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June 14, 2012


The Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Shannon Mikush


Dear Mrs. Mikush,


I am writing this letter to recommend Ms. S. Destinie Jones for membership at the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, D.C. Having recently attended a tour that was conducted by Ms. Jones (the theme was “Early Integration Neighborhoods of D.C.: Shepherd Park”), I can state that she displayed both a sound knowledge of her subject, as well as a sincere passion for it. During the tour, she showcased a sense of attention to historical, geographical and social details that can be easily overlooked, and presented her material in a captivating and unconventional manner.


I have full confidence that Ms. Jones will be a strong asset within the Guild, and offer a high recommendation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.






Alexander Grushin

(Thanks to his help and that of others, Black-Jewish coop in DC is not forgotten...

Read, Write, Run, Teach ! ShiraDest 27 jan, 12016 èH 12016 HE )



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Licensed DC Tour Guide Shira Destinie Jones
UNIQUE! (2 Part) Singing Walking Tour:
Early Integration Neighborhoods of DC: Shepherd Park
Join us for a walk back through DC history, with songs, to the turbulent
times of BlockBusting and cooperative struggle uniting Neighbors to
integrate neighborhoods, drawing on The Lost Laws, Labor Tactics
Precedents, & even Presidents to form new community structures.
Tifereth Israel Congregation,
7701 16th St, NW
(S4 or D31 metro buses, or 1 mile
south of Silver Spring metro station)
Part I: 3:00pm-3:50 pm, Part II: 4:00-4:50
Sunday, ~ June 10th, 2012 (RainDate: June 24th)
$10 cash/$15 PayPal, per person per Part, before June 4, 2012
$20 cash only, per person per Part, after June 4th
( Members: [$5 in cash /$10 PayPal +1 Hour] per Part
to Time Bank member Shira Destinie Jones until June 4th.)
Discount RSVP date: Monday June 4, 2012

shirad SHIRaEnglish.html (SHIR Tours web site No Longer Up)

Shira Destinie Jones

( Thanks to the helps of activist friends, this tour went very well...

Read, Write, Run, Teach !

27 jan, 12016 èH
12016 HE

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2011-10-27 19:11:00
"The Ghosts of Slave Pens Past!" walking tour of DC -rsvp today!
Join me, licensed DC Tour Guide Shira D. Jones, as we walk past places that recall the Dickensionan horrors of Victorian era jails, but with inmates whose only crime was being born to the wrong mother -a slave.

This unique Black History related tour of downtown DC will focus on places long forgotten, but which should never be forgotten. Dress for the weather and to walk!

Tours on a sliding scale, reply here or email for details.

RSVP early to be discounts!

(This tour drew very little interest...)
Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

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