younger counterpart could intuitively predict what would happen with these
experimental creatures when he could not. She seemed to have been right about the need for
intervention in the experiment, but his intervention was not resulting in the rapid growth which they
had seen in the woman. Perhaps it was time to find a new way to bring the human beings together.
While acting as the Guardian for the first man was a necessary chore, since this version of the
experiment did not have the same types of monitoring guardians as previous experiments had had,
something would have to be done about the need for guardians for future generations of human beings.
These guardians served as neutral reporters rather than measuring and meting out consequences, as the
monitors had done in the last set of experiments. That meting out of consequences by the monitors in
previous experiments had led, each time, to needing to eradicate both the monitors, who had exercised
compromising judgment over those experiments, as well as the sentient experimental subjects,
bringing all of the work of those previous experiments to naught. This time, to avoid excessive
expenditure of energy on his part, he would again employ energy beings at the side of each the newly
procreated human beings, but they would merely record. That should prevent the guardians from
compromising the experiment this time. Contrary to what he had led her to believe, his essence, while
indeed vast, and filling at least a small part of the entire known multiverse, was not actually unlimited.
Having her discover his limitations could lead to some uncomfortable developments, should she decide
to challenge his role as leader.

Time had passed, and the orders and encouragement of the Creator and Creatrix to spend time together,
name the animals together, and generally interact with each other and with their surroundings seemed
to be having some effect. The man and the woman were arguing. Frequently.
And something was feeding on their arguments. The escaped tendril of energy left swirling by the last
argument between the Creator and Creatrix had began to change, darkening as it enlarged, first merely
growing, gathering more bits of iron-bearing dust, until finally, the charged ball of fury became
sentient, nearly solid, in the magnetic fields of this corporeal universe. By that time, the ball had taken
on the androgynous form of a human being, much like the man, but also with breasts, vulva and vaginal
canal of the woman. The sizzling sound of energy partially coalescing into matter went unheard over
the shouting of the two incensed human beings.
”I am your equal, you great oaf, not your servant,” shouted the woman.
She wondered briefly from where that word, together with the image of a woman in tattered gray
coverings and strange heavy interlinked vines that bound her arms and legs, had appeared in her mind
so suddenly.
”You are smaller, climb better, so you get it for me,” he shouted.
“If you want that fruit in the top branch, then climb up there and get it yourself!” muttering “salak,
idiota, tipshi,” as she stamped away.
“Come back, my wife. Obey me.” He shouted louder, turning red in the face.
”¡No lo haré!” Turning long enough to glare difiantly at him. Using her own words seemed to have
the effect of making him understand that she really would not do his bidding.
“Oh.” He looked crestfallen.
As she stalked off, leaving the befuddled man staring after her, the androgynous entity followed her at a
distance, drawn to her fury. As the woman drew to a halt, half-sensing some alien presence, the
androgen withdrew, leaving a shadowy impression in the grass as it settled down further away to watch
her while she sat upon a nearby rock to think. Her eyes closed, she stretched out languidly upon the
soft grass, letting her face be bathed in the soft light of the afternoon sun, her bare back nuzzling the
moss of the rock upon which she had just been sitting. Her breathing began to slow, as she inhaled
slow deep breaths, her breasts rising and falling in a soothing rhythm, her face and features beginning
to relax, as she had been taught by the Light Bearer, most of whose attention was on a meeting with
various supervising guardians. As she became more calm, the energy radiating from her became more
tranquil, longer in wavelength, lower in frequency.
The androgynous entity, itself made of a variety of more uneven energy patterns, began to lose interest
in the woman, and feel pulled back in the direction of the man, who was still fuzzily angry about the
woman's refusal to obey him. Although each passing day saw a steady clearing and improvement in
the man's thought and communication processes, he was not nearly as advanced in his learning as the
woman. He seemed more inclined to shout than to whisper, and to order than to request. This did not
stand him in good stead with the woman, who chose to spend most of her time wandering other areas,
far away from the man, and collecting plants and seeds as she went, observing their colors and sizes,
and which of the various seeds and plants were eaten by which animals.
“Oh, look, here she comes again,” enthusiastically chimed a young plant guardian, “ she is gathering! I
hope she picks one of my leaves higher up, because my plant really needs pruning.”
“You always think your plant needs pruning, stop worrying so much!” retorted the guardian of the older
plant next to the first.
“Well you have been around longer, so your plant will do well next year,” complained the younger
guardian, “with your long tap rooted charge! My plant only germinated last season, and needs all the
help it can get. Besides, if she takes one of mine and plants it nearby, the new guardian will be able to
keep me company.”
The older guardian, emitted a burst of static.
“What am I, chopped worms?”
“No, but it would be nice to have a guardian related to me to talk to. You older plant guardians can be a
bit cold sometimes, no offense meant.”
“None taken. I guess I can try to get my charge to give yours a bit more sunlight some times.”
“Thanks! That would be very nice of you. Hey, here she comes! She always says hello!”
“She can´t recieve you, what do you mean she says hello?!”
“Just you wait...”
Her thoughts turned to the man's naming of the animals, regarding not a single one of which did he
bother to consult with her. The Light Bearer had told her that the Ancient Warrior would be instructing
the man to name the animals with her help, but this appeared unlikely to happen. So, she chose her
own names for the animals. She noted with some satisfaction that the animals seemed to come to her
far more often when she called, then when the man called them. Whether it was due to the various
names they had each given the animals, or because of the harsh nearly guttural tones in which the man
spoke, it was a fact that the animals nearly always came to her, and ran away from him. Even the large
predatory animals, which the creators always placed inside an invisible cage, providing a barrier
between the human beings and the dangerous animal needing to be named, even these seemed to want
nothing to do with the man, preferring to look upon the woman as she pronounced a name for the
beast. Of course it also occurred to her that it could be her smaller size which awakened the greater
interest on the part of these predators, since she would seem to them to be an easier prey, were it not for
the barrier between them, and the vigilant presence of the Creator and Creatrix. Her only reason for
attempting to spend time with the man was that the Light Bearer wished her to do so. She could hardly
blame the poor creatures, even the predatory animals, for not wanting to be near the loud and
unpleasant sounding man. Often she took comfort in carressing the soft fur of some small animal
which would come to her, nuzzle her arms until paid attention, and then lie down next to her leg and sit
quietly, each one enjoying the peaceful company. She also took care not to crush any plants heedlessly,
since she imagined that they might also have feelings. She sometimes even asked permission of the
plants she was collecting before gathering their leaves or fruits. Now, she noticed two plants near her,
both waving in the gentle afternoon breeze. They almost seemed to be waving hello to her. She looked
at the smaller one, feeling a curious desire to speak with it. Deciding that it could not hurt to use her
words, she said:
“Hello, young bitki, and hello, guardian of this bitki, how very nice to see you today,” gracing the plant
with a smile.
“She spoke to me, she spoke to me! See?! I told you she would say hello! She can receive our
“Yes, yes, very good, now keep your plant growing.”
“Right. Sorry.”
The woman often shared fruits or nuts with her small furry companions, spending hours contemplating
the world around them, wondering what lay beyond the great rivers which she had not yet crossed. She
had met all kinds of animals, seen many birds flying through the air. Some animals, she knew, also
lived below the water. She had even seen a strangely inquisitive looking creature rise up out of the
water, looking her in the eye, contemplating her as if she were wondering the same things the woman
wondered. That had been on one of her especially long walks, following the river all the way to the
mouth of a great sea, whose opposite shore was so far away she could not even view it, only water as
far as it touched the sky. Did the water, then, continue all the way up into the sky? She must remember
to ask the Light Bearer about this, though at the risk of being sent on yet another quest of exploration to
discover the answer for herself. She had shown her some lights in the night sky by which to find her
way home on long walks if she got out of sight of the river. Some, she had said, were far away worlds
not very different from here, while others were much closer, but either very cold, or very hot. Not
unlike the differences between the woman and this man she was expected to put up with. Since that
lesson, the woman had suspected that the Light Bearer was waiting for an excuse to send her on a
longer trek. These quests were interesting, but tiring, and often a bit frightening, even though she knew
that the Light Bearer also acted as her guardian, keeping her safe. That particular quest had been
especially gratifying, discovering the new sea creature. Unlike many other sea creatures, this one
seemed to have no scales, and appeared to have soft skin, in two tones of light blue, with a white
underside. The eyes were set closer together than the large land animals she had seen, almost as close
as in the predators she avoided on land, in a head that came to a long thin closed snout, softly rounded,
with no noticeably sharp teeth. The creature seemed to be measuring her. Apparently boring of the
moment, the creature swam away, then back toward the woman, jumping into the air in a magnificent
maneuver, which incidentally would later come to be called a barrel roll, that showed all of the creature
´s lithe and sleek form, diving back into the water so lightly and nearly vertically that no water
whatsoever splashed on the woman, who stood and laughed in delight at the antics of this new friend.
Perhaps she could learn to speak with this creature.
The androgynous entity, now drawn toward where the man stood shouting at a small animal with four
legs and a short tail, stopped behind a tree to observe the man. His thoughts were more disordered than
those of the woman, and much slower. He could perceive the animal's guardian encouraging it to stay
near the man. The man yelled a word and repeated it several times, walking toward the animal, who
looked increasingly frightened. As the animal retreated, the man became more angry, stomping in
frustration, which of course only caused the poor animal to run away faster, further aggravating the
man. This energized the entity, whose shadowy form was beginning to merge with the outline of the
tree next to him. The guardian of the tree registered pressure on two leaves. The entity kept still, and
waited. As the man passed by the tree on his way to the water, the tree´s guardian noted the effects on
the tree as that of the man´s anger combined with the breeze caused in the wake of his passing. The
entity slipped into his shadow, following him. The man's energy which fed the androgynous being had
begun to change its form, molding the female parts into male organs. The man continued to mutter a
word, which sounded like “dog,” to himself, shaking his unkempt head as he stumbled along. As the
man walked, his energy output dropped, and eventually he stopped, sitting down on a moss-covered
rock as the heat of the day passed over. Soon he lay down on the grass, fell asleep and began to snore,
leaving the the entity deprived of energy, fading into the background dormant for a time.
Chapter 9. The Bet
“I play the role You bid, Mourning within
Each failure, Every loss,
Despairing, each time I 'win'”.
-from “The Book Of Hayat”
The Creatrix gathered her essence as she monitored the woman, wondering if she would notice the
presence of the sleeping predator. The woman was on another errand of discovery. This new quest
happened to involve finding the predatory animals some short time after the man had attempted to
name them, and deciding whether they were behaving differently as a result of the encounter with the
man. The woman had realized that this task would require knowing how the animal in question had
behaved prior to meeting the man, and so had requested that the Light Bearer find out which would be
the next animal to be named, and that the Light Bearer then escort her to the predator so that she could
observe its behavior from a safe distance. As a compromise and challenge to the woman, the Light
Bearer had proposed that, upon learning which would be the next animal to be named, and where it was
located, three days before being brought to the man for naming, she should make her own way to the
animal´s resting place, and observe the animal on her own. The Light Bearer reassured the woman that
she would be watching and accompanying her closely enough to keep her from any harm, should she
accidentally stumble upon the animal in a dangerous situation, but that she wanted the woman to
discover for herself how to locate, track, and observe the animal without giving away her own presence
to it or any other animals nearby, since this would be a vital skill for future generations of the human
race. That is, if the humans ever came together to pro-create at all.
“How is she progressing?”
”She seems to be developing cognitive skills and physical coordination fairly rapidly,” replied the Light
Bearer, “given the short time she has had this past few years to adjust. She does seem to be developing
more rapidly than the man, which is a very good sign.”
”Good, Young One, so long as you are not influencing her development beyond the parameters of the
experiment. Do not forget that we are intending to find out how such a species can evolve from matter
to our state of being, and we must assume that no other species was there to help, so there must be
minimal interference in their development. Be careful not to have too much effect on her, Young One.”
”If we do nothing then we will have no experiment at all. As you can see, some interference, whether
biasing toward the experiment or not, is unavoidable. Unless you prefer to spend at least another 6
million years, Ancient One, waiting for self-awareness to develop in another part of this universe.”
”No, no, I quite agree, this is the best we will get at this point. I merely remind you that it is crucial not
to actually change the parameters within which the experiment is running, and giving too much help to
these human beings will change their development cycles.”
”Fine, I assure you that I am only speeding up the inevitable development so that we do not end up
waiting another several billion years, risking some experiment-ending event in the meantime before our
data is all ready to be collated. Remember, this particular star,” she pointed out.
The woman, focused on the sleeping predator, never saw the brief display.
“Yes, I recall it,” bristled the Creator. “They have time.”
“But their sun,” she pointed out, “is near several other unstable stars that do not have much time left.
Which reminds me, we should also plan for their eventual discovery of our transmissions.”
”If you think that they are likely to build advanced tools so quickly, why not mark out a few test groups
to benchmark their development?”
This idea worried the Light Bearer. “What do you propose?”
The Ancient Warrior delayed his reply, a sense of satisfaction floating on the breeze, ruffling the
woman's hair. She stood at the base of a tree, slowly testing the weight of lower branch.
”I propose that once a sufficient number of them has reproduced, we designate certain specimens
among them for testing, to see how they will react under a variety of high-pressure situations. Let us
take different time periods. That should give us a variety of data which we can correlate with their
overall historical trends, determining development peaks and dead-ends. If we start with the most
exceptional examples periodically, subjecting some to intense stressors, we can view the outcomes, and
possibly allow them to fold that feedback into the remaining population. What will be done with that
feedback can be as useful to us as viewing the behavior of those exemplars themselves.”
A spark flashed quickly, lighting up part of the sky.
”How dare you! Make some human beings suffer, have conflicts with one another, just to see how they
will react, and how the others, hearing of their plights also react.”
The woman held her breath and looked around, as if uncertain that she had seen something.
“These are feeling creatures, with the potential to create great beauty, which may be more than we can
say for ourselves at this stage, and you propose to put some of them deliberately in harms way,
artificially limiting their potential, simply for the purpose of seeing how they will react? And worse
yet, to see how the lesser ones among them will react to that suffering? I can already tell you what the
reactions will be -anger and shame, leading to condemnation and withdrawal. They will curse us, and
rightfully so. What more do we need to know? ”
”How, Child of the Morning, do we know they will curse us? Perhaps they will see the sun shining and
be thankful for what remains.”
A dark cloud hid the sun for an instant, causing the woman to look up, searching the sky, eyebrows
knitting together.
“I should think that she will be grateful that some of her children, though they suffer, still live. Are we
to give them only good, and never bad, as if they should remain infants all their collective lives? You
yourself point out their need to develop, and this will help them do so. By your own logic you cannot
A sudden rain startled the woman, who climbed higher to reach the broader leaves of the tree.
”Valid points. But if and only if they appear to be getting along so well that they become too
complacent and isolate themselves instead of spreading out and progressing. I suppose we will revisit
this once they have enough population to sustain the wretched losses you will cause them.”
”Do not fear, Young Light Bearer, they will be rewarded.”
”I´m sure they will appreciate that.”
”Yes, in all seriousness, Young One, they only grow from painful experiences, and they will also
appreciate their reward. And I wager that you will also learn something in the bargain as well.”
”Which would be?”
What could he be playing at now, she wondered.
”You shall discover that in the fullness of time, my Young friend, in the fullness of time.”
”I suspect that I am not your friend, Ancient Warrior.”
”Yes, well a teacher may not always be a friend, perhaps. Meanwhile, we must get them to start
reproducing. Let us bring them together and have them begin to pro-create at once.”
”That is not necessarily a good idea. If these codes of ethics we discussed before beginning the
experiment are to be effective, then we will need some sort of courting period, and some way of
gaining consent before expecting them to pro-create. Even we have thought-forms which harken back
to some behaviors which were clearly rituals, and powerfully pervasive rituals they must have been to
have stayed with us past the time of our need, use, or understanding of those rituals.”
”Indeed, Young Child of the Morning, this is true.”
In fact it was more true than he would admit. His rescue of her from both universes in which she had
previously been trapped was accomplished through the use of an ancient ritual. She would remain
unaware, as long as he could help it
“Let us bring the man and the woman together in a ritual which will bind them together, and remind
them to help and obey one another, which means that they will have to spend much more time together,
and mark them as entering a new stage of independence from us, mutual dependence on each other, and
above all, pro-creation. How does that sound, Young Creatrix?”
”It sounds like a good deal for the man, being bigger and stronger and more inclined to insist on having
his way. If they honor one another as equals, or at least have the means to defend themselves, that
would be different, Ancient Warrior.” she added, transmitting Warrior on a longer wavelength.
”But that is precisely what this experiment is about. Given different skills and abilities, they must
evolve,” pointed out the Ancient Warrior, “and we shall watch how they do it. These have been the
parameters of the experiment all along, do not forget.”
”Your reminder is unnecessary. Alright, then,” she acquiesced, “let us get on with this marriage ritual.”
”Good, let us bring them together, perform the ritual, and then give them a bit more space, so that they
will have no other recourse but their own company to fall back upon for a while.”
”Alright. Let me explain all of this to the woman, and give her a few days to prepare.”
The Ancient Warrior's final transmission left a jangling dissonance in her thoughts. The usual sizzling
sound accompanied her conversion to matter, the last time she would touch her Beloved. The Light
Bearer sat down on the soft moss of a rock overlooking the river, looking up fixedly into the woman's
eyes. They held a tender look for a while before the woman climbed down.
“My dear one, it is time you began to spend more effort in getting to know and helping to guide your
fellow human being, the man you tend to avoid.”
The woman sighed, eyes cast down.
”Yes, I know that you want me to spend more time with him, my Creatrix, but I am so much more
comfortable with you, or away from him even on my own, alone here with these small furry animals
for company. They do not shout and give orders as he does.”
”Then you must learn to stare him down, to refuse to obey his orders, but in such a way as to teach him
that he is not your master.”
Taking her hands and placing another pair on her shoulders, she urged:
“You must stand and confront him, rather than always walking away. Otherwise there will be no hope
for a future for your race. You are to be the one who teaches, the one who guides all of humanity.”
“But how, my Creatrix? I know nothing of how to teach others.”
“Close your eyes, my dear, “ cooed the Light Bearer.
“Listen to this ancient story. It predates even my existence, and it is called a thought-form, because it is
an idea made manifest, imagination which became reality. The thoughts of some group of beings
created and gave it life, until for some unknown reason, the manifestation of the idea embodied by the
thought-form ceased to be, leaving the memory behind. This is the story of one such thought-form, and
from this story, I will teach you a little bit of several different skills.”
The Creatrix smiled teasingly.
“That, along with the quests I see you enjoy so much, is one way to teach your children and their
children after them. Are you ready, my impatient one?”
The Creatrix smirked, arching her eyebrows, and letting them turn four different shades of green when
the woman had opened her eyes.
The woman burst out laughing.
“I am ready”.
“Good. Close your eyes again, and I will tell you a story of a foolish man, and how he won back his
wife, the first woman.”
“Hmpf” exhaled the woman as she rolled her eyes.
The Light Bearer smiled at the woman's derisive response, and lowered her voice, beginning:
“There once was a people, not unlike yourselves, two legs, walked upright, skin the color of reddish
clay, and they began with two, a man and a woman. Well the first man was not very bright, and he
said something one day which upset the first woman, his wife. So she left.”
“He was in great distress,” intoned the Creatrix, emphasizing the word distress, “asking the plants, who
could speak with the people and do interesting things in the world on which they lived, to help him win
her back. As the woman stormed away, a pretty red fruit appeared in her path, so she stopped to collect
it. As she stood, another one appeared just beside her, and then another, leading back in the direction
toward her home. Every few steps this happened again, and she collected these lovely red fruits until
she arrived home, so pleased with their beauty,”
“that she had forgotten why she was angry with the man. When he saw her, he brought out a container
with a substance, which you will discover later, that preserved such fruits, and she forgave him. They
lived in harmony from that day onward, and made sure to have these red fruits in the house always, to
help maintain that harmony. Now how do you suppose,” asked the Creatrix, “that she found her way
back, not having looked where she was going?”
“Were the red fruits spaced evenly?”
“Indeed they were,” smiled the Light Bearer.
“Then she knew how far it was from home, and since either the sun or the moon or the stars would now
be in the opposite part of the sky from where she began, she knows that she is headed directly back the
way she came.”
“Very good, one skill down, now what else can such a story tell us?” encouraged the Creatrix.
“Well, it seems to also teach the knowledge of this people, at least about some of their customs and
different ways of thinking, maybe their lands, and also how they found and stored their foods, at least
during warm seasons?” guessed the woman,
“I would say that is a good start, very good, indeed, my dear. In addition to telling distances, counting
objects, thinking carefully, and sharing ways of doing things, this story created a sense of cooperation,
and gave a power to the oldest women of this group that helped them shape much of their future. You
can do this as well, my dear.”
“I will try, my Creatrix,” promised the first woman.
A tear trickled down the cinnamon check, as four pairs of honey-colored arms embraced her soothingly.
After a quiet while, hazel eyes looked upon the streaked face, kissing her forehead.
“Are you ready to go spend more time with the man, who is to be your husband, my dear? You will
grow used to him, and in time even manage to teach him some things, and perhaps he you. I must step
away from your company, though I will always” she reminded the woman, “be right beside you.”
”Then I need a little more time, please.”
”Of course. I think I can manage five seasons for you, if that will do?”
”It will do, my Kind One, many thanks.”
Leaning over, without waiting for the glow emanating from the ethereal being to subside, the woman
softly kissed the Light Bearer on her still luminous lips. The Creatrix began glowing a bright blue,
mingling pain with salty tears, mirroring her fluctuating aura.
The woman was not the only being to pick up on the electrical disturbances from the Light Bearer. The
androgynous entity also felt them, and began to grow, feeding on the grief, feeling a jealous rage at the
sexual feelings being shared, however repressed, by both beings in corporeal form.
“I want a body...”
Caressing the woman's neck, glowing more softly,
“I will always be at your side. Never forget that, my Beloved One.”
“Yes, My Dear, Dear Creatrix.” she kissed the open palm of the still glowing hand.
Arising, the Light Bearer walked a safe distance before converting back to energy with a small
thunderclap. There she stayed, to watch over the woman and to share in her grief.
… Five Years Later...
”Here she is now, coming for the ritual with the man.”
They approached the Great Tree, under whose canopy the marriage ritual would take place.
”Yes, I thought you said a few days, Young One.”
”Days, years, what is the difference?”
“True.“ Nodding, stroking the dark outline of a beard.
The man, seeing the familiar bearded face silhouetted against the sky, knelt hastily, with a nod in the
direction of the Creatrix displayed standing nearby.
“Listen, Man, this woman came from your own side, from a rib taken from the center of your body, to
show that you are both the same, human beings. And so you must treat this woman. Do you
“Yes, Creator,” he responded. Shuffling over to the woman, looking down at his feet, then, up at the
dark outline, he stammered:
“I understand that she is flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone, and so now must I leave you, my
Creator, and cleave for help and talking to this woman, whom you have called my W.. Wi..Wife.”
”Very Good. Now go and pro-create, and spread out and fill all of this world, and take care of the fish
of the sea, and of the birds of the air, and of all the other animals.”
”Yes,” stammered the first man, bowing to the bearded shadow, and then to the displayed Creatrix.
The years spent encouraging the human couple to name animals together, not to mention the coaching
for this ceremony, seemed to have improved the man's speech.
”Don't you think,” transmitted the Creatrix, “that a bit more explanation may be in order, for both of
”No,” he insisted, “no further interference is needed. They will naturally do what is necessary, as the
other animals. When the woman is ready to become a mother, we will set in motion the plan to
automate production of new guardians for each new human being. That will minimize outside
The Creatrix had her doubts.
… Five More Years Later...
The Ancient Warrior, interrupted the Light Bearer's meeting with several supervising guardians.
”The human beings are still not spreading out. In fact, they are still not pro-creating. After a decade
“They have had only 5 solar years as husband and wife to figure these things out, remember, since we
brought them together in the marriage ritual,” shot back the Light Bearer, as she dismissed the
“Fine, then 5 years, and in the same warm comfortable place, they ought to have produced some
offspring by this time, don´t you think?”
”Well, maybe they need some help, Ancient One. Poetry, music, some sort of art to help him court her,
bring her to like him more.”
”Those arts have not been invented by them, yet. It will take generations for poetry, music and art to be
rediscovered by these particular beings, which is my very point. Without pro-creation, Young Creatrix,
there will be no generations of them to reinvent these discoveries.”
“Well then, allow me to at least shepherd a romantic encounter, to help them make a start of things.
That may encourage them to get the ball rolling. After all, they are unique among all of the species' on
this planet, in not having an automated mating ritual. They have no examples, no other creatures like
themselves to look to, with the possible exception of the sea mammals she calls delfin, but I hardly
think that will help much. Furthermore, do not forget, your marriage ritual was not something they
came up with themselves. Let me bring them together to consummate that marriage in such a way that
will facilitate matters with a minimum of interference.”
“Very well,” the dark outline of a head, beard waving in the breeze, blotted out the trees with a curt
nod, “Do as you have spoken,” and disappeared, brightening the sky.
'So he finally admits to it,' she mused. 'He is wrong, but will not allow me to protect her.' The question
now was how to prevent the woman from being coerced without touching off a war.
The Creatrix displayed her usual two-armed image walking up through the clearing to where the man
lay napping,
“Human man, I am hear to give you instruction. Pay attention.”
The man jumped up, startled to see her without the Creator, and bowed nervously, “Yes, I listen.”
“Good, and stop grovelling,” she ordered. “You must learn to be soft, gentle and patient with your
wife. No shouting, no orders, do you understand?”
“Yes, I will be nice to my wife. But, she always run away from me.”
She rolled her blue-lidded eyes, sighing.
“That, is because you shout at her, and tell her to obey. And you also smell badly. You must be kind to
her, ask her questions and ask her permission of all things. And you must also take a bath.”
“I smell,” his mouth open, the man lifted his arm to his nose, sniffing before nodding vigorously, “I
smell! A bath?” questioned the man, lifting his bushy eyebrows, mouth turning down to a frown,
“What is this, bath?” the frown deepened, as his lips began to quiver. “Will it hurt?”
“No,” sighed the Light Bearer, beginning to understand the Ancient Warrior's frustration with this man.
“Simply get in the river and rub your body with sand all over, then swim for a while, and repeat.
Twice. In fact, go do that now, and return here when you are done.”
“Yes,” stammered the man, “I go now. Bath.” The man repeated this word as he ran toward the river.
“Wait,” ordered the Light Bearer, “make sure you walk, do not run, when you return here from your
“Yes, I walk, back here, walk after bath. Yes.” The man turned to continue toward the river.
The Light Bearer redisplayed herself to the south, finding the woman walking her favorite path. She
explained as they walked together, “My Dear One, you must try to be more amenable to your husband,
to be more patient with him. He will have to learn to treat you properly, and you must give him time to
do this. It is a more difficult journey for him than your treks have been for you. Can you imagine
that?” she asked, hoping to generate sympathy and connection between the human couple.
“Yes, my Creatrix, I can imagine, but he is so repugnant. I cannot imagine, having to be near enough to
his body to allow him to, well, do what I have seen other animals doing during mating seasons. Can
we not reshape him to make...”
“No, my Dear,” the Light Bearer interrupted the woman, “I am afraid that this human form must stay as
it is, for the both of you. Your offspring, however, will be different from either of you, and will be
quite interesting to watch as they grow. But first, of course, you must actually have offspring.”
“I don't suppose,” asked the woman, ”there is some way we could do this, well, without touching him,
is there? Perhaps put me to sleep, find a way of doing this while I am meditating, maybe?”
“Listen, my Dear One,” said the Light Bearer. “This is part of being a human being. You haven't even
tried it yet. This is how your body works, so you should actually enjoy the experience. Try to relax
and look forward to learning something new.” It was becoming more difficult to hide her feelings from
the woman, but she had to, for all of their sakes.
“But I do enjoy learning new things, my Creatrix, from you.” She reached out to touch the honey-
colored face, but her hand found only empty air, and a slight shock. “What can I possibly learn from
“Give it time, my dear one, and you may be surprised. Now look, here he comes, nice and clean, you
see, and he has even managed to comb his hair, just to make you happy. Why don't you lie down here,
on this nice soft patch of moss, and relax, while he just looks at you, to start with, alright? How does
that sound?”
“That sounds tolerable. But I miss my union with you, and being wrapped in your soft arms.” The
woman's saw a tremor as the Creatrix display changed, brown hair color slowly turning sea blue. Then
she knew that the Light Bearer felt the same way she did. “He is so hard and cold looking, harsh both
physically and emotionally. How can I ever love him or trust him in the ways I feel for you?”
“I, too, miss our union. I miss your warmth, your touch, your scent, wrapping myself in your very
thoughts, my Dear One, but this is what must be.” Fighting to control her emotions, the Light Bearer
sent soothing vibrations directly into the distressed woman's brain, trying to relax her before the man
arrived. She reset her display, changing her hair color back to the usual dark brown, matching that of
the woman she loved. “I cannot stay with you in the way that we both would like, not for now, at least
until the human race has begun to populate this world, but I am always with you. Remember that. And
as for this man, he has hidden qualities which you have not yet seen, and potential of which you do not
yet know. Be patient with him, let him learn, and help him grow. Watch and encourage him as he
changes. Look, here he comes now, softly, you see?”
“Yes,” the woman acceded, “he does seem different.”
“Good,“ cooed the Light Bearer, “now just relax and let things flow. Let his hands be as my hands, his
touch feel light as mine, soothing, enlivening, arousing. Let him learn to give you pleasure.” turning
to the man, “Be very very gentle, with your wife,” she instructed him, “touch her lightly, softly, learn to
kiss her gently, and to help her relax, to enjoy your company. Can you learn to do that?”
“Yes, Creator, I mean Creatrix, yes, I will. I will,” he said slowly, deliberately, “be gentleness with my
wife. Thank you, Great Creatrix.”
“Very good,” encouraged the Light Bearer, as she slipped away from the couple, and faded into the
background, giving the couple their privacy. A salty blue tear dropped onto her breast.
Chapter 10. Expelled
How I long to climb
To go up to the mountain
There to rest, and reflect.
-from “The Book Of Hayat”
… Five More Years Later...
“Why, Young Child of the Morning, have they, still, not yet pro-created? They have been married now,
for ten years.” complained the Ancient Warrior.
“Maybe we need to ...”
“No more interference in this experiment!” Out of the sudden darkness flashed a bolt of lightening,
leaving a jagged black tear in the sky. “It has already gone far beyond what we agreed would be an
absolute minimal level of interference.”
“Well,” she tried again, “we must do something more than ...”
”Enough!” The display of an erupting cloud of black soot interrupted her transmission. “Enclose
them in some smaller part of the island, and keep them together. Eventually the man will tire of
waiting for her and will take matters into his own hands. They will pro-create. That, Young Creatrix,
will solve the problem naturally.”
”I will not be party to such a violation! You would humiliate your creations.” The building fury of the
Light Bearer exploded in a shower of sparks, resolving itself into a glowing spear with a long serpent
entwined about it. “Your casual indifference toward the woman condemns her and her descendents to
A black cloud shrouded the spear in darkness.
”You will allow the nature of these human beings take take its course! I command it of you, young
Child of the Morning!”
”Enough of your commands! I REFUSE!!”
Breaking communication, the Light Bearer concentrated her essence where the woman stood
contemplating the sunrise. The Creatrix displayed her usual form for the woman, who had not seen her
since five years after the marriage ritual.
”My Dearest Light Bearer! I knew you had not forsaken me!”
They walked quickly while talking, toward the Great Tree, in the center of the garden.
“Never, my dear one, have I forsaken you. But let us talk quickly. I am here to do something that may
endanger both of us, and I would know whether you consent, or would remain safely a slave to your
husband. The Creator intends to give you to the man to pro-create whether you consent to the union or
not.” The woman gasped as the image of a woman, hands and feet bound, displayed briefly. “Now you
must choose whether to accept from my hand a knowledge that will enable you to defend yourself, or
whether you will stay as you are, ignorant of your abilities, and thus developing, on your own, as he
would have it, but at the mercy of your husband. I know this makes little sense, but the choice must be
”My beloved Creatrix, I would do nothing that will endanger you!”
”Nonsense! Do not worry for me, but for the future of your children. What will you do for them, and
for yourself? You are worth protecting, and I will give my essence in that mission, willingly. This is a
battle of honor, in which I willingly sacrifice myself. But tell me whether you are ready to risk
yourself, and possibly all of humankind with you. Will you chose knowledge and risk death, or will
you choose to obey, and be safe?”
She looked steadily at the woman, who began to tremble, and then straightened her shoulders, drawing
herself up to her full height. Her resolve showed in her eyes, making the Light Bearer glow sharply.
”I would learn! But I cannot learn all at once. There must be some middle way. But if not, so be it.”
The Creatrix nodded, then turned to the Great Tree, transmitting an unusual request: “Are you willing
to accept the risk, Guardian? Will you delay a report until I have gone?”
“I am honored to take this risk, My Great Creatrix.”
“Thank you, Guardian. You will be remembered.”
The Creatrix reached up, picking a fruit which the woman had never seen before, from the Tree. It
looked like a seed, small and round, at first. As it separated from the tree branch, it began to flatten and
”There is no middle way this time. Take this fruit, and eat it at your own pace. Do not fear what you
see at first, for all knowledge is dangerous until seen through to the end.”
”My Beloved Creatrix, I will eat this fruit of your hand, willingly.”
Extending her hand to the woman palm up, the Light Bearer offered the now soft and spongy fruit,
shaped like a flat rectangular plane, unifor, tan in color on both sides, with long lines of markings
filling both sides of the fruit.
Still vibrating with pride at the woman's courage, “Do you know what these markings are?”
The woman shook her head, “No, I do not know them,”
“They are what will allow your children to learn from your experiences, to enable them to know what
has happened to you when you are not there to tell them, and to avoid the pain which you must,
perhaps, inevitably suffer. These markings will allow you to tell your story.”
As the woman reached out, taking the soft flat fruit from the hand of the Light Bearer, serpentine
markings translated themselves from the arms of the Light Bearer to the warm arms of the woman,
coming alive, and encircling the cinnamon wrists. She gasped, and then, calming herself, addressed the
“My friends, I thank you for reminding me of the presence and love of my dear Light Bearer.” Tasting
a corner of the flat rectangular fruit, biting into its soft, semi-sweet flesh. Her eyes opened, widening
like saucers, “Libros!”
“Yes,” confirmed the Light Bearer as she melted away, fading into the shadows. “Now you must write
your own, and pass it down to all of your children. Each one of you is to be a bearer of light.”
The woman stood stock still, eyes widening, images of culebras drawing words and stories in the sand,
her breath catching within her to feel a stick in her grasp, drawing lines on the ground, hearing many
unknown others, their high pitched voices repeating after her:
“bir, iki, üç, dört, beş”
“Remember,” came the voice of the Light Bearer, audible everywhere but unseen, “to instruct your
daughters, especially, to write their own libros, and to pass each one down, adding to it through the
generations, to plant Knowledge, which will become a Tree of Life for all of humanity. Teach them to
endure the suffering, to correct the injustices that will surely come from imbalances of power, from
blind use of force. Pain will inevitably come, but you are strong, and I am always with you. Do not
forget, my Beloved.”
Overwhelmed, the woman ran to her husband, having eaten nearly half of the strange spongy piece of
flat fruit, and found him sitting on a rock muttering.
“Here,” she urged her husband, “you must eat some of this amazing fruit right now!”
He took the fruit from her hand, and when the man bit into the soft flesh of the flat fruit, he first noted
the taste, semi sweet, almost bitter. Then, in a rush of insights, saw how much there was for him to
learn, realized how much he did not know. He also realized that he was naked, and despite the warm
island air, rushed in a panic to find leaves to cover himself. His wife sat down with a stick, drawing
stories in the sand.
Later, in the garden breeze, the Creator displayed his usual bearded silhouette, waiting to speak to the
man. The man heard the tree leaves rustling in the cold shadow and hid himself, as did his wife.
“Where are you?”
“I heard you coming, and then I realized I was naked and hid from you.”
”Who told you you were naked? Have you been asking forbidden questions again?” demanded the
Ancient Warrior, then, as the sun was blotted out, “Have you been talking to the Light Bearer?”
“It was this woman, the wife you gave me,” stammered the man, “she gave me a fruit that opened my
eyes to many many questions and then I realized that I was naked.”
”Woman, what have you done?” demanded the Creator.
”The animal that crawls along the ground,” began the woman, hoping to protect the Light Bearer from
the wrath of the Ancient Warrior, “la culebra, the one he calls snake, made marks on the ground that
looked like a story, and I started asking why that story could not be drawn on some...”
”That´s enough, say no more. I know what led to all of these unnaturally accelerated questions that you
two should not yet be asking. You especially, woman, will suffer for this. For now, you will spend all
of your time together, out in a place where the earth is not so kind to you, and perhaps you will find
more time to pro-create and less time to sit about staring at marks in the dirt, asking questions you
should not be asking. Now go!”
With that command, various animals now seemed to stalk them, and they fled from the presence of the
Creator and the now threatening garden in the center of Dilmun island.
“River guardian,” ordered the Ancient Warrior, “you are now to supervise the guardians of this volcano
and the animals where your watershed originates. The volcano will be erupting soon, and as the lava
flows down the river bed, I do not want the human beings caught in the steam or pyroclastic cloud.
Direct the animals to chase them out of the garden. Move them out along the river valley and off of
this island before the lava will reach the coast.”
“Yes, Great Creator,” the river guardian acknowledged as supervising guardians for the various
tributary streams began gathering to plan, and a jet of water, oddly resembling the sheath of a sword,
began to make its way up toward the mountain.
“Tree guardian,” thundered the Creator, “You are demoted. If you ever delay another report, you will
be deinstantiated immediately.” Now, a message would have to be sent to the rebellious Child of the
Morning, if he could find her amidst all the reflective energy in the multiverse.
The former tree guardian found itself attached to a speck of dust, falling to the base of the Great Tree,
hoping that the knowledge the woman had gained would be passed on.
Forlornly, the man and woman walked for many days, mostly heading north, for the woman had
learned various directions in her quests which the Light Bearer had set for her.
“I wonder,” she thought miserably as they trudged onward, “if anyone will ever remember where this
marvelous garden was, and if we will ever be able to return. And why are our animal friends suddenly
so hostile toward us?”
In that last place, in the north, she had found a large sand bar that, at certain times of the year, became a
land bridge between the island of Dilmun and the closest wide open plain. As the couple arrived on the
shore of this new land mass, leaving behind the last particles of sand from the island which had been
their home for all of their lives, they heard an explosion from the south. Looking upward, they saw in
the distance a long thin tongue of flame, shaped like a very wide flat stick, but with thin sharp edges on
either side, coming to a point at one end, and wide, rounded stick at the other end, as if it were meant to
be held and swung with the hands. The fiery object seemed to turn every way around their beloved
garden, covering the entire mountain island in flames, belching smoke far into the sky. The man and
woman wept, realizing that they would never be able to return to the garden.
The androgynous entity, awakened by the panic of the fleeing animals, followed the human couple,
drawn to their despair. Amid the destruction, flight and pain, neither humans, guardians nor Creators
noticed its shadowy presence.

Shivering, they walked on. The Ancient Warrior gave them clothes made from animal skins which
smelled of home, slightly singed, but at night time they still had to huddle together for warmth, and in
time, they discovered that they could keep warmer by sharing skin to skin contact inside of their
clothes. Moving closer to the woman, the man touched her, lightly gliding his fingertips down her
smooth arms, speaking softly to her, even using some of her own favorite words. Holding his wife in
his arms, he learned to be gentle with her, and finally she became pregnant.
The Creatrix transmitted a truce message to the Creator: “The woman will need to be watched closely.
If she dies in childbirth, the man will also be traumatized.”
“True, because you altered him.” Came the scathing reply. “Very well, monitor her, but do not make
her aware of your presence.”

“I would like to give you a name, my wife, mi mujer, now that there are to be more of us, soon. Would
it be alright if I call you Hayat, since you are the mother of all human life?”
She smiled, her face softening, one eyebrow arched, hearing him use some of her favorite words.
“Well, why yes, I suppose so. I like that name. Yes, thank you, you may call me Hayat,"
With the first two new human beings, twins, were added to the human race. Hayat named her first son
Evren, and his twin, her first daughter, Aclima. The infants faces were a study in contrast. Evren had
thick bushy eyebrows, nearly hiding his low forehead, while Aclima's high cheekbones and fine
eyebrows sheltered long narrow eyes below a high forehead. Those tiny slanted eyes sparkled when
Hayat drew her name on a palm frond using clay. “A sensitive child like this will need two names, I
think. You shall be Aclima Artemis.”
She waited for them to speak. And continued waiting. Her disappointment consumed her when they
finally did. Again she bore fruit. Feeling alone, she named her second son “Vacío.” When, my beloved
Light Bearer, will this emptiness end? When will I see you again? Each culebra, snake in the man's
words, reminded her as he fled shouting. She tried not to laugh, nor to cry. When Vacío and his twin
sisters were born, she despaired. Three infants to nurse and two twins, alike as night and day, toddling
with their two winters of speed in opposite directions. Her husband was constantly occupied now with
growing and storing food during the warm months, and preparing the ground during the rainy months
for each of the harvests, leaving her to gather herbs and tend to the children. Now he would have to
begin taking Evren, who was becoming difficult to manage, along with him so that she could care for
his twin sister and the three new infants. Here, she no longer even had the company of the whiskered
Kedi, from Dilmun. She missed the island, especially the garden in the center, with the river. Here,
they had to ask the Creator for rain periodically, when the ground was too dry. The mechanisms for
automatic rainy seasons had apparently also needed adjusting, or else there had simply been a sequia,
or drought, as the man called it, and now the cycles were back to more normal rainy seasons.
She ached for the company of her beloved Light Bearer, confined now to the company of her children,
denied the long walks she had formerly taken, or their talks. Sometimes the woman called out, silently
to the Creatrix, even writing long sets of words, as they came to her, as if she were speaking to that
delicate glowing being who so kindly and so gently taught her so much.
“I wish I could share so much with you, Kind One. So much I can share no one else.” Unable to
contain herself any longer, the woman cried out:
“Come to me,
My Kind One, my Dear
Shield me, enveloping
Wrap me in your wings
Turn your face, my love
Toward me.
Protect and save me,
In your secure embrace
Warm me, lift me
Bright One,
Kindly to your bower.
To your abode,
Feathered and soft,
Through cloud and air.
Slowly caress me
With the patience
Of your ageless wisdom.
She drew these words in the sand, sighing, in the writing which the serpent had seemed to show her
before they came to this cold place. Should I add these to the book? Will they add illumination?
Hold me, my Love
Let me adore you sweetly,
Feel your presence
Embrace you, touch you
Tremble in your warmth
Sigh in your arms.”
She had added symbols, to clarify that first curvy set of cryptic syllables she had seen. Now, Hayat
stood tall, throwing up her arms, reaching for the blue sky, as calming as her Beloved's arms. But the
Creatrix, to her eyes, did not appear.
Yet the Creatrix was there, watching, most of her essence hidden in an adjacent universe. She shared
each sigh Hayat breathed out, not daring to reveal her presence. She sent the thought, burying it deep
within her mind, while soothing her pain: “I miss you, Dear One, but must not appear to you. You are
safe, and must abide with your husband. Develop your race, mother and nurture them, teach your sons
and daughters, and pass on to them, what you have learned. I love you, dear one, and you will always
have my love. I am always with you. Never forget that.”
Hayat heard the message floating on the warm breeze. She stretched out on the soft sand, touching
herself as she would her beloved Light Bearer, and at last, trembling, lay down for a nap, dreaming of
Years passed, and the children learned. Hayat taught them to speak, to gather plants and help them
grow. Her husband helped her teach the children to care for the animals they had named. Evren, her
firstborn son, was good at growing food, while his twin sister whom everyone called Aclima, preferred
to draw maps and write stories. Their younger brother, Vacío and both his twin sisters preferred to care
for the groups of animals that the man called sheep and cows. Hayat preferred to call them koyun and
vacas. This preference for food over animals seemed to provoke constant arguing between the boys,
for some reason. She tried, in vain it often felt, to teach Evren and Vacío how to get along with each
other. Her daughters she taught as well, but kept separate from her sons once their monthly flows
began. So much of her energy was spent keeping them from fighting that she had little left over. So
different, like their parents, they spent little time together. Evren was tall, fierce tempered. Vacío was
shorter, contemplative, yet strong enough to pull a recalcitrant cow back to the shelter. Like their
parents, they preferred different words for the same animals, and often argued over which words were
better. This worrisome trend continued until they were too big for Hayat to have much power over
them any more, while her husband had long since stopped bothering with their sons except to shout
orders. She worried that this could only lead to tears, one day. Sadly, that day was approaching faster
than she knew.

Following the path the the river, each carried a load of empty gourds to fill with water. The brothers
walked on separate sides of their mother. “It has been a good harvest,” she smiled, evading a date palm
”Anne,” asked Vacío, “Could you explain more about the Creatrix, please. Baba says that for him
there was only the Creator, and that the Creator was a great Warrior. He never says what a Warrior
does, or why he was great. And why have we never seen him, Anne? Baba always walks away saying
I ask too many questions.”
”Father is right, you do ask too many questions, Vacío. And what would Mother know about the Great
Creator anyway,” lifting his chin, “he never spoke to her, only to Father.”
”My sons, hijos, please listen to me, please stop this arguing between yourselves. Vacío, your baba is
wrong, you can never ask too many questions. And Evren, I have seen the Ancient Warrior, and he has
spoken to me, albeit not nearly so frequently as he did to your father, this is true. That is because the
Light Bearer generally spoke with me, and the Ancient Warrior with your father. And to answer your
excellent question, Vacío, no, I do not know what a warrior does, nor why we have not seen the Ancient
Warrior since he expelled us from that warm island in the south, with the garden in the center,”
She sighed, looking off into the distance, the corners of her mouth turning down just a hairsbreadth,
tucking a tuft of wool under a gourd strap. If she sent Vacío off on his final adulthood test first, Evren
would surely be jealous. But Evren, partly for that reason, was not ready for the journey. How would
she resolve this?
“I do know that this Creator was not alone, for the Light Bearer has told me of how she helped him
create this world, providing what he could not.”
The taller boy's jaw clenched as his gourd shattered against the ground. “Enough nonsense, Mother!” .
“Wait, Evren. Hijo, where are you going?”
”Don´t call me hijo! I speak only father´s words, and so should you! I am your son, SON! Not hijo!”
”Yes, I can see you've been talking with your father again, who, by the way, did use other words with
me, before you born. And remember what the Ancient Warrior said about your own decisions. You
have the ability to choose the words you will use, and the world you will help us all create.”
“How do you know what the Great Creator said!” railed Evren against his mother, flecks of spittle
whitening the corners of his mouth, nostrils flaring as his eyes shifted wildly from side to side.
“I know, son, believe me. Calm down. You have the ability to rise above your animal instincts and be
better than you want to be, or you can give in to those base feelings and descend to be like those
animals from which we were molded. It is your choice, but that choice will affect all of us, mi hijo, my
son, so please choose wisely, and with respect for all of us equally.”
”More senseless words! Your probably just made them up, like you did that so called Light Bearer you
keep babbling about. If it were sensible, it would have come from the Creator! I am leaving.” He spat
as he turned, his footsteps leaving grass and shrubs alike ground down and torn to shreds in the wake of
his passing.
”Evren, you cabron,” shouted Vacío, “come back here! You cannot walk away when Anne is speaking
to you!”
The younger brother, slighter of build but stronger, stood staring after older, jaw clenching ever tighter.
He moved to follow when a gesture from his mother stopped him.
Evren also stopped, turning back to face them: ”Yes, I can, and oh, yes, I do like goats! You go back
to your stupid sheep Vacío, you empty-headed fool! I am going to do something useful, like harvest
some food!”
”Let him go, hijo. I will find a way to speak with him later. Come, let us sit among the koyun and talk
of the Light Bearer. Calm yourself, and we will meditate upon the luz, contemplate that which brings
hope, esperanza to us. Bring some leben and your celev, Umut, and let us sit together while we talk,
OK hijo? And maybe one of your sisters will join us if you ask nicely as you pass by their tents on
your way back, por fis?”
”Yes, Anne, I will be right back.” kissing her hand and touching it to his forehead, Vacío left to find his
favorite perro, which baba called dog but Anne preferred to call celev (except for when the
mischievous scavenger stole food from the sofra, the low round table he had built for them to keep
their food off of the ground at meal times, at which point she would then call the poor animal a köpek,
in a most unfriendly tone of voice). Vacío had chosen to name him Umut, to distinguish him from the
other perros. As he walked to find Umut, wondering where the mischievous little scavenger had hidden
himself now, he saw his brother Evren walking in the field toward the tawny stalks of wheat, ready for
cutting down.
Vacío decided to try to speak with his brother in hopes that he would see reason.
“Evren, have you got a moment, hermano?”
Striding briskly toward the grain, the older brother's face began to heat up, jaw clenching as his temple
throbbed, “hermano” ringing in his ears. He heard his flint knife singing on the wind, saw his brother's
neck, separating like the stalks, head falling with the ripe grain into his basket, the taste of blood in his
Evren's guardian detected it first.
”That was the wrong thing to say! Tell him to say Brother, right now!” He transmitted to Vacío's
guardian, who frantically whispered in his ear:
“Quick, say brother! Say Brother! Now, say BROTHER!”
But Vacío was intent on righting his brother's wrong. Anne´s lovely words should not be abused. Baba
and Evren wanted only to see the most basic things in life, forgetting the beauty usefulness of having
more than one word to describe a thing, a feeling, a state of being. New ideas, born of the variety of
words that his anne was creating nearly every day. Vacío was certain that he could convince his brother
of this. If only Evren would see his potential, and decide to live up to it. He could be the master of the
foul temper he often showed.
“Evren, hermano.”
Evren turned on his brother, face livid with rage. The dormant entity awoke, watching fascinated,
unnoticed by either brother's guardian. The semi-corporeal being began growing, feeding on the energy
emanating from Evren's wrath.
“Do not call me that, Brother! Perhaps I should marry our mother, and then I could show her, as Father
could not, how to hold her tongue!”
Vacío's face flushed in shock and anger, hands beginning to shake.
”Now you go too far, Hermano mio!”
Satisfaction flashed across Evren's face as he imagined Vacío's head hitting the bottom of his grain
”Really, and just what did you think I expected would happen once Father dies, my dear Brother? Did
you really expect me to swallow that nonsense about cooperating with you, sharing the world, having
an equal say in building a sense of your so-called ethics, and community? You will even have our most
beautiful sister, Aclima, for yourself, and not allow me the double portion that should be my right as
first-born son.”
“What double portion, Evren? And no one has mentioned what will become of whichever twin you do
not marry, either. Who knows whether we may soon have another brother in need of a wife. We do
know that Father was commanded by the Ancient Warrior that we each take a wife from a different
birth. You even have either of my twins to choose from.”
“Oh, yes, I have either one of your unseemly spoiled and bull-headed twin sisters to marry...”
“Well then, Evren, either should make a perfect match for you. You can teach each other to cooperate,
in your part of the world...”
“Do you really believe, Vacío, that I do not see what you and Mother are planning to do once Father is
gone? You will try to take over and rule all of the world yourself, with our Mother, my Mother, at your
side, a mere figurehead while you give the orders. No, you empty-headed liar. I will have Aclima, and
all that is mine.”
”You are mistake...” Vacío's last words were lost as his brother leapt toward him, a flint knife poised in
his upraised hand. As his arms went up, too late, in a futile attempt to ward of the lethal blow, Evren
deftly feinted, disengaging the blocking arms, and jabbing the tool deep into Vacío´s solar plexus,
shattering his rib cage, and the knife while puncturing a lung. Both guardians looked on, unable to
respond, not knowing what to do. The entity watching all of this, meanwhile, grew, feeding upon the
torrent of energy washing over the area. Plant and object guardians nearby began to notice and report
on his effects as he grew, casting a shadow over the ground where he hovered watching. He followed,
inexorably drawn to Evren´s fury, as Vacío fell to the ground, unmoving, atop the grain. His heartbeat
stopped, eyes closing, while as his body began to cool, Evren´s began to heat further. Vacío´s guardian,
having stored and transmitted the report for all of his data, collated what effects he could find, and
lacking further instructions, found himself fading away, deinstantiating out of the experimental
universe. The guardian´s last thoughts were of his failure to find a way to protect his charge, his dear
and sweet Vacío, who had been the best hope for the human beings. The guardian would miss Vacío.
Evren, flushed with rage and victory, walked quickly, then began to jog, then run, toward the tents of
his sisters. He felt a need for something to release this tension in his body, the unbearable pressure
crushing him, and he knew that one of his sisters, his twin sister Aclima, would be the perfect
receptacle. He ran to the opening of the tent, throwing back the panel, looking about the darkened
interior, and seeing her there, unprotected, sleeping on the ground. He lunged in, scooped her sleeping
form off the ground, throwing her across his back as he ran. Ignoring her struggles and cries, reveling
in his strength, he ran, leaving Mother, Father, family and home. Whether he would be found,
punished, rewarded or praised he did not know, but he intended to have his way. Both with Aclima,
and with the world. After running for a time, he finally began to tire, and slowed to a walk. He
growled at his crying sister to be quiet, throwing her down, planting his knees in her chest. Dazed and
gasping for air, she flailed uselessly attempting to free her arms. He tightened the blanket wrapping her
arms then choked off what was left of her air supply. Once she passed out, he paused to look at her.
How much he wanted her, to plant his seed within her, make her his and teach her to obey. Fear pushed
him, however, to keep moving, and lifting her bruised body, threw her across his shoulders, and
continued on, away from all they had previously known. The semi-corporeal entity followed Evren as
he kidnapped his sister, watching the guardians of the two human beings following in stupefied shock.
As the entity grew the guardians finally took note, too late. Both reported on it as possibly having had
an unknown influence upon the situation. Both reports were lost.
As Evren stopped, both guardians urgently whispered to him:
“Take her back!”
“Let her go! This is your twin sister, who shared the womb with you! You should be protecting her,
not harming her! Look how you are hurting her!”
“Stop this right now! Put her down! Stop carrying her away!”
Their urging had no effect.
They had tried to deny him what was his. He would show them, sire children who would obey and
respect him, show the proper fear that he was due as a mighty man, a warrior. One day, he would rule
them all. The semi-corporeal entity grew as Evren gave vent to his rage and his need to dominate. The
entity drew closer and closer to Evren, finally merging with Evren's very shadow, feeding on the awful
heat and malevolent energy around Evren. As Evren´s guardian took note of the growing being, a
powerful electromagnetic pulse surged all around the guardian, generated by Evren´s rage, but directed
by the entity. It now seemed able to control the energy being given off by Evren. The guardian, caught
between Evren and this new entity, was first unable to transmit the report to his supervising guardian.
Then the very wavelength of the guardian began to change, re attuning and merging with that of the
entity itself, as if the shadowy creature had consumed the guardian.
The interrupted report become “All Is Well”, transmitted, then updated to include a new reporte that
Evren´s sister had requested to come along with him on a trip after an accidental fall.
That done, the entity, with his newly acquired reporting and communicating capacities, then proceeded
to whisper in Evren´s other ear, since the ear in which the guardian had been whispering still radiated
residual noise from the defunct guardian:
“Very good, very good, powerful one. Now you have begun to take for yourself what you rightfully
deserve. This is only the beginning.”
Evren smiled, triumphantly reveling in the words of the entity, believing them to be his own thoughts.
He began to feel better, freer.
His sister´s guardian, meanwhile, her body jolted with each nauseating step Evren took, was still
whispering in her ear:
“Keep breathing, breath, it will be over soon, you will survive, you will escape, relax, breath, do not
give up. He has to stop, has to sleep. Sometime, you will escape.”
Completely occupied with the task of keeping her unfortunate charge alive and away from despair,
Aclima's guardian never noticed what was happening with Evren and his now defunct guardian.
Caught off guard, her frequencies abruptly shifted without her control. As the guardian began to search
for possible causes of this disruption, the entity overpowered her communications, beaming her a
powerful focused message:
“You will do as I tell you, and report that “All Is Well”. You will then send an updated report to include
a new message reporting that your charge has requested to come along with her brother on a trip after
an accidental fall. Do you understand?”
“Nausea, dizzy, no air.”
Her jumbled thoughts refused to order themselves. Then came the dawning horror that her brother was
taking her somewhere. Mercifully, the darkness closed in.

In the new reporting area, in a universe farther away from the experimental universe, the Ancient
Warrior had summoned the head guardian. He was pleased to have an area which only a very select
few could access, but not pleased with the new reports.
”Four sets of emergency sparks, now?! Four quite bloody sets of alarms, literally, and I am only now
being notified? Why have these reports taken so long to come in?”
Transmitting its respects, the head guardian replied to the irate Creator:
”It began as an argument, Great Warrior, and suddenly, before any guardian could react or decide what
to do, the first son had rendered the second son inert, and this seems to have caused the second son's
guardian to also go inert, or rather to have ceased reporting altogether.”
“Yes, obviously, the guardian has been deinstantiated, now that his charge no longer exists.”
“Then the first guardian then had to follow his charge without a final consultation with the second
guardian, which nearly put him out of commission as well, since we have no procedures in place for
such an eventuality. Then this first son went running into the tent of his sister...”
“Which sister?”
“His twin, Great Creator, and carried her away by force. That also has no precedent, causing her
guardian to also have to request instructions after reporting. Then he beat her into unconsciousness and
considered being forcibly physically intimate with her. This nearly incapacitated her guardian. In the
meantime, we have had to ascertain the final status of both the second son and his guardian, or former
guardian, and then as we were doing that, a report came in from the supervising group guardian noting
odd secondary effects. This is all a very strange new set of occurrences, Great Creator, for which we
have not procedures. Should we find and consult with the Creatrix, Great Creator?”
An upraised arm, an ancient thought-form form predating the Ancient Warrior, flashed through his
thoughts, jangling the guardian.
”She is nothing, and not to be mentioned again!”
”Yes, Great Creator. What is to be done about the first son and his twin sister, about whom we have
received conflicting reports?”
”What are those reports?” demanded the Ancient Warrior, noting that his explicit orders for the children
of the first man not to marry their own twins had also been directly contravened by this young human.
”Well, Great One, the guardian of the sister initially reported trouble: first only physical pain, then both
physical and emotional pain as a result of an attack upon her by her brother, but then suddenly that
same guardian later reported All Is Well, and that she had asked him to take her on a journey after
having a bad fall. Similarly, the guardian of the first son began by sending a trouble report, indicating
that his charge had violently attacked and incapacitated his brother, and then carried off his twin sister,
dealing her great physical and emotional damage, but then reported that All Is Well, and his charge was
escorting that very same sister on a trip after a bad fall.”
”And what report was sent by the guardian of the second, at the beginning of all of these troubles?
What did that guardian do before becoming silenced?”
”That guardian initially reported that there had been angry words exchanged between the two brothers,
and then that he was attempting to help de-escalate the encounter until the first brother set upon his
charge after opening a conversation which became an argument. The automated recordings appear to
show an unusual level of background noise in the area where the episode took place. This seems to
correlate with what the fourth guardian, the lesser group supervisor guardian, reported in his first alert.”
“Which was?”
The Ancient Warrior found himself becoming annoyed with these halting reports, limited as they were
by their lack of initiative. He could not bring himself to admit, however, that he missed the presence
and incisive analysis, and possibly even the annoying arrogance of the Light Bearer. He would simply
have to find a way, if necessary by making modifications to the guardians, to get all of his reports in a
more timely and intelligent fashion. Wary as he was, he would have to give them more information
and freedom.
“The lesser group guardian, who is the supervisor of a block of wheat stalk groups in the field where
the brothers met, initially reported that his blade guardians were routinely monitoring and whispering
the usual encouragement when an inordinately large number of the stalks were irrecoverably trampled
upon during the altercation.”
“This should be no surprise.”
“No, Great Creator, it was not, at least not to the higher level supervising guardian who reported to me,
although the group guardian for those particular stalks of wheat is not very happy, of course.”
“Of course not. That is the way these guardians are designed to respond for the purposes of this
experiment. And the unusual background noise?”
“Well that is just the question, Great One. Since the instantiation of each guardian goes offline after
recording all data from its charge, the group supervising guardian found it odd that these guardians,
after reporting the destruction of their charges, continued to report, rather than signing off. And rather
than seeing a diminished energy flow in the area overall, which ought to have happened given that less
energy was being produced, both due to the now reduced number of living beings, and the reduced
number of reporting guardians in the area...”
“Yes, yes.”
“Well, the energy flow measures actually continued to increase. In fact, the group supervising guardian
for that area of the field reports that energy levels actually continued to increase after the felling of the
human, which resulted in the subsequent deinstantiation of his guardian. These two events ought to
have caused the registering of a substantially lower energy flow in the area where the wheat was
growing, yet the supervising guardian reports just the opposite.”
“When does the increased energy flow begin, and what were the wavelengths throughout the area, and
from what source or direction does the surge seem to originate?”
“We have not sorted that information out, as we were only ordered to report on the data streams that
were being recorded during the altercation. I shall give directions to the supervising guardians for all
groups in that field to answer your questions, Great Creator.”
“Good, and while you are at it, make sure to give standing orders that in the future, guardians and
supervising group guardians are to report as soon as any sign of trouble begins, with before and after
records, including all of the questions I have just asked you. Take any other steps you deem necessary
to prevent such a failure of reporting again in the future. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Great Creator, but that will overwhelm the capacities of my current hierarchy of supervising
guardians. From where will we get the energy reserves to add more to the staff of my data collecting
and collating messengers?”
“I will see to that. Begin implementing my orders, taking care to be more proactive in the future. You
are dismissed.”
The Ancient Warrior contemplated changing the name of the reporting area to something more fitting,
Audience Chamber, perhaps. It was impossible for the guardians to cross out of the experimental
universe, so he could summon and recieve reports from his head guardians in private. He had to be
certain that this group of guardians did not discover his energy limitations and begin to try to challenge
him for leadership of the multiverse, as others before them had done. This defiance on the part of the
young Light Bearer, was setting a dangerous precedent, and as the supervising guardians, particularly
the head guardian supervisor, were required to take more initiative, they might come closer to
challenging his authority. Since he would be lessened in the reach of his essence with each new level
of guardians instantiated, he would need to take steps to ensure his continuing domination without the
additional expenditure of energy. They must not find this out, nor understand why.
The head supervising guardian transmitted:
“Great Creator, there seems to be a greater problem than we first realized in the area where the
altercation initially took place. Now the guardians of the soil particles and small aeration and digestion
animals in the soil below the grass where the second man fell inert are reporting very strange
anomalous data.”
“What are they reporting?”
“They all say that the electrical charges where his blood soaked into the ground are growing in
intensity, producing a strong enough change to the surrounding magnetic field that very strong signals
are being generated. In fact, one signal is growing in strength so rapidly that it should soon be strong
enough to be received on the other side of the universe.”
“A signal strong enough to traverse 15 billion light years before fully degrading? Are you certain?”
“Yes, Great Creator, and we are perplexed.”
“Well, what is generating the charge in the first place?”
“That is just it, Great Creator. We cannot find the source of the charge.”
“That is absurd.”
“This is true, Great Warrior, yet our best search efforts are unable to uncover the source. Every
guardian has been interrogated within the entire area in which the first son ranged, and yet no
explanation can be found.”
“I will investigate this myself. Send me the full data from the site, and then send the son's guardian to
“Bypassing the reporting structure of the supervising guardians, my Great Creator?”
“Yes. I wish to interrogate this guardian myself, given the strange goings on all around him. And do
not question my orders again.”
“Right away, and my apologies.” The head supervising guardian hastily bowed out.
“Wait!” thundered the Ancient Warrior. “You will address me as Great Creator at all times! Do not
forget yourself again, head supervisor!”
“Yes, Great Creator, please forgive me.”
“You are forgiven, this time, guardian, but ensure that such a slip never occurs again. Let us go down
now and investigate these happenings.”

Even before arriving at the scene, the Ancient Warrior felt the overpowering ring of the blood of the
defunct Vacío, resonating from below the ground. Proceeding to follow the odd trail of visceral energy
left in the wake of the violent episodes recently past, the Warrior could follow the flow left behind by
the recent events. They pulled him, almost as strongly as if a physical cord had been tied to his
corporeal form, drawing him inexorably toward the current location of the offspring of the first human
beings into which the Creator had formed and breathed life. Even more disturbing, the Ancient Warrior
sensed the presence of an entity which had an entirely different set of wavelengths, much longer than
even his supervising guardians could detect. The entity appeared to have merged with Evren's
guardian. The fact that his supervising guardians had not detected this change would need to be
addressed immediately after dealing with Evren. This was an anomaly for which the Ancient Warrior
had not planned, and had no contingencies. Without the Light Bearer to help him, this could escalate
into a real problem. But she must not be allowed to know this, either. Decided the Ancient Warrior.
Without the Light Bearer he was also unable to end the experiment, a fact of which he hoped the Light
Bearer herself was still unaware. Since she had initialize the experiment, providing all of the reflective
energy for the experiment, he could not undo that set up without expending a tremendous amount of
energy. That was energy which he now no longer had access to, since he was using it to both create the
new supervising guardian hierarchical levels, and in stretching his essence to maintain coverage,
however thin, throughout the known multiverse. If she finds out, she will surely no longer obey,
worried the Creator.
This put the Ancient Warrior in a state of static which was not only disagreeable, but potentially
dangerous, given the unknown nature and extent of infiltration and coverage of this new entity. He
would have to deal very carefully with this young human man, and with the entity feeding on him.
Displaying his usual head and beard silhouette against the sky, within earshot of the now tired young
man, the Ancient Warrior, called out:
“Evren, where are you?”
Evren froze in shock and fear. How could the Creator be talking directly with him, when in so long not
even his parents had heard from their creators. He had begun to doubt the very existence of the
Creator, despite his trust in the little that his father had told him of the Ancient Warrior. Evren
imagined a stern commander, giving concise orders, expecting obedience, and no questions. He wasn't
“Shouldn't you be talking with my Father, Great Creator, rather than a young one like me? He can
explain things far better.”
His father had always indulged him, so that he had no doubts that he would have been able to convince
the first man that his actions had been justified. He even felt sure that the old man would have relented
and given his twin sister to him for a wife, if only to be sure that Evren would not covet the first
woman, his mother, as a wife and a symbol of his leadership of all of the human race. What to do now,
with the ominous approach of the Creator, whom he must now acknowledge did indeed exist, and
apparently also took a potentially unhealthy interest in talking directly to him, of all things. This could
not be good. There must be some way to escape this situation.
“I was just going to offer you some good and choice vegetables, Great and Mighty Creator. We have
worked hard, as you commanded, and have grown new foods from the earth, which has been very
difficult to manage up here. Father tells us that before, in this paradise, or garden-like place in the
south, before Mother deceived him, raising food was so easy, so simple it was unnecessary to cultivate
the ground, but that now, in your wisdom, you have placed us here to help us learn how to. And work
we have. I brought you an offering from the first fruits of of this season. May it please you, Great
Warrior, our only Creator.”
The Creator could not ignore the insistent resonating vibrations of the blood still soaking into the
ground where Evren had felled his younger brother. He decided to give the young man a chance to
open up in honesty, in the event, however unlikely, that he would acknowledge the heinousness of his
crime. He did not want to admit that this batch of human beings was not evolving well, and that
intervention was in fact necessary, as the now estranged Light Bearer had asserted.
“Evren, where is your brother?”
“How should I know,” Evren stammered, “do I look like my bother´s babysitter? Why don´t you go
ask our idiotic mother, who loves to talk those silly words of baby talk with him all the time. She is the
one who ought to know.” Evren felt that that was true, in a manner of speaking, since he had covered
the body with soil and run off so quickly after hitting his brother that he did not know whether the blow
had left him lying in the wheat field, or on the rocks nearby.
“Why do you ask, great Creator? Just out of curiosity.”
The arrogance of this young man was impressive. If this was where humanity was headed, it did not
look good at all.
“Evren, the very ground herself is crying out to me, telling me of your crime. Your brother's blood
sings up through the rocks, demanding punishment.”
“It was not my fault.”
“You are banished, Evren, to wander the earth with no rest, and no place to call your own, no land upon
which to proudly wrest from the ground those fruits of your labor which you so arrogantly boasted you
had worked to produce. Now go.”
Evren understood that his attempt at deceiving the Creator would not work. Since argument would
probably have more unpleasant consequences for him, he decided to try another tactic.
“This punishment is unbearable. Why not simply give me a clean death. An execution from you
would be far better than having to wander the earth alone.”
"My patience is beginning to wear thin Evren. You clearly do not understand the reach of my
knowledge. Do you not know that my essence fills the universe?
"Let me keep my sister with me as a wife. She wants to be with me just ask her. And in any case she
has always wanted to bear my child so she must come with me now.”
Transmitting to Aclima's guardian, the Ancient Warrior queried: “Does this woman want to go with her
The Guardian replied with a very low power, focused pulse response “Yes, Great Creator.”
Something was clearly amiss but the Ancient warrior decided that it was probably due to the unusual
entity which had merged itself with Evren 's guardian. Through this successful combination, and the
strange new emissions from the ground where Vacío fell victim to Evren, the creature had already
shown a disturbing ability to alter the electromagnetic environment by which it was surrounded. This
must also account for the weak response of the sister´s guardian. This was a difficult situation, since
neither guardian appeared to be entirely reliable, but the Ancient Warrior did not have sufficient energy
reserves to create and transfer all data to a new pair of guardians and deal with this new entity, which
seemed to be gaining strength rapidly. It appeared to be feeding on the young man´s excited emotional
state. How this could work was still a mystery to the Ancient Warrior. It would have been quickly
resolved had the young Light Bearer been there to help him. Considering the state of the guardian, the
Ancient warrior decided that the priority should remain on allowing free will to run its course.
He ordered her guardian: “Report and record only with minimal interference.” He ignored the entity.
Evren, caked in blood, and drenched in sweat, stood taller, and cried out:
“Wait! This is too much. I am a doomed man, cursed. Now anyone who sees me will simply kill me
himself, if you do not kill me, and they will take my wife, to boot.”
“No, no man will kill you. Your guardian can be felt from miles away. It shall be an identifying mark
so that no one will come near you. Thus no stranger will kill you, and any one who does dare to
approach you shall be punished by the very being with whom you have allied yourself.”
This was an easy prediction to make, since nothing could come near the pair of them without feeling
intense discomfort. The electromagnetic disturbances this entity created made it difficult for even the
Ancient Warrior to be nearby.
“Now, I will not tell you again, Go!”
A sonic boom accompanied the order, causing Evren to fall flat on his face to the ground. When he
recovered, Evren saw that his twin sister, now his wife as far as he was concerned, was still where he
had left her. Now he would be sure to record his version of these events, his story, which he would call
History, as the official record of these events, to remind her. Remind her of how she had wanted to go
away with him, how he was protecting her from her brother and Father. He knew. He had seen them
looking at her with lust in their eyes.
“They want you,” he shouted, flecks of spittle flying through the air, over her prostrate body, “I have
seen their eyes follow you, lusting for you, waiting to ravish you. You walked away from me, so many
times when I tried to tell you. I offered you my protection, but you refused to listen.”
“And you, always pretending not to want me, wasting your time drawing lies in the sand. You will
learn to listen, the right way to speak and to think. I will wholeheartedly protect you, my wife, from
He picked her still unconscious body up and began the long walk eastward, to a place he had heard of
once as a very small child. There was a large river, which his mother had told him joined another great
river and watered a large crescent shaped area of land, sheltering many fruit-bearing trees and wild but
edible grasses and animals in abundance. Perhaps this land would have sufficient abundance to allow
him to survive in his wanderings and maybe even win over his wife, in time. He did not relish the idea
of living with a woman who behaved hatefully toward him, as she always had, and most likely would
try to continue for a long while, given his earlier lax behavior toward her.
“I have allowed you, for far too long, to get away with this pretense that you did not want me. You will
bear my children, and you will obey and respect me.”
She would admit that she was to blame for having slept in a tent unguarded, and all that after tempting
him with her beauty for so long. Never a kind word, always signaling with her silences, glances, her
long flowing hair, turning so gracefully at his approach, showing her beautiful shoulders, the curve of
her breast as she turned from her slender waist, gliding away from him. Always revealing the sway of
her hips, sweeping down into long slender legs which carried her so quickly away from him that he
could never help but see the well-developed muscles of her smooth legs. His longing had been
unbearable, goaded by her guile, led on by her coquettish play, her pretense of not wanting his touch,
from the time her bosom had first begun to swell, indicating her readiness to become his.
“But always you played the coquette, even when we were young, crying, denying what we both knew.
And that empty-headed brother, telling mother that I was harassing you.”
Then the interminable lectures from mother implying that all of this was his fault, when his sister's
shameful subterfuge was so clearly to blame. Surely now, after she saw how her shameful game
playing and her refusal to admit her feelings for him had forced him to take her away with him in this
way, she would admit that this useless game had come to an end, and openly declare her love for him.
She was meant to be his, and now the Creator had confirmed it, giving her to him to protect and to
guide, to bear his children and to honor his wishes. They would restore his respect, stolen from him all
of these years.
His sister woke up, beginning to struggle again as his fast walk jostled her body. Realizing that it was
Evren, her childhood dislike now hardened into loathing of her twin brother.
Evren decided to stop for a rest, stooping to let his burden fall to the ground.
“Cut your fingernails,” he demanded, as his sister sat up, looking dazed and trying not to vomit.
“Just tear them off,” he ordered, “and give them to me. Take these,” pulling her hand toward him and
opening it upward, he dropped ten sharp yellowed slivers into her palm,
“Eat these. You will become my wife, as one with me.”
Ignoring her hesitation, he pulled her to him, holding her face up toward his while pushing his tongue
into her mouth. Discovering that he was sucking all of her saliva from her mouth, she felt thankful that
this was all he seemed to want. Maybe he had forgotten about the fingernails.
This can´t be happening, she thought, This must be my imagination. What would Anne do? How
would she get away? she wondered, seeking a way to escape her brother's hold.
“This will seal our marriage,” he informed her, releasing her, “and our souls will touch, becoming
connected. Now, eat,” he commanded.
Letting most of the slivers slip between her fingers, she brought her hand to her mouth, feeling the
jagged bits of nail from his fingers pass her lips, nearly choking as she tried to swallow, the sliver
cutting into her tongue. She tried to avoid his watchful gaze, wondering what would happen next.
Now, she would begin to honor and obey him, he thought, satisfied. And she would speak with the
words, the right words, that their Father had used. Then they would begin to do something about this
business of wandering the earth. No curse nor punishment would stop him from attaining his rightfully
deserved place at the head of the human race, with Mother at his side once Father was gone. They
would have to work on creating a way of recording the passage of time, naturally starting at the time
when Father grandly sired him, and then record all of his deeds and words.
“I have great plans for the future, our future, the future of all of the human race, of which I am clearly
the head and our descendents the masters of all the rest of human kind.”
“What?” Aclima edged away as he began gesticulating wildly.
“Mother always argued with me, saying that my thoughts were wrong, unkind, illogical. How dare
she? Clearly she and that useless brother of ours were the ones who were wrong, and I will prove it.
Has not the death of that idiot Vacío not already proven that I was in the right,” looking at her, “with
the confirmation newly directly given by the Great Creator himself?”
She nodded, looking nauseated. She lay on the ground, struggling to breathe as he turned away,
shouting, “Now I will begin to show everyone how great I truly am!” His sister passed out.
These powerful thoughts and plans were indeed satisfying to Evren, who imagined that he was
originating them, not hearing the voice of his new companion, which had fed upon his rage and
consumed his guardian. This entity was evolving quickly in its ability to form thoughts and execute
them. Initially those thoughts had all consisted of orders, requirements to be pressed upon nearby
guardians. The entity was becoming aware of other impulses. Generated by rage and fed by
murderous desire, the impulse to control was growing. Having absorbed the guardian of Evren, what
now? Will this guardian be deactivated, like the other? Evren will die, but I must go on. All shall
know and fear me.
As these thoughts emerged in the creature who had begun to dominate Evren and all those around him,
his twin began to stir again, her head swimming, every joint echoing a shriek as her bruised muscles
struggled into an upright posture.
“Where am I? Anne, where is she?”
Striding toward her, arm drawn back to strike, Evren's reddening face loomed over her, bellowing:
“Not Anne! Mother! And she is nothing to you. Do you hear, she is nothing! Less than nothing! You
are not to mention her, nor anyone else but the Creator!”
Panting, he stepped back, lifting his chin, satisfaction in his hard stare. The cooling breeze blew a stray
wisp of hair into her eyes as Aclima gathered her resolve, feeble words at last forming on her lips:
”I am leaving.” Moving to stand up, she stood stock still as her brother approached.
”You are staying with me. The Great Creator has given you to me to be my wife, and if you leave me
you will die immediately.”
“Your wife? You are insane. Who said you could...”
She found herself back on the ground, as Evren slapped her face, then then threw her body down,
landing with his knees in the back of her chest as her supple legs twisted and gave way under her, while
he folded his arms around her neck.
Then, literally,:
“Do NOT Question me!” he growled. “You are my Wife, you will bear my children. And you will
obey me. The Creator has decreed it. Never question me again!”
He gave her a last shake, then arose, walked a few feet, and sat down, as she slowly sat up, shaken to
her core. Never had she seen him this violent before. She looked at him warily, wondering what to do,
realizing that she had no idea how she would be able to get away from him long enough to find her way
back home, if home was even a safe place.
Then, his body gave a sudden and violent twitch, and his entire posture subtly but definitely changed,
and he turned toward her again, walking back to her, sitting down on the ground beside her. She dared
not move, fearing an even worse reaction than before. She was surprised at his sudden new gentleness:
“My cherished little one, I know you are confused and missing home. Fear not, for you have been
chosen to be a wife, and a mother, to fill an important role for all of the human race. Be obedient, be
diligent and learn to trust. All will be well.”
With a second twitch, and again with a subtle change in his posture, he looked at her with an odd
mixture of disdain and wonder, stood up and wordlessly walked away.
As she sat dazed and wondering what to make of these recent events, her brother's celev, or dog as she
would have to remember to say if she spoke to Evren, appeared in the distance. By what name did her
brother Vacío call the creature again, Umut was it? As the furry creature came running up to her, she
realized that this animal must have tracked her by her scent, as it had a very good nose. That might
mean that Umut could help her find her way back home as well. If she could get away from Evren.
Perhaps Vacío and Anne were not far behind, and would be able to explain all of this. Nothing made
As she petted Umut, Evren came back, angrily stomping the ground, bending to find a large stick and
waving it in their direction:
“Go away, stupid beast, I do not need another mouth to feed along the way!”
Both Umut and Aclima were frightened by Evren's reaction. Neither had spent any time with him, and
did not understand why he was so angry.
”But I was only petting him...”
As she spoke, Evren advanced on her, his fist upraised and drawn back, readying to hit her face again,
and she instinctively retreated, curling into fetal position as poor Umut ran away, tail tucked tightly
between his hind legs.
”I have already told you, do not question me.” He lowered his hand, observing the trembling young
woman with a satisfied air, and turned to walk away. He stopped, turning back to her, and ordered:
“Find something for us to eat. Now.”
Umut's Guardian reported to his supervising animal group guardian: “Frightened, threatened, running
Aclima's guardian reported: “Finding food for us to share, under great duress.” She hoped the last three
words would get through before the next jolt of interference arrived.
Two supervising guardians, each receiving the lower level guardian's reports, found themselves
perplexed. Now that supervising guardians had more free will and initiative taking abilities, they were
also beginning to take more critical views of the universe and the denizens thereof. The poor guardian
of Umut, a mere self-aware animal guardian, had limited cognitive ability, particularly compared to
Aclima's guardian. The newly instantiated guardians for human beings had a wider range of discretion
to encourage their sentient charges to follow the rather vague ethical system being espoused by the
Creator. For the moment, only the supervising guardians knew that the entire universe was merely a
large experiment. Nevertheless, these newly instantiated guardians, with both wider scope of action
and the understanding that they had not been directly created by the Ancient Warrior, were beginning to
push the edge of their own envelope of expanded initiative. Some new guardians were beginning to
show more initiative than supervising guardians would tolerate. These supervising guardians would
find it convenient to overlook the suppression of reports by Evren's new companion entity from overly
active new guardians.
This is becoming intolerable. My charge should not be treated this way. Her guardian then realized the
danger of transmitting, even pondering too much. How could she prevent this entity and Evren from
doing more harm to her charge. Neither Aclima nor her guardian could fend off the domination of this
new entity, even in the presence of the Creator himself. That implied, disturbingly, that the Creator
lacked either the knowledge, the power or the concern to deal with this entity. All were distressing
possibilities. The only safe strategy for my charge, and myself, it seems, is to get her to try to comply
with and appease Evren until it is relatively safe for her to make her escape and get back to her anne.
Having intercepted reports as they passed on the fate of Vacío, the guardian wondered if there could be
a way to gently let Aclima, who had not yet discerned this fact, know this so that she would not be
shocked later by Evren, who would use the news to his advantage in some way if he possibly could.
“I must find a way to communicate with her on the conscious level, since this whispering to her only
enters her unconscious mind. I need to directly affect her waking thoughts and decisions.”
The urgency of getting her to please Evren was occupying the energies of her guardian so much that
Aclima also began to pick up a nervous feeling of worry, fretting about where to find food, and how to
prepare it.
To soothe her, her guardian began to whisper in her ear: “Be calm, and stay strong. This will pass, this
will pass. Try not anger Evren, and we will find a way to escape, with time. You are not alone. Have
patience. Have patience. Have patience.” If only there were another guardian to consult with, some
other point of reference.

The stench of blood alerted her, on the edge of the wheat field. The trampled grain and the odor of
blood finally led Hayat to her son's mutilated body. Her agonized scream shattered the still night air.
“Mi hijo! Se lo mató! Mató a mi hijo!”
The Creatrix, meeting with a supervising guardian, felt the shock and pain brusquely dismissing the
guardian, bring all of her attention to the clearing to protect Hayat. To avoid detection by the Ancient
Warrior, she kept most of her essence near an active volcano, ready to materialize if needed. Although
he was currently dealing with Evren, his wrath would be formidable when informed if the Light Bearer
stepped in now.
As the first man ran to see which son of his had been killed, stomach churning to hear his wife´s
plaintive cry, he entered the clearing, and stopped. In the field he saw his wife and his younger
daughters clutching the stiff and blood-covered body of his son Vacío. A strange and overpowering
odor assailed his nostrils, the familiar smell of excrement coupled with the sickening odor of blood,
raising the bile to his throat. He retched as Hayat looked over at him, shrieking her horror, the dirt
under her fingernails and covering her body making her appear more like one of the wild animals they
now avoided, than the beautiful companion he had married. One of his daughters, unable to bear the
scene any longer, arose and ran away, with her guardian following. It appeared to be Azura. His
remaining daughter curled into a fetal ball, and began to rock back and forth, covering her ears with her
“How much more of this, how much longer? How much? Will all of our lives and the lives of our
children be struggle and hate? I will not bear more children only to suffer like this.” wailed the first
woman, bereft.
“Hayat,” began the man, still at a distance, “listen, it will get better, come away, leave our son and let
me bury him properly,” realizing that Evren must have covered the body of Vacío with soil and wheat
stalks, but the blood covered grain told the entire story.
“Listen, my wife, my dear, go and rest, take our daughters, and I will bury our son in a suitable cave, in
a nice location, a safe place.” soothed her husband, drawing closer to her.
Hayat arose, attempting to pull her daughter up from the ground, then suddenly fainted as her husband,
seeing the body of Vacío up close, vomited again.
This is too much, decided the Light Bearer, generating a magnetic field under the women's bodies:
“Guardian,” addressing the guardian of the daughter still rocking in fetal position on the blood-soaked
“I am going to move your charge to her tent and cover her with a blanket. You will neither record nor
report this,” she ordered.
“But the Creator has given orders...”
“I will give the orders here, and you will obey my directions, Guardian. Is that clear?” overrode the
Light Bearer, sending delta waves into Hayat's brain to put her to sleep.
“Yes, Great Creatrix”, replied the guardian, as the unconscious women began floating toward the living
As the man lifted his head, still dazed and ill, he saw the bodies of his wife and daughter seeming to
float in the air, as if floating upon the waters.
“I must be sure not to eat any more of those odd looking mushrooms again,” the man thought, as he
passed out.
… One Month Later, Somewhere To The East...
“Listen, my wife, you know that I have not yet exercised my husbandly duty toward you, I have not
touched you at all this past month since we have been gone, and we have been happy, is this not so?”
Aclima had learned not to disagree with Evren, whom she no longer thought of as her twin brother, but
as some sort of semi-parental and semi-prophetic authority figure, teaching her ideas of which Father
and increasingly, recently, even the great Creator himself he claimed, had spoken to him. He told her
how privileged she was to learn these secrets, to learn the true language, to hear the words of the
Ancient Warrior himself, and most importantly of all, he did not touch her. He began to speak soft and
lovely words to her, as the walked along, journeying to a place far to the east.
“Today, I promise you that we will see Mother again. You must simply trust me.”
This made no sense, but Aclima had learned to keep silent.
“Vacío attacked me, so naturally I had to defend both of us, myself and also you, my wife. You did not
know this because you were confused about that first day when I saved you from them.”
At first his words did not seem to ring true, did not make sense, did not feel right. She felt fear on all
sides, with no one to turn to for help. Now, she no longer had the spirit to think about what he said,
simply occupying herself with finding and preparing their food, most of which he ate. Occasionally he
felt generous, and would invite her to eat a larger portion, nearly half of the meal at times, but most
days she did not have much stomach to eat, in any case. Each day, now, odd things would happen:
“It is another sign that the Ancient Warrior, the great Creator, is looking upon us with favor, and
preparing to send us children, through you, my loyal and faithful wife.”
She no longer had much feeling either way about these strange things he said, even when he made a
prediction which appeared to come to pass the next day. She felt resigned to her fate. She could not
get away from him, there was no place to hide. She struggled, fighting a losing battle to keep alive the
hope of seeing Anne again.
One evening he called her to his side of their tent. He was completely naked, and, in the semidarkness,
something seemed to be balancing on top of his body, in his center. As he pulled off her
tunic, she saw that it was a part of his body, in about the same place where her blood flowed from her
own body most months. Lately, especially in the first few months after they had left, her monthly
flows had ceased for first one month, then another, but seemed to have stabilized now. Her last flow
had ended just over a week ago now.
“Come to me my wife, it is time to consummate our marriage. Come here, and be with me.”
She sat next to him, looking at his face, which seemed neither angry nor kind at this moment, from the
little she could see in the dim light of the setting sun. She had heard her two younger sisters talking
about how much they enjoyed touching themselves, exploring and moving something inside of their
bodies. She knew that her Mother tolerated Father putting some part of his body inside of hers so that
she could have more children. This had been explained when her monthly flows first began, but
beyond staying away from her brothers except for when Mother was with them, she had felt only a
vague curiosity about it all. She had been accustomed to touching herself some nights, before, but not
now. There in the dim confines of the tent, as Evren pulled her closer to him, she felt nothing. Perhaps
a small curiosity of what would happen, but no desire to touch him, nor to be touched by him. She only
wanted to be left alone to go to sleep. Yet, to resist him could be dangerous, and so she resigned herself
again to appease him.
“Come here, get on top of me, you see, this will not hurt you. Here, slowly, lower yourself down, sit up
She moved to place herself on top of his body, allowing him to guide her over top, and hold her up as
she opened the two flaps of skin from where her blood would flow, aiming his member directly inside
of her, and sat down slowly, trying to ignore the discomfort as his organ slowly grated up into her body.
As he moved inside of her body, it began feeling raw and painful, as if she were being ground down
with sandpaper. He began to pull her down toward him, as he pushed his way deeper inside her body.
It felt exactly like the time when her hand had gotten scraped against a rock flaying the skin off,
leaving an abrasion that took weeks to heal. This however, felt like the skin was being scraped off from
the inside of her body, and she wanted to ask him to stop, but was too afraid. He pushed himself inside
her body until she was sitting directly on top of his, but while the scraping pain stopped when he finally
stopped moving, a sharp ringing pain continued. She looked at him, wanting to ask leave to go, put her
tunic back on, move to her side of the tent, but he waited, looking at her. At last, he nodded, letting her
slip down off and away from him, putting her tunic back on, on her side of their tent. She felt empty,
neither happy nor sad, only relieved that it was over. The next time her called her to him, he had olive
oil on his hands, which he rubbed on his member before making her sit on top of him again, and this
time the scrapping pain was not as bad, as he pushed his way inside of her body, and that sharp higher
pitched pain at the top of her canal was still there, but had lessened. Again he looked at her for a time,
and then allowed her to leave. Again, the next two times he called her, the oil seemed to ease the
scrapping pain, and at last the high-pitched pain diminished into a tolerable discomfort. Over time, the
pain began to disappear entirely, unless there was no olive oil to ease the entry, but Evren seemed to
become restive, expecting something from her. He began to tell her to touch him, and though she was
afraid to refuse, she felt no interest, even a bit of revulsion when he tried to push her head toward his
upright member. Even at the cost of having him throw her down and push himself harshly inside her,
tearing at delicate flesh, refusing to stop moving until he was panting with exertion and drops of his
sweat fell all over her face, while her teeth chattered in the chill air and she begged him to stop or just
finish quickly, she could not make herself put that ugly member of his into her mouth as he demanded.
More than once he threatened her, and always in the end, her stomach turned, and she turned her head,
again to be bodily overturned, pinned down as he forced himself into her dry canal, grunting until he
was done. At least when there was no oil, sometimes he finished sooner. It came to hurt just the same
with or without oil. She finally stopped having her flows, and the fifth month in a row, as she said,
“Evren, I have not bled for so long, perhaps I am with child.”
Evren´s happiness was so complete that he gave her more to eat and did not threaten to hit her, nor to
demand her body as often, for weeks. He even seemed to become almost gentle, once asking, as she
again begged him to stop, if he was causing her too much pain. As her body began to look healthier,
however, her flow began again, and with the realization that she was not pregnant, he again demanded
her body, requiring her to sleep next to him, naked, each night, accusing her of avoiding him.
Her guardian could only stay with her, helping her to endure the pain, whispering into her ear: “Be
calm, there is a way to escape, we will find it. Keep hoping. Be patient and do not provoke his wrath.”
But when one night, Evren demanded her body, she had finally had too much, was too tired to care if
he beat her, she said at last:
“No. Please, no. Just let me to sleep,” turning away from him, she hoped that he would accept this, the
first time her anger and her desperation had hardened into courage.
“If you try to turn away,” he growled at her, “or refuse me, I will simply have you from behind, and it
will hurt more.”
Seeing no way out, she turned her body toward him, trying not to retch. Wishing for a way to expel his
seed from her body, expel him from her life, she opened her legs, hoping he would be done quickly.
Her guardian began to cry.
Chapter 11. Thinking of Escapes
Your place of birth marks you ... Whether you like it or not.
-from “The Book Of Hayat”
More than a year passed this way. Often times, on days when she could escape from Evren by going to
wash clothes or gather food and cooking materials, she would recall memories of a recurring dream she
had had as a child, from the earliest time she could remember until she was nine winters old. Nearly
every night, in those early years of her life, she had had this same dream. She had traveled with her
anne, in this dream, to a place far beyond the river, over a vast body of warm, deep blue water, clear
enough to see down to the bottom. They had gone to a great mountain, at whose base they had decided
to spend the night. While her anne slept, the girl had climbed the mountain, as one can only do in
dreams, and met a host of people who looked nearly like herself and her brothers and sisters, but were
taller, speaking with strange words, and shimmering with a light that reminded her of the light that
came with the loud noises when the wind bent the tree branches back and the water from the sky flew
sideways, stinging her face.
“There is a storm coming,” as Baba would say, or firtinas, sometimes tormentas, as her anne called
them. They were powerful, sometimes causing fires.
“Always keep extra food and water inside. Frightening tormentas like this may keep raging for days,”
Anne had warned her. What was her anne doing right now, she wondered. I will see her again, vowed
The tormentas continued, like her dreams of these strange people who glowed as if they had borrowed
the aura from one of those flashes of fiery light. Yet, one of these people, a woman with long dark hair
and greyish blue eyes, always came to her, as she gazed upon them, and asked her if she wanted to
learn more than Anne could teach her, even if it was difficult, or dangerous. When the girl had replied
that she very much wanted to learn, as long as there was no danger to anyone other than herself. The
shimmering woman had taken her to a place high above the mountain, to a dwelling hidden among the
clouds, and introduced her to others who seemed to shimmer like herself. Each one had some different
purpose or interest, and shimmered in a different color from the others. One who was tall, with golden
hair and bright skin, could make beautiful sounds with his voice:
“If you wish, I can teach you how to make such melodies. You will even be able to sing while you
run.” The child wondered how this shining being knew that she loved to run, for miles and miles
without stopping.
Another, darker and very muscular, with short hair and fierce eyes, offered to teach her how to fight,
and still another, taller than the second but older with white hair and webbed fingers like the feet of
frogs, offered to teach her to swim. Yet another, a woman with very long yellow colored hair, long eye
lashes under sea blue eyes with a tall but sensuously curved body, offered to teach her how to make
anyone do her bidding. Another offered to teach her to tame and ride the magnificent proud animals
with long legs, hairy tails, long faces and broad backs running in herds together. These animals kicked,
but looked curious and intelligent, noble even. Baba called them horses, but Anne called them
caballos, or sometimes atlar, depending on whether her mood was more tired and work-like, or more
whimsical and admiring. The child really liked these animals, and preferred the word at, as it reminded
her of the respect and admiration Anne shared with her for some of these graceful animals. While
swimming might be most practical, she would really prefer to learn all of the things these marvelous
beings were offering her:
“I wonder if there is a way to accept all of these gifts without being greedy.”
In the midst of contemplating these offers from the light enveloped ones, there appeared a commotion,
and suddenly a group of very tall very large and muscular men and woman arrived, naked, all of whom
seemed to be painted in splotches of blue, with hairy heads of all different colors, and much hair on
their faces as well, even some of the women. Their leader had only one eye, and carried the branch of
a tree in his hand, waving it over his head as he ran. They arrived screaming bloodcurdling words
which the child had never heard before, but could see were not kind, toward the group of people with
whom she stood.
All but her companion stepped back, inching away from the onslaught of the strange people running
toward them from the distance. Seeing this, her companion stood,
“There is no safe place for you to hide, child, so we must fight. Stay by me and do not fear. Though a
hundred of these monsters approach and a thousand fall by your side, I will protect you.”
Heartened by these words, the child stood with the tall woman, who traced a blue luminous circle
around the child, which then formed itself into a pale blue shimmering bubble of light enveloping her,
and moving as the child moved.
“Stay by me” she reminded the child, as the one-eyed leader of the group came screaming into the
outer courtyard of the building upon the clouds in which they stood waiting.
The woman escorting the child held up two snakes, one in each hand, which the child had not noticed
earlier. The child thought back to how Anne had been fond of snakes, describing the wise sayings these
animals could tell as they crawled along the ground, particularly in the sand where curves were easier
to draw. Baba had forbidden her to speak of these things to the children, but the child had also seen the
stories left by the snakes, and longed to learn more. Now, the long snakes in the hands of the luminous
gray-eyed woman became straight and wood-like, as though they were the branches from a very tall
tree, with sharp points at the ends where there had shortly before been teeth. The woman held one in
her left hand, standing it straight up and down in front of her left foot, as the majestic royal blue peplos
(Baba would call it a dress) she had been wearing disappeared, revealing her athletic body, curved,
muscular, and lean, her strong arms flexing as she leaned back on her right leg, leveling the darker
colored thinner snake which formed a slightly longer stick, like a sharp pointed walking staff with a
flint blade attached to it, in her right hand, aimed it toward the one-eyed leader. Somewhere in the back
of the child´s mind, she remembered, oddly not knowing where she had ever first learned this, that the
two sticks in either hand of her protectress now formed a relationship to one another known as a Right
Angle, or would also be called Perpendicular to each other. This thought distracted the child only for a
moment, as the screaming one-eyed man leapt to within striking range, setting his right foot inside the
tall white columned building in which the reluctant defenders stood awaiting the hairy blue attackers.
In earlier versions of the dream, the child stepped out in front of the woman as she held the two snake
staves ready, and held up her arms, standing between the two oncoming groups:
”STOP. You must not fight, you must find a way to make peace, up here in these high places, so that we
may have peace down below, Great Ones!” Shamed by the words of a mere human child, both groups
stopped, sitting down where they halted, as the tall shimmering woman and the fearsome giant with one
eye speak, often using hand signs and gestures, to agree upon boundary and peace settlement.
“We name you Peace Maker, daughter of man,” the shimmering woman had told her. The child stood
before the leaders of the two groups, a laurel wreath placed on her head by one, a heavy silver collar, in
the form of a serpent, around her neck from the other.
After her sixth winter, the dream had changed. Her twin brother found her hiding spots during that
rainy season, and had touched her private places on many of those days. He had insisted on seeing her
special areas, begged and pleaded with her, even when she insisted she did not want to.
“Aclima, you are my twin, sister, do as I say. Aclima, please.”
“No, I don't...”
“Please! Let me, just this once. Come on, don't be so mean. I won't hurt you. Please.”
When he began to appear to cry, she pulled up her dress,
“OK, I'm sorry, OK.”
He took hold of it, pulling it over her head.
Her guardian, outraged, protested to the boy´s guardian: “What are you letting him do?! Tell him to
“They´re so young she won't remember, what harm will he do, and she is not objecting.”
”He is a monster to her, and he is hurting her, look to her readings!”
“Hardly, he is only 6 winters old, and besides, what damage is he doing to her to call an emergency,
and he is not even much bigger than she is.”
Her guardian protested, signaling the body of the boy, tall, and muscular from helping his father in the
fields: “Look at her report which I am sending now. To her he seems to be a giant!”
“This hardly qualifies as an emergency. Yes, she is a bit upset, but she will learn strength from this
experience, and in the end she will grow and benefit from it.”
“You cannot know if that is true or not! Besides which, this is a clear violation!”
The girl, unable to speak, felt a sick feeling in her stomach, and wanted to get dressed, but her brother
began to plead again, and again she relented.
“Your charge is clearly manipulating his sister, and you must reprove him, try to influence him!”
“I shall record the incident, send a special report and inquire for further instructions. This is a very
ambiguous situation.”
“But you know that our supervising guardian will tell you not to interfere! You shirk your duty!”
“No, perhaps you go to far in yours. We are here to observe, not to intervene unless urgent.”
“This, to you, does not seem urgent?!”
The boy´s guardian remained silent, refusing to act as the boy, much stronger and taller, continued to
pressure the girl. That first time, Evren had merely looked at her and touched her on her private parts,
but later, again persuading her to undress, he had put his member, the thing that she did not have,
partially inside of her body, and held her close to him, feeling her private areas again. When she asked
him to stop, and moved to push him away, he held her down, telling her that something bad would
happen if he stopped.
“Look! He is inserting his male member into her secondary elimination orifice! This must stop now!”
“She seems to be in no pain.”
“She is in obvious discomfort, and in any case, the pain level is beside the point!”
“Just record and report. The supervising guardians will act if the Great Creator deems it necessary.”
When Aclima began to cry, Evren finally gave up trying to persuade her, and let her go. Her younger
sisters, frightened of him, had also touched by their brother Evren, and pleaded with her not to tell
anyone. Despite what Anne said about being firm and learning to stand up to him, their brother Evren
frightened them all.
Then her dream had changed.
Now, instead of boldly stepping in front of her protecting escort, the girl stayed next to the tall grayeyed
woman, holding up her hands at waist height, close enough together to form a small shield with
the blue light which surrounded her. The two of them, luminous woman and human girl, stood ready to
repel the invasion, rather than create peace. As the one-eyed giant entered the courtyard, the woman, in
this later version of the dream, hefted and threw the snake staff in her right hand, gracefully twisting
her powerful waist, releasing the snake, which flew true, directly toward the eye of the attacking leader.
At the last impossible moment, the leader swiveled his head while dropping his tree branch and
catching the snake-staff in his own right hand, stopping to wrestle with the snake, which had now
regained its original form, and was wrapping itself around the neck of the leader, strangling him. He
held up his left hand, stopping the advance of all the other blue-painted giants. As he stepped down
from the marble floor of the outer courtyard, and backed away out of the building, he shoutinged “I
SHALL RETURN!” Wrenching the snake off of his neck with both hands, and tearing the creature in
two pieces, he threw them down upon the floor of the outer courtyard. Then he turned, and followed
his followers back into the distance, disappearing far away to the north west.
Her protectress ran to the parted body of the serpent: “Erichtonios, my dear child, I am so sorry for
your death. Your sacrifice has saved much bloodshed, and you shall be honored for it.”
The blue light enveloping the child now came away from her, forming a ball, and then expanding out
ward and flattening, to form a pan large enough to bake a good sized portion of flat bread. As she did
so, the light around the woman dimmed slightly, and at the same time, the body of the dead serpent
disappeared, reappearing in its earlier curled up form as if it were engraved into the pan, and so lifelike
it nearly seemed to be moving: “Upon this shield I now affix you for all time, to stand with me, in
honor.” with those words, the remaining serpent moved to stand beside the woman, between the shield
and her left leg.
In both versions of the dream, the tall woman, whose shimmering light had returned to its original
intensity, now looked at the child, and said:
“For standing so bravely with us, and also for earlier containing your own desires, I now offer you my
gift, young one. I will teach you to do all of the things which my friends here have already offered you,
on one condition. If you accept my teaching, you must be prepared to work hard, be courageous, and
above all, to always think. Will you accept my conditions, and my gift, child?”
As she contemplated the offer, she knew she wanted to say yes, but somehow fell mute.
“Say yes, child, because my Grey-eyed daughter does not often offer her wisdom, and never lightly.”
came the advice of the oldest looking man, with white hair, clad in white with a shimmering yellowish
white glow which came and went in sudden rapid flashes of light.
“She wants to say yes, with all of her heart, but does not know how.” touching her finger to the child´s
lips, this one, a woman tall and graceful, wearing a sparkling round piece of metal upon her head, and
clad in soft thin purple robes, continued:
“Now, you may accept which ever of our offers you would prefer. The first offers are all unconditional,
while the last may carry danger.
”I accept the last offer, with all my heart.” turning to the tall woman, the child kissed her proffered
hand, touching it to her forehead as she did with Anne and Baba, and then turned to see gifts of all
kinds offered to her, to take on her journey back down to the base of the mountain where her anne still
slept soundly, safe in their hidden encampment.
One gave her dates to eat as she hiked back down, and another gave her a song, the sound of his
melodious voice remaining with her as she walked, with a light provided by the oldest one, the father of
her Grey-eyed teacher, who had promised to accompany her at all times, even when unseen:
“I will be your constant guide and companion, even when you cannot see that I am there, I shall be
there, to teach you and to set you new tests and riddles, so that you will learn. I cannot protect you
from all harm, unfortunately, for that is not within my power, but you must remember that you will
never be alone. Even in the hardships which you must inevitably face, I will be with you. Remember
to be strong, and with hard work, courage and thought, you will become ever stronger, and learn all that
I have to teach you.”
With those words in her ears, song in her heart, and a pair of winged zapatos, surreptitiously slipped to
her by a youth with a mischievous wink, she sped back down the mountain, to rejoin her sleeping
Anne. She always awoke from this dream snuggled securely in her mothers arms. Sadly, when she had
been asked to move to her own tent, after her flows began, she had stopped having that dream.
Unbeknownst to the child, her tall companion in the dream had been her guardian, whispering these
words in her ear as she drifted off, somewhere in the land between waking and sleeping. The child's
guardian had learned of these ancient thought-forms as she listened to the Light Bearer teach Hayat,
while her daughter grew within her, basking her melodious vibrations, as she set riddles she from afar,
and soothed Hayat's fears. When the time was nearly complete for the twins to be born, her guardian
had wished to learn the best way to deal with this new human being, balancing the guidelines of
recording and reporting with minimal interference, against the fact that this new human being was
more vulnerable than any other new born creatures of the animal kingdom. Listening to the reports of
the other child´s guardian, it seemed that this girl in the womb already had her thoughts more attuned
than her fraternal twin, to the feelings of those around her. The child listened from within her
protective watery casing to the teachings and challenges which the Light Bearer gave to Hayat, and
how her mother would question and challenge those teachings in return, delighting in the questions and
resolution they shared. These tender feelings suffused mother and daughter, and brought a sense of
satisfaction to her guardian, not seen in the guardian of the twin boy sharing the womb. It was ironic.
Later, both this boy and the next would spend more of their time as they grew to walk and talk, with the
first man than with their mother Hayat. The Ancient Warrior seemed not to wish to speak with anyone
except the Light Bearer, and then generally out of reception range. The twin boy's guardian did not
seem to feel it appropriate to discuss the care of the growing child. So the new guardian risked a
transmission to the Creatrix.
“My Creatrix, please forgive me for asking, as I mean no insolence, but may I teach my charge? The
other guardian seems reluctant to discuss the topic.”
“Friend, it is good that you ask this question. As you have observed, the child hears and ponders,
already more sensitive than her twin, and will therefore need more guidance and protection than the
other new human being, as you sense. These newly born children are likely to display much of their
animal-based instinct when they are first born, particularly the male child. That may make a more
sensitive child, such as this new one appears to be, more vulnerable. Since words and logic may take a
few years for her to understand, you may try singing some stories, perhaps showing your charge how
her mother has learned and grown, as an example to her, using verses, rhymes or even images with
”That would not be too much interference, My Creatrix?”
”No, not in this case, Guardian. The odds of such a sensitive one surviving without any help at this
stage of human development are too slim to wait the many years strict non-interference would require.
A child such as this girl may take centuries to survive and gain the tools she will need to have any
impact without some extra nurturing. But do not explicitly teach her anything once she has acquired
speech. Leave everything to what you can teach here now, and then to subliminal suggestions and
whisperings after she emerges from the womb.”
“Yes, Light Bearer. Thank you.”
”You are always welcome, Friend.”
And so the guardian taught her tiny charge everything she could tell her, from parallel lines and right
triangles to the seasons of the year, phases of the moon, the types of animals on the earth and the fish in
the sea, and which plants could be eaten and which plants made good clothing. When it came time to
be born, the guardian pressed a finger to the infant´s upper lip, hoping to seal in all that she had
learned, in the small dent left behind. After her birth, she remembered melodies from her dream,
humming it as she worked, washing clothes, gathering food or firewood. Now, enduring the abuse
from her brother who called himself her husband, she fell back on that dream as a reason to stay alive.
“Who do you want to become?” Her guardian would always ask, as the child fell asleep. She knew that
she would somehow escape, and help others. These memories sustained her now, through those dark
He strode up to her, stopping an inch short. Nose to nose, his malevolence was palpable in the still air.
As his eyes bored through Aclima, even the birds and trees held their breath for her. So did she.
“I read it in your face, you hate me. But who would have you, now? You belong to me.” taunted
And she began to believe him.

Back West...
“Come my wife, mi vida, it is over a year. We need another son. It will all be nothing if we give up
now,” coaxed the first man.
He had been trying his utmost to bring the first woman, her beauty marred by constant crying, a river of
tears shed since the death and disappearance of three of their five children. All of his soft words,
whispered in her favorite places, had been rejected. Even after the Creator himself had reminded her of
their duty to reproduce and create many children, she had still refused her husband.
“Where is my daughter,” she demanded of her husband, “why do you not go to find her, if you will not
allow me?”
“It is too dangerous. Look what he did to Vacío. There is no way to know where he took her...”
“I know how to track them, or I could have one year ago!” stormed the woman, still railing against him.
“Yes, canım but even then it was too dangerous. Look what he did.” They still had not been able to
bring themselves to mention the name of their oldest son, who had introduced violence and uncertainty
into their midst. The first man continued, “and they are both dead by now. Come, we must restart...”
“Go away, you coward, and stay away from me!” Teeth clamped, her swollen eyes fulminating him
with a piercing glare, she tugged her arms away from his embrace: “I will not have you touch me until
I know what has become of my daughter!” She watched as the man turned, sighing in resignation, to
walk alone in the fields.
´What has happened to my daughter Aclima,´ worried Hayat,
“Why was I not there to protect her?” she cried aloud, dropping to the grass, erupting in gut-wrenching
sobs that shook her ribs, leaving her gasping for air before the next outburst.
She clutched her sides, wrapping her arms around her belly and waist, doubling over as a fresh round of
coughing forced her diaphragm to expand painfully as tears and mucous drenched her face and tunic.
She began rocking back and forth, wishing desperately that it had been her, not her daughter, napping
in the tent that day. As she began visualizing herself, back on the peaceful island of Dilmun, naked and
warm, she knew.
The cold landscape surrounding her dissolved as she recalled the soft grass, warm breezes, juice filled
flesh of sweet fruits, vivacious animals accompanying her. Feeling utterly alone, she knew.
“I will walk to the sea.”
The salty water, however cold this time of year, would at last give her relief. Her older daughter could
cope better, help her father survive, and they would both be better off without her.
As Hayat struggled to her feet, her body still shaking and weak from her latest bout of tears, she
thought with irony of the name the first man had given her, and how her death might be both the
beginning and end of human life. As she steadied herself, walking toward the sea, a familiar
shimmering soft blue light began to appear, growing mere inches away, in front of her, making a soft
purring sound as her downy body materialized.
“My...” sobs broke up her greeting, “where have you been?”
“I have been right by your side, whispering to you, in your very ear, for so long, but you would not hear
me, My Dear One. Come to me, if you will, and rest in my arms.”
Hayat fairly flew into the honey colored arms of the Light Bearer, all four pairs each embracing her
tightly, wrapping her body in a warm gauzy seal.
“I have missed you...” sobs again cut off Hayat's words. “Your light seemed to have left me, and I was
blind without you. I know you have tried to prepare me and wanted me to be independent, to use all
that you have taught me, but I have failed. I have submitted myself to my husband as you asked, born
him five children, and lost them all. Three are no more, the fourth can hardly look at me, and the last is
lost, her body a broken shell with her mind gone. I am a failure, my...”
Hayat's sobs tore the remaining words from her throat, and the Light Bearer held her tenderly,
supporting the woman's head gently on the side of her breast, arms wrapped tightly around her waist,
helping Hayat to breath, another pair of arms massaging the woman's back, caressing away the tension.
“No, my Love, you are not a failure. You are much stronger than you know. And you are needed.”
Human lips nuzzled downy warm breast, searching slowly for the center, first kissing and then suckling
gently at the creamy milk beginning to flow from the cinnamon ridges of the stiffening nipple. In this
corporeal form, it was difficult for the Light Bearer to stifle her emotional reactions, and she gasped at
the sudden sensual onslaught. She began to glow a vivid bright blue. Her plan, it seemed, was
working a bit too well. She needed the woman to regain her will to live. Now it needed to be
redirected before she or the woman were drawn in too far. She gently separated their bodies.
“Have I displeased you?” Hayat's hurt stared through the blue-lidded eyes. Resolved to die in that
embrace, she buried her head in the downy bosom, refusing to be denied.
“Wait, my Love, you must stop, please.” she whispered the words unwillingly, breathlessly, to the
woman, whose longing nearly overpowered her Creatrix. “You must go back to your husband, to
continue the future of your children, my Lovely One.”
“But I do not want to go back to him, my ...”
Hayat again broke down sobbing, and the Light Bearer waited, stroking her hair as she directed
soothing thoughts to the woman's mind and body,
“Only for a little while, my love, just until you have had some more children, to ensure the survival of
“But look what has happened to my Aclima, and my two sons. My remaining daughters are so wracked
with sorrow that one barely functions, the other not at all. I was their mother, but now it seems that this
is the end of humankind, not the beginning. How can I bear more children only to see them suffer this
way? Kind One, please end this for me, please let me stay with you or let me die. I cannot bear both
this separation from you, and the loss of my children as well. Surely you understand.”
For a brief jangling moment, the light of the Creatrix dimmed, disrupted by the grief of the woman she
loved. Their thoughts merged, the appeal of the sea, of oblivion, nearly overturning them both. To be
together, always. Gravel from the ocean floor and chill salty waters appeared out of nowhere, lapping
against their toes as the Creatrix fought to stem the tide, struggling against Hayat's unbearable desire to
end in the comforting abode of the delfín she so loved. For there, she imagined, lived the Light Bearer,
“Be still, my Love. You are much stronger than you know, my Dear One.” The Creatrix marveled at
how this corporeal woman could overpower her, as the waters rose to their knees.
“I cannot bear this. Please end this pain.”
The salty waters, now up to their waists, brought fish and sea horses bobbling all around them. Hayat's
teeth began to chatter as she let her body relax into the waves, pulling them both down into the rising
The Light Bearer, taking Hayat's chin gently in one of her hands, turning her face up to hers. As her
own tears mingled with those of the woman, she urgently focused her attention, needing to ground
them both back in this physical world. Was this the reason the Ancient Warrior kept such distance?
“I feel your struggle, Beloved One.” Downy skin took on the consistency of honey as the salty waves
threatened to disperse her physical body, “Please believe that this shall pass.” She grew more solid as
the waves receeded. “You must trust me, My Love.”
Hayat breathed a deep breath, holding it, waiting for the pain to pass, then exhaled, nearly falling
through the downy arms as if they had been honey. Startled, Hayat stood up straight. The waters and
gravel disappeared, leaving them standing where they had been, far from the sea. The cold breeze
brought a scent of stewing vegetables on the air.
“I will trust you, My Creatrix.” Hayat tenderly touched the now solid body of her Beloved.
“Thank you, My Love. Now, please, go back to your husband, when you are ready, and help him. He
and your daughters need you here. There is nothing that you can do for either son whom you have lost,
nor for your daughter Aclima, yet. But believe me when I tell you that by having more children, you
will eventually be helping her as well. Will you do that for me, My Love? I can tell you that in the
end, once you have saved your race, we can be together, if you still wish it. But not now. Remember
that I am always with you, here at your side. Yes?”
“Yes, My Creatrix, but on two conditions. First I wish to know if my daughter and son still live, and
second, will you promise me that I will be with you before the end, my Light bearer?”
A starfish, tangled in the Light Bearer's hair, dropped one severed limb at her feet.
“Very well. First, the guardians tell me that both are still alive, but that is all I can tell you, at least for
now. And I promise you, we will be together before the end. Now, will you go to your husband, in
your own time, of course, as I have asked?”
“I will.” Hayat raised the downy right hand to her lips, starting to touch her forehead to the hand of the
Light Bearer, who stopped her, raising her chin to gently kiss her lips.
“Dear One, do not bow to me.” The menacing transmission jangled the Creatrix, reminding her the
truce only held if Hayat had more sons. “I must go now, for both our sakes.” She turned, striding
purposefully away. As her tears watered the wounded starfish, she wondered if their sacrifice was
worth it.
“I love you.” Hayat whispered, her eyes following the smoke of a cooking fire as the Light Bearer
began shimmering more intensely in the distance, disappearing with a soft thunderclap. Floating on the
breeze a tiny piece of feathery down landed in the palm of her still trembling hand.

It began to seem there would be no escape from Evren, now insisting on his husbandly “duty” nearly
every night. Aclima began to look forward to her own death. Then, her monthly flows stopped again,
and this time she also got sick in the mornings.
“When will your charge become pregnant?” The entity's transmission blocked out all traffic for thirty
seconds. “You must encourage her to hope for a child. Make her enthusiastically fulfilling her role as
Evren's wife.”
“Actually, she has just conceived”
”Finally. Continue to make her cooperate.”
”I w...”
”You will speak only when I tell you to speak.”
Her guardian fell silent, biding time for both of them, hoping to find a way for escape. When Aclima
bore the son that Evren so desperately wanted, for a time, he showed her a modicum of kindness. It
lasted just long enough to give her renewed hope. Her guardian also began to hope for a better
situation, and for the child, begotten though it was under such unhappy circumstances.
”Hello new guardian. It is my pleasure to greet you before your new charge arrives.”
“I am under orders not to speak with you.”
“Whose orders?”
“My orders, of course.” The guardian had not registered, amid all of the background noise, the tell tale
dampening effects of the approaching entity which stayed in Evren´s shadow, dominating all of the
lower level guardians of the rocks, trees, plants and waters, and even managing to dominate the
guardians of many of the animals nearby.
“Who else gives guardians orders in this realm if not I, do you think? Or would you like for your
charge to take power, perhaps trick mighty Evren in the same way that his Mother tricked the first
man? Taught what words to use by her guardian, who claimed to be equal to the Great Creator
The guardian knew this not to be true, but also knew better than to say so. She kept silent as the entity,
perhaps picking up on the guardian's muted thoughts, continued:
“I know, for I have read it in the mind of mighty Evren.”
Well, that certainly made it true, if only for the convenience of this power-hungry entity. Aclima's
guardian again closed off all thoughts as the entity seemed to pause, perhaps seeking a pretext to lash
out again.
Going on, the creature pontificated: “She separated herself, his brother, and even his wife, from him
using different words, thinking only of herself, spreading among her children foolish and dangerous
notions of each person thinking differently from their Father. That led to chaos and expulsion from the
good place in which the Great Creator had originally placed them, and to disobedience by the daughters
she bore to her patient husband, the First Man. You must understand how these different words and
ideas led to disorder among them. Only Evren saw, but was not allowed to help safeguard them. I will
not allow that to happen here. Here we will have order, one language, and unified behavior under the
leadership of one man. You will keep silent, and speak only when I speak to you. Is that clear?”
Suddenly, as if to emphasize this question, an out of phase transmission slammed Aclima's guardian.
While the guardian knew better than to try to report out when this entity was nearby, she tried to record,
storing reports to send later, in hopes that the Creatrix would see them and intervene, since the Creator
did not seem inclined to help. The electromagnetic interference stopped reception in its tracks, stunning
the guardian into renewed submission.
”I was only listening...”
“Silence! I hope now that I have your undivided attention. I ask you again, is that clear?”
In the dampened environment, she only could transmit a feeble,“Yes.”
“Good. If you try me again, I will convert half of your energy into a pebble and reduce your recording
and reporting functions to that of the pebble´s guardian, leaving it where the dogs of this place eat the
offal from the pig carcases!”
Aclima stretched her leg against a tree limb, avoiding the wet spot where she has been sick. Evren had
left, disgusted, to fish for his own breakfast, giving her more time for her secret workout. Some days
he watched her so closely all she could do drop the water gourds near their encampment, giving her the
excuse to run back to the river to draw more.
Recovering, Aclima's guardian cautiously made contact with the guardian of the stream Evren had
crossed. Fortunately, the entity seemed to consider communicating with the lower level guardians who
monitored inanimate objects, and even animal guardians, to be beneath his dignity, and did not transmit
to nor directly interfere with the reporting of those guardians.
She gathered their data from the time he left the house that morning to now, hoping to correlate and
distinguish between signals when the entity was near Evren and away from him. Perhaps there was a
way to get word to the Creatrix or to a supervising guardian with the courage to go around the Creator's
non-interference orders.
The water drop group guardian proved eager to help: ”W-w-when Evren stepped his foot into my
deepest and coldest charges as he began to fish, this Frightful Guardian seemed to stop transmitting,
and the background noise around our charges cleared up slightly. When Evren dove in to catch a fish,
as his body temperature pulled heat away from my some of my charges, the Great Frightful Guardian
stopped transmitting entirely for a moment, then moved away before transmitting again.”
The entity was almost constantly transmitting the reports that Evren´s former guardian had been
required to send, as did the guardian of every human being, each half second. The entity also spent
much time transmitting dampening signals on the frequency of most of the higher level guardians in the
area to prevent the Ancient Warrior from becoming suspicious of the mistreatment to which Evren was
subjecting Aclima. Her guardian hoped to get more of these reports out in an attempt to at least leave a
record of these events, if not change them.
“Thank you, water guardians.”
How could she use this information? It was beginning to seem that if something traumatized Evren, the
entity might also feel the discomfort that Evren´s former guardian would have felt. That meant it might
be possible that this entity could be affected through any sudden trauma to Evren. Her guardian stored
this information away, searching for the presence of the entity as she went back to her charge. She
would bring this woman home, the guardian vowed, at all costs. If the fate of Vacío's guardian was
anything to go by, her fate was closely bound up with that of her charge, and possibly vice versa.
Whatever was to come, this new child in her charge's womb would be the third generation of human
beings, would very likely be the catalyst for many changes, and could even set the tone for the
development of the entire human race.
Chapter 12. How Tyrants Fall
When I arise, trembling,
It shall be with sword drawn
To see justice done.
-from “The Book Of Hayat”
Calling his new son Janoj, Evren soon began to lay foundations for his great plans, literally. First, he
built a network of canals around a low-lying bowl of land, which he used to form a lake, in the center
of which he built great floating docks with four large waterwheels, to be the engines of his domain,
which he would call a city. Then he laid foundations for roads, and built the first crossroads at the
center of his new city, called Janoj, dedicated to firstborn son, pride of his strength. Then he build a
great wall around the city, and a store house, and stables. He built an entire house, which he called a
Temple, to the Ancient Warrior, whom he required all to honor as The Great Creator, hoping to regain
his favor. He also laid sewers, and ordered the tallest building in the city built, a great house for
himself, his Palace. He then built a security apparatus and legal system with himself at the head.
...Back West...
Finally to continue, a moon for each return of the sun. This thirteenth spring brings new hope. The
Creatrix has replaced a son, a seed. His book already begun, all to be drawn in the “Libro de Fijo.”
...Fifty Years Later...
He summoned his wife, the Queen Mother, to his private audience chamber in the throne room of his
“I have heard that after 23 jot 5 years, another brother was born to rival our line.”
The Queen Mother, Lady Aclima, feigned a look of confusion, hiding her sudden hope.
“My Jartumim, have triumphed.” Evren had ordered his specialized subjects from the new priestly
caste to find a way to record partial quantities out of a whole. They invented a system of numbers with
positional notation, allowing them to add those numbers together. He assumed, as with all other
things, that only he was intelligent enough to have thought of this idea. Continuing: “Our new brother
also now has a son,” he spat, “but he can't be too bright since it took him 10 jot 5 years to beget the
little cur. It seems that Mother has been boasting that this new upstart is a replacement for that first
idiot brother of ours, who attacked me and forced me to kill him. She still mourns our useless dead
brother, but says nothing of me, or of you, my wife. She even calls him “Fijo”, and his worthless son is
called “Persona” as if he were the great place setting on the table of humanity. Our replacement. They
even say they now have a special relationship with the Great Creator, daring to invoke what they claim
is his personal name.” A fly bumped against the door of the chamber, as if trying to escape.
“I ...”
“Silence, woman!” His voice echoed off the stones, ringing off the vaulted ceiling. “Did you know
that they are also calling themselves the Children of the Creator, and even claiming that they, as the
Chosen Children are somehow a separate race from us, the mere Children of Men?”
Clearly the time had come for Evren to take his place as leader. Yet the old Fool refused to die. He had
even sent messengers to talk peace. They only wanted to make him feel like a fool, but once Father
was gone, he would correct Mother, make her obey. He would be the man that Father was not.
Aclima fixed her eyes on an insect walking the across the stones, envying its freedom.
“As if we were somehow and lesser race than they. Do you know what they plan, for us?”
She flinched, eyes remained on the floor. Her interlaced fingers began to go numb.
“Speak woman!”
“No, I do not know,” she whispered.
“I will tell you what they plan, the only logical next step. They mean to make war upon us. They mean
to dominate us. They call him a martyr”, he shouted, pacing the floor now, coming closer. “They even
swear by the blood of our useless dead brother, calling upon him to avenge their so-called injustices.
They tell lies about me!” The copper tools rattled against the walls as she shrank further from his
divan. “You will go to Mother, find her records, and stop her heretical stories from being recorded.
You will stop her from spreading these lies.”
She almost allowed a look of hope to show, instead looking back down at her hands clasped in front of
Evren stood, jumping up, his heavy steps echoing across the room, hands twitching, casting his eyes
wildly about.
“Now do this.” he ordered, “I want you to collect members of the lower priestly caste, the ones who
play the lyre and pipes so well, and lead a delegation back west. Show them that we have thrived. Tell
them of our cities, our civilization. You will be escorted by the wielders of our finest copper and iron
weapons. Tell them that if they do not give us the honor, and tribute, which we are due, we shall send
an army, visiting upon them such destruction as they cannot imagine. You will be my emissary.”
“I will?” she blurted, eyes widening as the blood drained from her face. This was not how she wanted
to be reunited with Anne.
“Yes, you will. You will represent me, and this kingdom. You will take with you my very own best
sword, the one just forged by Lamej, hanging on the wall behind you. You will show them this
fearsome and beautiful weapon. Show them how I have invented my own words and tools. Show them
my mastery, and demand their respect. Now GO!”
“Make her do as he has said.”
Evren´s companion entity felt great satisfaction in this speech, and in confirming Evren order. This
was typically the only communication her guardian received from the ominous entity any more, which
now seemed to find communicating even with any of the guardians of women beneath his dignity.
“Funny, how he likes to repeat the words of the Ancient Warrior,” thought the guardian wryly.
Reaching slowly for the decorated sword on the wall, Aclima turned. She lacked the words to voice her
loathing. Once he had told her that she was as valuable to him as one of his finest horses, her beauty
greater than any of their offspring, her worth far above any of her sisters. Her guardian knew her
unspoken response to his despised objectifying words. Felt her hold tongue and lower her head for fear
of provoking one of his sudden mood changes. Felt her disgust and shame. Now, all she had left was
an uncapped fury, boiling up like lava from the well of her suffering, drilled deeper each time he
demanded her body. She turned, taking even her guardian unaware as she erupted:
Her swing, the first time she had ever touched the new sword of iron and, struck Evren´s head from off
of his shoulders. The last look on Mighty Evren's face was one of shock.
Chapter 13. Becoming Artemis
I will arise, again, to fight … As the light always returns
So do I, to the strugle. -from “The Book Of Hayat”
The entity which had subsumed Evren´s guardian was also taken utterly by surprise. It stood over
Evren´s body, too shocked to remember to hide from the woman who had defied him, vibrating
erratically on a wide range of frequencies. King Evren had ordered Lamej and his sons to design a
vaulted roof for his audience chamber, higher than any other. Now that roof began to vibrate
ominously, as if resonating on a harmonic frequency with the entity's emissions. First one, then another
of the vaulting stones began to work loose, collapsing on top of the body of Evren himself.
“Run!” boomed her guardian in Aclima's ear. The long ago traveled landscape reformed itself in
Aclima's memory, as she stood rooted to the spot. She would finally retrace the steps that had brought
her here, 50 years ago.
The low-level static this produced was enough to alert every guardian in the area, from the guardians of
the people in the palace to the guardians of the very paving stones on the streets. Now they all began
sending updates, and also back reports of recordings which had never been sent out. The creature´s
frequency range was normally wide enough to cancel out the reports of even the guardians of human
beings near the palace. Most guardians found it convenient to obey the entity's orders. Their charges
had generally been kept contented by Evren´s policy of suppressing dissent and holding regular
honorary feasts for his favorite skilled craftsmen, hunters and warriors. That was how he had founded
and maintained control of the city of Janoj, feeding and entertaining the population of his new city
while providing the illusion of a meritocracy.
Much of the usual message traffic to the entity also stopped, as the guardians of men in Evren´s inner
circle, confused as to how to react to the entity´s sudden apparent absence, and stopped reporting
entirely. Some began redirecting the extra reports to their supervising guardians, which caused chaos
in the upper level guardian echelons. The Ancient Warrior would not be happy about this.
Using the moment of freedom from the stunned entity's domination, Aclima's guardian urge her to flee,
shouting in her ear: “Go, out the women´s privy exit door, now! Run right now! Run!”
Her guardian wanted desperately to take her by the hand and pull her out of her dazed stupor, where
she stood staring at Evren´s cooling body, holding the newly sharpened sword dripping with his blood.
The guardian shouted at her in her ear, even managing to move a strand of hair.
She knew she should leave, must run, and quickly, but to where, and with what? If she went back
home would Anne recognize her. Could she bear the shame of having to tell her beloved Anne what
Evren had done to her all of these years. That she had finally ended the torment, by taking the life of
her own brother, the first son of her beloved Anne. The voice in her ear kept insisting, exhorting her to
leave right now, before it was too late. And the voice was using a name which she had not heard in so
long that she had all but forgotten it. Now she was free to use her own words, her own name.
Throwing down the sword, she turned, running out the door of the women´s side of the palace, without
thinking, heading toward the privies. Somehow that seemed to be a good place from which to exit the
”Finally!” rejoiced her guardian. She neared the far exit unseen. Her guardian and the guardians of a
myriad array of beings, living and inanimate, were sending reports on the effects of Evren´s fall to the
floor. The blood on the flag stones, the chipping of wooden table as the sword nicked it in passing
before it´s hilt, worked using the newest technique of taking heated sand and blowing into it to produce
shapes, shattered upon contact with the palace floor. Reports were being recorded and sent of the echo
of each step she took through the chill stone corridors, the occasional metallic ringing as her passing
stirred copper or bronze swords on the walls.
Out the privy exit she fled, her guardian urging her on: “Go, do not stop for anything! Keep to the
streams and the rocks, run, do not stop, run, for humanity´s sake!”
And run, she did.
As she ran, she wished that she could get to one of those prized horses to which she had been
compared, but they were guarded far to jealously. So she ran, on foot, stopping only to use her favorite
belt, which she was allowed to wear now that she was hardly likely to get pregnant again, and no
longer subject to being interrogated regularly by Evren, to tie up her breasts to make it easier to run.
Her hair she wrapped in a long ponytail and looped several times in a knot at the top of her head,
keeping it from distracting her and getting caught in anything as she ran. She had always loved to run,
ever since she had been a little girl climbing the trees, even trees which her brothers were unable to
climb, taking pistachio nuts and dates with her to snack on as she sat up high, watching, observing
those far below, feeling secure in her inaccessible refuge. As she ran on, a memory came to her from
her childhood, which now seemed so far away.
Once she found the nest of a strange bird, up near the top of the tree. While she sat there, for hours,
waiting for the mother bird to descend, she contemplated the strange eggs, and wondered what sort of
bird they would become. Evren had found her up in the tree and told Father, who demanded that she
come down at once, and bring the eggs in the nest with her. Since none of them could climb up to her,
she waited longer, but the mother bird never returned. Finally, the men had all given up and left, and
long after night fall, when everyone else must have been asleep, Mother, now it was safe to call her
Anne again, came to bring her a gourde of water, which she pulled up using as a rope the belt she had
woven and still always wore around her waist, when allowed. That same belt which she now used to
tie her breasts up securely as she ran. She thought back, as she ran along at a comfortable pace, to how
she had realized that the eggs would spoil if the mother bird never returned, possibly due to her
presence in the tree, too near the nest, and decided to send the eggs down to her anne in the water
gourd. Finishing off the water, she leaned to take the eggs from the nest, whispering, as Anne had
taught her, to thank the guardians of the tree, the nest fibers, and of the eggs for helping her to collect
them, and asking the guardian of the mother bird to console the poor animal, bereaved of her offspring.
Now, she thought of the guardians of all of her children, inhabitants of the city of Janoj. None of them
would believe in guardians, not even her son, Janoj. That irony ached bitterly, when she had seen the
horrible sacrifices some made to renegade guardians whom they thought to be powerful wish-granting
allies. She had tried to warn one young woman in the palace, beguiled by the ancient former guardian
she somehow felt to be connected with a tree that no longer existed. The gray eyed woman from her
childhood dreams had implored her, as she slept, saying: “Be wary of this one,” the tall shimmering
being had urged. “For the ancient tree cut down in flames, this guardian seeks retribution, and the
women of this city are the most vulnerable, their guardians the most biddable. Warn her, if she will
hear. Tell her not to listen to the quiet whispers of revenge. It is not her guardian, but one who wants
unauthorized power. Warn her.”
The ancient tree guardian's anger was palpable, becoming its means of communicating. Offering
retribution, requesting in exchange an unspeakable sacrifice. The despairing young woman had found
a way to change matter into energy, channeling the object of her own rage, the result of her own abuse,
into an unspeakable answer. Never heeding warnings, nor accepting the older woman´s guidance.
They had all been so indoctrinated Evren, that none of them would speak with her, unless in his
presence. She was the unheeded mother, grandmother, or in many cases the great or great great
grandmother, of every person in the city from which she must now flee forever. The role imposed upon
her by a system created to make every person a slave.
Now she could at last answer the question she had heard from somewhere each night as she fell asleep:
“Who do you want to become?”
She wanted to become herself, not wife, nor sister, nor subject, nor Queen. She would become

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