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2005-08-07 17:44:00
I just came back from visiting my neighbor for what i thought was today's pre-wedding festivities (henna, etc), expecting the bride to show up sometime later tonight. Well, er, actually, it turns out that the "duÄŸun" is tomorrow, but there are no pre-wedding festivities becuase it will not be a wedding. I have been invited to a circumcision!!!


Apparently the word is the same? They all laughed upstairs (not too much, but i could see everyone waiting to roll on the floor after i left) and explained when i asked that there was no bride or groom, pointing to their son (who looks about 9 years old) and saying they cut off the p... Boy was I surprised (and that necklace I brought to ask if it would fit her was completely out of the question! No her to fit!) -my Turkish skills suck!

(I still remember Silmaril and other friends rotfl about this!  :-)  And I still laugh too, as my Tukish has improved over the years, thanks to Sihirli Annem and Yabanci Damat...

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